Do You Know How To Become A Better Person Each Day?

To be a better person doesn’t mean amassing wealth for yourself. It doesn’t mean gaining fame and riches. It is about living life in a way that your happiness will show on the faces on others.

It is your duty to learn about all the necessary things that can help you know how to be a better person all the time.
You are meant to progress in your daily life. Plan, believe in your self and work hard towards your lofty goals. You will be second to none. It is all about you.

Have you ever thought of knowing how to be a better person each day?. Well, that’s a praiseworthy idea. We all do wish ourselves the best in life. But it doesn’t come so easily.

In this post, I will address some of the important things you need to help you know how to be a better person every single day. As far as our relationships are concerned, as well as our impact on the lives of people are concerned: Your betterment will be helpful to others and your entire society.

Do you remember reciting this poem in Elementary School???

“Good Better Best,
Never let it rest.
Till you good is better,
And your better best.”

We all do face challenges right from infancy to adulthood. Situations and people will test your worth, as well as your character and strength. These challenges rather shapen you to be a better person in the long run.

Things You Must Be Mindful Of

Your intention of being a better person has a positive influence on others. That is if you really make it practical each day.

Learning how to be a better person each day doesn’t guarantee you to be self-conceited nor selfish. It is not about competitions. No!, this would be unwise to try to be better than someone you know. It doesn’t work that way. It will fuel, hatred, jealousy and unhealthy competitions.

If you have anyone to compete with – It is you. Yes! You are in competition with yourself. Never ever try to be better than your contemporaries nor your predecessors. We are different people with different abilities. Nurture yours each day and you would move from “better” to the “best.”

Things To Help You Know How To Be A Better Person In Life

1. Acceptance
In order to start working on your life progression, you must embrace who you are. Accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are. Here, I expect you to acknowledge your shortfalls and strengths. Use that strength to fill the vacuüm of weakness and worthlessness.

The moment you accept your imperfections, it creates a way for you to know how to be a better person each day.

2. Avoid Living A Fake Life
Try your best not to mirror the behavior of other people. Live your own life. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Just because you want to impress someone or gain favor. No! Be the real you. This will boost your confidence and increase your credibility, respect and honor.

3. Avoid Competitions
I have already highlighted this in the early paragraphs. In reality, competition exists everywhere. It is in schools, workplaces, homes etc. But you need not mind. Just focus on yourself and anything you are doing. You want to know how to be a better person not than anyone but a better person than you used to be. This doesn’t call for a competition. My friend, mind your own business. At long last, you would realize you have become the best, second to none.

4. Character Formation
How do you behave toward your friends, children, parents, teachers, spouse, elders?. Do you think you have manners?. Listen to your conscience before you consider taking advice from people who may abhor your behavior.

If you have unethical behavior, it is time to change for the best. It is all about you. Discipline yourself to be courteous, loving, caring and hardworking. Your behavior can make you a great person if it is very cool.

Time to enjoy all what it helps you know how to be a better person. I mean a better version of you. Life is simple.
Become better than you were yesterday


5. Learn New Things/Knowledge
Make it a habit to search and explore new things happening around you. This world is so big and full of knowledge. Being a better person requires updating your knowledge through reading and research. No wonder, most of the world billionaires today say reading brings success

Your intelligence will also increase to make you wiser and smarter to handle every problem that will arise in your life. Be humble to learn new things. You don’t know everything.

“Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” — Socrates

6. Be Mindful Of Your Health
Without a good health, you can’t work, plan, nor do certain basic things. No matter how poised you are to learn how to be a better person in life. Ensure proper healthy practices such as:

♦. Moderate exercise
♦. Drinking Enough Water
♦. Avoiding Junk Food
♦. Eating Balanced Diet
♦. Regular Check Up

There is a saying that, “you are what you eat.” Be mindful of what you take into your body. If it will destroy you, avoid it.

7. Spirituality
Whether you believe or not, there is a spirit living in each of us. As you think of building a healthy physical body, you must also think of nourishing the spirit living inside you. How?. On the part of Christians, the Bible is the food for your Spirit. Read it every day, pray every day and occasionally meditate (Quite time with God).

This will strengthen the relationship between you and God. Each day you undertake these practices, you become a better person than you were.

God is vitally interested in your spiritual and physical health which in all can make you a better person. A person capable of doing good things.

For “physical exercise has some value, but godliness is valuable in every way. It holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.” ( 1 Timothy 4:8)

8. Be Humane
Since we are living in human institutions your presence must be felt. As you better your self each day, it has to have a positive influence on people. What kind of legacy are you leaving behind?. Ask your self “If I die today what will people say about me?.” Be generous, respectful, friendly, loving with all the good manners you could think of.

9. Practice Makes Perfect
The last thing that can help know how to be a better person in life is being consistent in your work. I mean whatever goal you want to achieve in life needs consistency. This will make you the best. Even if it is a kind of hobby you really enjoy, keep on doing it. And you would be happy always. Happiness brings about long life. Enjoy it.

I believe the above practices about how to be a better person in life have been greatly helpful to you. If so, then don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones. SMILE:-).


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