The Truth Behind Why Everything Happens For A Reason

Take a look around, things are happening very fast in life. And Everything that happens has a reason or reasons for that. It could be a normal or natural reason, scientific reason or technical reason. Sometimes it is a mystery and you will never understand, appreciate it anyway

understanding why everything happens for a reason in life

There is a reason behind every person, a reason they are the way they are. Appreciate yourself and accept things happening around you with POSITIVE energy.

We often hear the statement “everything happens for a reason“.But is it really true?. Things unfold in our lives for various reasons. Reasons we may understand or not understand. Sometimes we even attribute certain things happening in our lives to supernatural powers. Marilyn Monroe once said:

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
— Marilyn Monroe

The Challenge Surrounding Why Everything Happens For A Reason

Uncertainties are often bad times we never want to welcome. But they happen in our lives at any moment and any time.

Imagine hearing the heartbreaking news and you need to convince yourself that everything happens for a reason. It would sound insane to the one who is heavily aggrieved by the demise of a loved one.

Not that alone, there are many more awkward situations we find ourselves in. It could be disappointments, failure, physical and emotional pains etc.

Do you actually remember a moment you felt so bad about something but needs to convince yourself that everything happens for a reason?. The truth is that, it takes braveness to be your own inspirational person. Forget about all bad experiences and keep on moving forward.

Since we know, there is time for everything, we must also embrace the facts that everything happens for a reason.

Understanding The Involvement Of Super Natural Forces On Things Happening Around Us

There are two opposing forces moving around this world.i.e.:

1. The Spirit Of God
2. Evil Forces

God can destroy, kill, save, heal etc. the Devil too can kill, save, destroy heal etc. The difference is God is all-powerful and his actions are right with no string attached. The opposite is how the Devil operates.

These forces are very real but we can’t see them. They may have greater or lesser influences on us. Just like I talked about how guardian angels interact with us.

You Must Embrace It With Positive Mindset

Whether a situation is pleasant or unpleasant there are reasons behind that. Let’s take for example, someone who took $50 to buy a necklace.
As he moves to the shop he realised he has lost this money. That is very painful right?. Yes offcourse. Somewhere along the line, somebody will find the money. And it is likely that money would do something greater in the lucky person’s life. It could be a tremendous life changing moment for the finder of the money.

The one who lost his money felt very bad. And here is the case the lost of someone’s money has done a great change in the life of someone else. I hope you understand the scenario here.

Situations similar to this happen often in our lives. There is no need to complain too much. Your wife/husband can break your heart but that could open a new door for you to get someone far better and befitting for you.

People get fired from work places, people, fall sick, get accident die etc. It is up to us to embrace the fact that, everything happens for a reason. Although we cannot explain everything good or unpleasant happening around us.

If it has happened, it is in the past, be courageous, look for a better day ahead. When happiness comes too, celebrate with cautiousness because one day sadness will become an uninvited guest in your life.

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