Want To Give Up? Ask Your self Why You Started.

Living life without a plan makes you aimless person, just like the madman in the street. If you have a worthy and feasible plan why not finish it?. Fulfill the reasons why you started.

You need to remember why you started anything that has something to do with your life. Finish it well and you would be happy and proud.
Keep the momentum going and you will never regret what you started. Accomplish your lofty goals.

Don’t forget to remember why you started anything in your life. Surely, everything happens for a reason and I’m much convinced that coincidence doesn’t mean there is no reason behind why whatever happened. In short, I don’t believe in coincidence.

There must be a reason and the reason why you started the journey must be accomplished. Even if you are trapped in a paradox, you need to remember why you started. The pay off is always great. You answer to yourself not anyone out there. Endure to the end.

You have got so many plans in your head but sometimes executing them seems impossible because the journey and its challenges will likely scare you. Ah ah… listen to your conscience. Are you on the right track?. If so then no need to be fretful.

Doesn’t It Worth To Remind Yourself…?

Let me remind you today that you should remember why you started something in your life. Continue and accomplish your goals. This post is to give you the best of inspiration to finish the beautiful goal you set. The process might be tough but you need not give up. Giving up is not part of the plan. Today and tomorrow have 24hrs both but they will never be the same.

Each day we are obliged to make a difference. To be a successful person in your house, marriage, and everything that makes you who you are, it must be positive and worthy.

The clock’s hand is always tickling and there is no time to waste. You only have to convert every second into something reasonable and productive.

Be Proud Of Your Plans

In order to be proud of your lofty goals, you first have to remember why you started it all. Yes, you planned to get a college degree, you planned to get a good job, good marriage and a lot more.

These plans need to be put into action. It is about living a purposeful life. No matter how people talk against you, no matter how the wind blows against you.

Starting anything in your life needs to begin with a good plan which will give you a good memory.
Start with a good plan, followed by a positive action. Done!.

Your plan was to achieve what you started. The pains might be excruciating, but it is only temporal. One day you will reminisce your good plans and how you started and smile to yourself. The pains should rather make you stronger if you are still on the right path. Remember these words: “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.”

Indeed a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. You need to finish what you started if:

1. It is feasible
2. You have a genuine interest in it
3. You have the strength to do

Never Forget To Remember Why You Started

After being convicted of the reasons why you made a decision to do something with all diligence, why not complete your mission?. It is possible. Do away with fear and negative people. I prefer calling them negaholics, they really suck. They fuel failure and laziness.

If you get tired, rest and be revitalized to continue. It’s like a football match. Halftime is meant to be used for resting not bringing the beautiful game into an end.

A hiker who plans to reach the top of a mountain will surely reach if he inspires himself with the reason why he took the first step. You know yourself perfectly well and since you know you can, then you can. Self-doubt is like a disease. Kill it before it kills your ambitions and every opportunity in your life.

The Awful Truth

Sometimes you have to be smart enough not to harm yourself. I mean not everything you have started need to be continued. Just like I said earlier, if you have no genuine interest in it, stop!.

If you remember why you started a relationship, business, schooling, a trip etc. and find out that things are not what it seems to be, then there is a foul play which needs a red card.

Earlier the better to weed out anything that threatens your success and happiness.

Sometimes giving up is good. Yes, you need to know when and why it is good to give up. This doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you know what is right and worthy for you. It shows a good sense of courage and positive judgment of oneself.

If things are not going through a plan, find the problem and fix it. If it’s just beyond your control give up and find another way. Yes, God closes the door and opens a new one for you.

Are things corresponding to the reasons why you started something?. If not then you need to fix it or leave for a fresh start. Always remember why you started that journey.


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