End Of The World Events You Should Know About

End Of The World Events You Should Know About

Have you noticed anything strange that raises an alarm about the end of the world?. There are a number of noticeable events about the end times happening in our world today.

Christians today shouldn't be afraid of the end of the world events.
Christians are not expected to panic. It’s a strange world with a lot of mysteries. However, the Lord is in control and so protects his Children from the snare of the Devil.

I find it compelling to share with everyone how our world is decaying faster than you can imagine. I believe it is very necessary to abreast yourself with what is exactly happening in our world today.

I want to draw your attention to some of the major events that had happened in the previous years. These events have something to do with the end of the world. Whether you believe it or not: It has happened, it is happening and more will happen.

Oh, I could sense your thoughts about this coronavirus pandemic. Oh yes, we are in the end time.

Some World Events About The End Times

1. Emergence Of COVID-19(Coronavirus)

This 21st century has recorded one of the most devastating events in human history. A virus that has infected millions of people and sent thousands to the grave. It has destroyed both social and economic lives — bring hardships around the world. I have already explained this pandemic as a sign of the imminent coming of Jesus Christ. Are you ready? It’s going to be terrible:

“At that time shall Michael arise, the great prince who watches over the children of your people. And there shall be a time of distress unparalleled since the beginning of the nation until that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone who shall be found written in the book” (Daniel 12:1).

Indeed we are closer to the end of the world. I have also talked about the end time and why we must be prepared to face the second coming of Christ Jesus.

There have been creepy things happening around the world of which some fulfill prophecies in the Bible.

2. The Doomsday Clock

It’s not a long time since we found out that ‘Google Translate’ has been giving out end-time messages. It is known as the “Doomsday Clock.” Are we really at the end of the world?. What do Christians think? and what does the non-believer also thinks?. We live to see.

A Perfect Reminder

I have been following the alarming trend of which weird events are happening in our world today. Obviously, these are not just coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidence since I know everything happens for a reason.

Let me remind you of some of the recent events about the end of the world that strike fear in people. Why?. Because the second coming of Jesus is imminent.

The Bible has foretold us and so Christians must not be ignorant. Don’t behave like the Pagans and scoffers in the days of Noah.

And they did not know until the flood came, and took them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:39)

3. Ban Of Sales Of Online Bible In China

It is not a long time from now that the Chinese Government banned sales of Bibles online. Why did they ban only the Bible FROM ONLINE SHOPS but not any other religious book?. You may read the full article I wrote about this here: “China Bans Sales of online Bible.”

This did not satisfy the government. The Chinese government has forced Christians to denounce their faith. They have burned churches in Beijing and other Provinces. Where is our world heading to?. Political power over religious faith is a blasphemy we must not condone.

The persecution of Chinese Christians has intensified. According to Fox News, the persecution is an official campaign by the Chinese government to demand loyalty to the Atheist Communist Party.

Interestingly, during the rise of coronavirus, some Christians took the gospel to the streets of China. It was a bold decision they took. Because on normal grounds, they wouldn’t be allowed to preach the gospel in public. It’s against the laws of the government. God works in so many ways.

End time world events

The Bible says the word of God will reach every corner of the world, then the end will come. Some of these world events are ushering us to the dreadful day of the Lord.

4. Change Of Israel’s Capital Of Tel Aviv To Jerusalem

Many Christians and Jews believe the establishment of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem (Monday, May 14) fulfills Bible prophesy about the end of the world. It gives full recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

Jerusalem has a population of about 850,000, with two-thirds being Jewish and one-third Arab. There is a remarkable religious difference between them.

“We see the embassy as crucial to God’s timing to bring about the revelation of the Messiah,” — Rev. David Swaggerty, the leader of CharismaLife Ministries in Columbus, Ohio.

“And then Israel was established, exactly where God said it would be established. I see the hand of God in this and the relocation of the embassy.” — Tommy Waller, an evangelical Christian from Missouri.

5. The Red Heifer

A red heifer born somewhere last month for the first time in 2000 years is believed to fulfill a Bible prophecy in the Bible. In the book of Numbers, chapter 19 in the Bible, God told Moses and the Israelites to provide “a red heifer without defect or blemish” which was to be offered as a burnt sacrifice.

“This is the statute of the law which the LORD has commanded: Speak to the sons of Israel, that they bring a red heifer without spot, in which is no blemish, and which was never yoked.” (Numbers 19:2)

Theologians believe sacrificing a red heifer would surely bring about the construction of the third temple in Jerusalem. And this is a clear sign of the end of the world which the second coming of Christ Jesus will follow.

The Big Question For Christians

To me, I haven’t yet understood why this Biblical verse relates to today’s birth of a red heifer as a sign of the end time. Animal sacrifice is no more needed. Jesus offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice that cleanses all sins.

Scientists have already been messing around with nature. Think about human cloning; the chemical foods we consume. Could this so-called “Red Heifer” not be genetically engineered?

I’m yet to have in-depth research on it. But for now, this whole thing is questionable…I would be happy if anyone out there can throw more light on this.

Summary Of World Events To Be Considered

1. The installation of 5G antennas and its effect on human lives being part of the globalists’ agenda

2. The emergence of COVID-19 and is effects

3. Digital certification(ID2020) propagated by Bill Gates

4. The Red Heifer

5. Doomsday clock

6. Change Of Israel’s Capital Of Tel Aviv To Jerusalem

7. The rise of sexual perversions (LGTBQ+)

Each day we hear of threats of war.

• Vladimir Putin threatening to wage war

• USA responding to take action

• Afghanistan capturing Kabul and persecuting Christians

• China persecuting Christians

• Innocent Christians going under attacks in Nigeria

In 2022, Open Doors‘ survey about religious persecution is out. The number of deaths and fatalities keep increasing.

In all, the news we hear daily reminds us that the New World Order is actively taking control of the world. As they are championing:

1. One world government
2. A common currency for the world
3. One world religion

These will surely pave way for Satan to come and control the world. This is a prophecy from the Bible. The rise of the beast and the Mark of the beast talked about in Revelation 13.

Updated — Russia Invades Ukraine

The Bible said nation will rise against nation. This has been in the eyes of the whole world when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared an unprovoked war on Ukraine. Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives and left millions homeless.

The world is now using Bible verses to pray for Ukraine. Only God can redeem His children. The world needs peace, love, and unity but without God things will never work out.

More incidences are happening around us that are quickening the dreadful day of God. Unprecedented sinners will drink from his cup of anger.

What do you think?. Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

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