Have You Taught Yourself How To Feel Happy?

There are many ways to derive happiness in life. But the best is free of charge. Living life without happiness is like being in a bottomless pit full of darkness. You need to redeem yourself. Smile.

Here are simple ways to help you know how to be happy and forget about your problems and pains
Life is all about choices. The storm will come but you can choose to smile. Let your MOTTO be “HAPPINESS over SADNESS.”

Time to know how to be happy in 4 simple ways. Most of you out there will agree with me that the ultimate reason for going in and out handling our normal activities is to derive maximum happiness or satisfaction. In view of that, there are major factors responsible for our hustling.

Nobody wants to be sad, depressed, lonely or afraid in life. Happiness is a matter of choice despite all the challenges that crop up in your life, you can still choose to be happy.

In this post, I will draw your attention to some of the simple things that bring happiness to us. Before I take it further to tell you about how to be happy, let me take a break… What answer will you give me if I ask you: “What is the happiest thing in life?.” Don’t tell me it is sex. Keep on contemplating. If I talk about happiness, I don’t mean you to be selfish and seek for it alone. That wouldn’t be fair. So try to extend your happiness to others.

Assuming there is famine in your city and you happen to have enough food in your barns or kitchen. Will the city be a lively place for you if your belly is full but everyone else is starving?. Hell No! Nobody will respond if you greet them, nobody will smile back to you when you look happy alone. Selfishness is a devilish attitude.

There Must Be A Reason

Yes, there must be a reason for searching for how to be happy in life. Once in a while, you will feel depressed, frustrated and hopeless. You will, therefore, be in need of immediate relief. You need someone to help you forget about your pains and miseries. Wait, real happiness does not cost a dime.

How To Be Happy In 4 Simple Ways

If you ever find it difficult cheering yourself up during hard times, try any of the following tricks below. Reminder: Marriage is one special thing that brings happiness, but here it is out of context. Because marriage is not a simple thing. In fact, it is so complicated and tends to drain the happiness of couples instead of the other way round.

Forget about money as well. You don’t necessarily need it to be happy. The poor and the rich can be happy irrespective of their financial status. Now let examine some of the ways that can help you know how to be happy.

1. Connect With Nature
Step out to enjoy some of the beautiful things in nature. Viewing nature alone triggers positive emotions. Studies indicate that tapping into a natural environment, living near nature, or just viewing nature in paintings and videos alone can have positive impacts on our health. It gives positive signals to our brains, bodies, feelings, and social interactions.

2. Giving
Giving gifts, money, an inspiration to people around us give happiness to both parties. It could be a random kindness from your side or someone else’s. In fact, giving is not all about material things. Showing your perfect smile lightens the world of people who are going through pains.

3. Music
Music is one of the commonest things that bring happiness into our lives. According to science, when we listen to music, the brain releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine.

Best way to be happy - Being happy through music
Put on your headset and forget about the noise buzzing in your life.

Expert believe the driving force behind the love for music is the same for sex, gambling, drugs, and delicious food.

Look out for your favorite music. Listen to it several times when you feel, depressed or lonely. It will surely put you in a good mood. You may want to read my article on the 8 reasons why music is good for you.

4. Play Around With Fantasies
Creating a perfect fantasy in your mind is as simple as breathing the air. Instead of harming yourself with overthinking, lie down or sit down and fill your mind with the sweetest kind of fantasies. Believe me, a good fantasy can make you break into laughter. Someone out there might think you getting mad. No!, it’s about happiness. Knowing how to be happy this way will insulate you from anxieties and pains.

Fantasies could keep you engaged for a couple of hours. Daydreaming is a good feeling to make you happy. That is very normal, fun and pleasant.

The last one on how to be happy in a simple way may be “fun.” I don’t really want to add it but it does help in many ways. But I believe it’s all about staying outdoors or indoors with friends, families and loved ones by engaging yourselves with interesting activities. That is quite pretty simple.

This involves a couple of people and it will require their willingness to have fun with you. So I don’t classify it as one of the simplest ways to help you know how to be happy in life.


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