Do You Feel Down?: 3 Ways To Get Motivated In Life

You surely feel unhappy, fretful and depressed sometimes. All these negative feelings and challenges are normal in life. They might be permanent if you fail to deal with them. You need the motivation to break free.

Here are the best ways to learn how to get motivated when you feel down.
Motivation isn’t always about hitting the gym for bigger and larget biceps. You need it in your whole life especially when things get tougher. Be strong to overcome your challenges.

Time to know how to get motivated. Stop crying and the lamentations. STOP!.  Without motivation, millions of people will be addicted to laziness which retards development. The human mind and body have powerful abilities to turn the impossible to possible. Someone has done it, you too can do it and even break new grounds.

I would be surprised to hear anyone say he/she doesn’t need motivation in life. Can you say that?. Be honest. I would accept that on one simple condition. And that is: The Person can motivate himself. Self-inspiration is good, but sometimes we need someone to remind us the power of the human mind and body before we can respond positively.

Are You Ready?

In this post, I will address why motivation is necessary for you.  Let me share with you some interesting facts on how to get motivated. This will see you through whatever good thing or plan you have.

Don’t lie to me that you don’t need motivation. No one is free of life challenges. Someone may take a seat at the workplace, school, events, lorry stations etc. And within some seconds start thinking about a depressing situation growing like a wildfire which seems unquenchable.

If you know how to get motivated by any means, nothing can steal your happiness or bog you down. You become resilient to failure and pains.

You have problems to deal with. If it is not about financial constraints, then it is about marital problems, death, diseases, and sicknesses etc. Motivation is the best antidote for your pressing issues before any further steps.

The Genesis Of Learning How To Be Motivated

Think outside the box. There are 7 billion people in the world today. Naturally, the moment we are born, we are tasked to work, sweat and face many challenges before we can eat, stay healthy and feel happy.

Happiness is the ultimate goal here. You can achieve that irrespective of your circumstances. Everything depends on you. Thank God, this life isn’t a literal place for the so-called theory “Survival of the fittest .” by the pagan, Charles Darwin.

We don’t have to dominate our fellow brothers before we can achieve our goals to survive. We don’t have to steal, kill, covet, lie etc. to feel happy. There is no honor in that. Let love, justice, and hard work be your Hallmark.

Your Problem In Question

You must be aware of anything that is pushing you to the wall. Figure out and know how to get motivated in your awkward situations ?. Before you hunger for motivation, identify your shortfalls. They are like diseases which need the right medicine.

Now, tell your self you hate being a failure at school, in your career/business, relationships, marriage etc.

After figuring out your own “life enemies” stealing your happiness and success, deal with them appropriately. This is about self-identity. And for the context of this article, you need to identify all your weaknesses and work hard to end it

How To Get Motivated In Life

Below are some of the most important things everyone must consider. Find reasonable facts to stand tall above any depressing situation.

1. Disability
Who can be motivated to school, work, be confident, feel important etc. even if you are handicapped?.

In the first place if you fall into this category of people, let me remind you that, you are not alone. Have you read about Pastor Nick Vujicic who has no arms nor legs?. He is one of my favorite mentors. He is the perfect example to prove to you that “disability is not inability.”

Nick Vujicic, together with other inspiring people have the best motivational speeches for anyone ready to know how to be motivated. You have zero excuses.

According to the World Bank, there are 1 Billion(15% of the world population) disabled living in our world today. They are at a disadvantage in terms of socio-economic opportunities like schooling and other important ventures. You may be one of them or not. Life still goes on. You need to know how to get motivated so far as you still breathe.

2. The Power Of The Mind
It’s unfortunate, many are Underutilizing the power of their brains. A positive mindset should psych you up to step forward, and bask in a sun of hope. You owe it all to yourself if no one is knocking at your door to drop a bunch of motivational stories and messages or help you with your needs.

Tell yourself you can make it. Though it wouldn’t be easy. The mind is the pivot of the Central Nervous System (CNS). Use it well to make the right choices and movements.

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. Learn From Overcomers
The Devil is the author of the challenges you are facing out there. They are not unprecedented. Many have faced the same thing or even worse than that. But they knew how to get motivated and so they achieved their goals.

These are the kind of people you have to follow their steps. Find role models with whom you share the same interest and goals with. It will motivate you enough to be on track.


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