The Moment Someone Shows Appreciation For Being Yourself

Has anyone ever told you; “Thank you for being you before.?” Such sweet words often come from people who genuinely care about you without any merit.

The best feeling you may ever have is for someone to say "Thank you for being you."

We Need To Offer Genuine Inspiration To Each Other

Time to thank you for being you but not anyone else. It’s just a simple world with 7 billion people having different characters, beliefs, ideologies and a lot more. There is no way to see someone on the other side of the world having the same features as you do.

Even if it happens there would be many differences ranging from fingerprints, IQ, blood group, voice recognition etc. In fact, you are a multi-complex organism and unique in your own way. If you really embrace the way you are, then thank you for being you.

Be Proud To See The Sunlight Each Day

It’s another beautiful day and feeling extremely happy to enjoy God’s amazing grace. Today, I would like you to be proud of your self. This post will give you the inspiration to:

1. Appreciate Yourself
2. Appreciate others in the diverse world

The truth is, we can never be equal. If anyone or I tell you “Thank you for being you” what do I mean?

Why I Want To Thank You For Being You

In most of my articles concerning life inspiration; I keep on iterating that you are unique. But it does not necessarily matter if you are the most beautiful person in the world or the ugliest person in the world. You had no idea when God was forming you in your mother’s womb. You never chose to look short, tall, dark, fair etc.

Would you be proud to show some love to yourself?. Not everyone would love you, but you must love yourself and I would also always be proud to say thank you for being you.

Mankind may not appreciate you, and those who claim to love you may betray you. Others are so hateful that, they will use vulgar words and do everything in their power to make you feel worthless. Uh oh, imagine such a bad feeling…

“You can lie down for people to walk on you and they will still complain that you are not flat enough. Live your life.”
– Mature Gambino

If you fail to deal with such emotional pains then you would be tempted to live a solitude life that may probably force you to commit suicide.

Never forget, the greatest part of our human nature is “love.” We need someone to tell us they do love us just the way we are not because of our beauties but the humane attitude we put up.

There is nothing sweeter than hearing a fellow telling you “Thank you for being you.” This means a lot. In all, it simply means the person has realized that you have the courage to define yourself, unlike others who allow people to define them with degrading terminologies and descriptions.

Being Yourself

This is life, you need to value yourself first before you step out there. Don’t compromise your values to please anyone. The one who truly sees YOUR VALUE wouldn’t hesitate to say “I love you for being you.”

Never underestimate yourself, thinking you are poor, ugly, unintelligent, useless etc. No!, these are some of the things you must not tolerate in your life. You need to re-engineer your mindset to get rid of any negative feeling.

For people to easily recognize your value be;

1. Self-disciplined
2. Respectful

These two are like inseparable twins. Just like we all know that respect is reciprocal, it is through that people will know your value and as they reciprocate your respect, it will come along with love. Now see how awesome you are.

You can tell people you really admire how you feel about them. No need to procrastinate. Life is short and beautiful. Tell someone today, it could be your wife husband, fiancé, friend, family member etc. how you genuinely love them – just the way they are.

These simple words “Thank you for being you.” radiates a kind of perfect love that lights the world of everyone you care about. This world would be nonexistent the moment love becomes nonexistent. Keep the love up.

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