You Can Be Happy And Successful By Loving Yourself More

You Can Be Happy And Successful By Loving Yourself More

knowing yourself more has many benefits in your life. If everyone rejects you, you need to accept who you are. No one can be you and you can’t be anyone else.

Tips about how to love yourself more

It’s funny and pathetic to hear someone say “I hate my life.” Uh oh something might be going wrong… Have you thought about how many people become obsessed with themselves? Why? Because their expectations, hopes, dreams, etc are not happening the way they want. Life will surely suck on certain moments. This makes it challenging to embrace the real you. If you know how to love yourself more even in the darkest of times, then you could be one of the happiest persons on earth.

Here I want you to understand your worth, uniqueness, and the potentials hidden inside you. Never underestimate yourself even if you feel unlovable, inferior, weak, etc.

Showing love for yourself is one of the best feelings you could ever have. Except for the unfailing love of God, there is none better than that.

Besides, I don’t want you to be moving around with a guilty conscience for loving yourself more. You see, the Bible has said anyone who loves his life would lose it.

“He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it to everlasting life” (John 12:25).

Contextually, this is not preventing Christian believers from loving themselves. The problem here is if you love yourself more than Christ Jesus.

Love is something powerful and no one can love better than God. The more you love yourself, the more you should love your neighbor.

They Will Hate You For No Reason –

In life, whatever you do people will talk about it. You can’t please everyone and you can’t be loved by everyone. But surely you can show love for yourself all the time without hurting your intuition. Be aware of enemies who wear beautiful smiles.

Your friends, families, co-workers, etc. will tell you they love you. Yes, they do but not as much as you can develop a love for yourself. This is simple. Because you know yourself far better than anyone around you.

It doesn’t make you a narcissist if you choose to love yourself. The world is full of negaholics who don’t see anything better in whatever you do. They don’t really care about your pains and suffering.

I love this very quote:

“You can lie down for people to walk on you and they will still complain that you’re not flat enough”

Live your life.
– Mature Gambino

Love yourself quote

The above quote sounds funny but it sends a very important message to us. You are to prioritize the things that make you happy and bring the best out of you. These things will surely help you to love yourself more.

But please, let that love radiate through you. So that anyone who gets closer to you would feel your tenderness and willingness to help make the world a better place. Remember, love is the greatest above peace, hope, and anything you could ever think of. Reflect on your life on regular basis to check your progress in life. Are you happy? If not fix the things making you hate yourself.

Who can understand your pains and suffering better than you? Only God. So all the guys out there wouldn’t understand you better. They may call you names that will make you feel unimportant.

Let their insults and criticism about your life flow over your ears like water. Should if anyone tries to make you feel inferior, tell him to mind his own business.

Keep on doing what makes you happy in life. It will certainly help you live a happy life. A life that will fence you against people who may pollute your beautiful lifestyle with toxic comments and all forms of defamation.

Never be a prisoner to people simply because they publicize your weakness. We are all not perfect. Accepting this fact makes you live a life free of the inferiority complex.

How Can You Love Others If You Have None

You should accept yourself just the way you are. If you look tall, short, fat, black, white, etc be proud of it. Learn how to be different from the crowd without losing your value.

If you have a poor health condition, try your best to fix it. If it is incurable, never lose hope. That has already been part of your life. Embrace it and manage it. Pray and God will do something miraculous for you. Even if you are handicap, nothing stops you from loving yourself more.

A woman with a flower

Don’t stress it out. Those who love and value you will gravitate to you. You can’t expect everyone to show you love, but you can show yourself love without getting tired of it.

If you believe in miracles like what Christians do, then pray and have faith in the Lord. Your healing is just around the corner.

The moment you lose love for yourself, you open portals for your enemies to control your life. You can’t see how beautiful and valuable you are so your enemies will degrade your authenticity and reputation.

Why not learn about how to value yourself through self love?. However, developing extreme love for yourself might make you paranoid or make you show some narcissistic behaviors.

In this case, as you show yourself some love, don’t forget to show love and kindness to others. The most important thing here is to be vigilant. Don’t listen to what people say. They don’t know anything better about you than yourself.

How To Love Yourself More

Now let me talk about some of the simple ways to love yourself more. Remember, you can never live the life of someone. It is yours, so be proud without letting pride take over you.

A lady looking at the mirror

1. Set Goals and work hard to achieve them. Your life should have a purpose.

2. Be sociable without trading your authentic self.

3. Find time to pray, meditate, and read the Bible to light up your spirit. When the spirit is enlightened you would feel a sense of joy.

4. Read more books. Reading itself is one of the secrets to success and happiness. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, etc, have confirmed that.

5. Give: This is one of the best ways to feel happy. By knowing how to love yourself more, learn to give more. The act of kindness has many blessings.

6. Go out there and exercise to push in more oxygen into your brain. Keep fit and healthy all the time and surely, you will love the person you have become.

7. Make sure you do not share your secret with just anyone. Your secret is your power. It would be a weapon for the enemy who gets to know it.

8. Surround yourself with a few genuine friends.

9. Never trust anyone.

10. Be playful

11. Smile a lot

Thanks for reading through. Take some of these things into practice and you would love yourself without any fear.

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