You Are The Best Person To Motivate Yourself

You wouldn’t always get someone to motivate you in life. When sadness and pains engulf you, you must be strong enough to endure. You can wipe your own tears if no one is doing it for you.

Here are four ways to help you know how to motivate yourself all the time.

Life could hit you so hard sometimes. Do you know how to motivate yourself during hard times?. Honestly, not everyone can do that. Kindly, allow me space to help you know how to motivate yourself in the simplest and convenient way.

So far as you find your self on this planet (earth), hard times will come. But you must be strong enough to be an overcomer. Just as we know “life is war.” It is not a good place for losers. Don’t be a loser.

Interesting Facts To Help You Get Prepared

Scientists have found out that people who can motivate themselves have a higher level of dopamine. This is a kind of chemical released by nerve cells(neurons) which in turn send signals to other nerve cells.

If you know how to motivate yourself in life then it means you have enough of this chemical in you. This is what brings about the motivation to step out and shake yourself for positive results.

Things To Remember

Never get discouraged about having a lower level of dopamine. In fact, whether it is higher or lower you can still motivate yourself.

Some people you see out there posses the character traits of self-motivation. This necessarily doesn’t mean you are out of action. No, you can simply learn how to motivate your self. How?.

In the next paragraphs, I will share with you some of the best practices that will help you know how to motivate yourself irrespective of your challenges.

How To Motivate Your self

There is only one person who is responsible for every words and action… That person is you. When things go wrong in your life, you know how bad it feels, better than any third person. Just like the saying, “he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.”

Self-motivation is the biggest enemy of laziness. If you are a lazy person how can you achieve anything better? You have dull your mind which has sent negative signals to your whole body.

If you are finding it difficult to deal with laziness, start learning how to turn laziness into profits now.

1. Mindset
Start with the way you perceive things. Never discourage yourself about anything you could possibly do. Forget about how vast it is, forget about how long it will take. Just do it and gradually you will finish up the task.

A perfect scenario is like someone who attends college and expected to finish his entire course in 7 years. Here there is nothing like being discouraged. 7 years will soon come. Prepare your mind to stay positive throughout all the challenges. If the mind tells you that you can, then surely you can.

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”
—Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. Planning
Planning on all the goals you would like to achieve is recommended. This will be the manual to guide you. What do you really want to achieve that you need that motivation?. Lists them down. You need to prioritize your needs.

2. Take A Step
There is a saying that “action speaks louder than words.” Now, after having your plans set to take the first step. What is on top of your list?. With that positive mindset and plan do it. Let it be a gradual process.

3. Persistence
In knowing how to motivate yourself, you must be consistent in what you are doing. You need to create processes that focus on the day-to-day activities, not the end result. Be focused on your plans without being in haste for the end result. Exercise patience and your hard work will bring you the result.

If you ever get tired, don’t quit. Rest and continue from a different moment. Your energy is not infinite so know your limit.

4. Learn From Others
It is always good to look out for role models and people who have made it in life. Somebody was blind and deaf( Helen Keller) but she was able to achieve something greater. Someone has no arms(Jessica Cox) but could fly an airplane.

Just look out for people whose life, ideologies and achievements relate your problem or field of interest.

I believe following these steps in how to motivate yourself will help you to see real changes in your life. Believe in yourself. You necessarily don’t need people to motivate you before you do something. Initiate it and finish it yourself. You can do it.


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