China Bans Bible Sold Online – Why?

The Chinese government has explained why she has banned sales of Bible online but millions are unhappy with this decision.Is this a strategy to suppress Christianity?.

China bans bible sold online

Earthly Power Controlling Christians Lives

To the surprise of millions of Christians worldwide, the Chinese government has placed ban on sales of online Bibles. The biggest question is why?.The government in every country has the mandate to enact new laws and implements them in the interest or not in the interest of its citizens.

Don’t even think about the nature of the government.Democracy or dictatorship,they all have crafty ways of making things go.We are the subject,and so they can manipulate us.Power is speaking.The Christian’s ultimate power lies in the bible not the government.The bible is too powerful as it covers all the facets of the lives of mankind.It plainly condemns suppression and all forms of injustice.

In our societies today,political power has been used to control religion in many ways of which most people are not pleased with.This is a strategy to limit the influence of Christianity in China.

At least,  52 countries have banned the use of bible and China wouldn’t be an exception from years to come.We could sense that. Someone might even say it has already began.
China has major religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and traditional beliefs but it is only the Christian’s Bible which could not be sold through e-commerce.The deliberation surfaced to the public few days ago and it is shocking.

However, the main idea behind the ban on sales of online Bible is because they lack ISBN(International Standard Book Number),the numeric identifier which makes books unique and easily identifiable.If they claim those bibles without ISBN are illegal why not make the ‘legal’ Bible available for sale online ASAP?.

China Bans Bible Sold Online – What Is Happening Now?

Christian in China get ‘zero’ result when they search for “Bible” on major online shops such as, JD, Jingdong, and Taoboa.( According to South China Morning Post). I believe this is not a way of compromising the genuine words in the bible.If it is so, then Christians must be extra vigilant.

So now,looking at the trend, Chinese can only get the Bible from bookshops but not online merchants.What do you think about this regulation from China’s government?. Is this one of the signs of the end time?.How would you feel if you are a Christian in China and cannot buy “bible” online?.Share your views.

NB:Take a minute to pray for all Christians going through persecutions for the sake of Christ Jesus.

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