Have You Ever Regretted Doing Something In Your Life?

Once a while as a human being, you will regret saying/doing something you shouldn’t have said/done. It might be too late or you can adjust yourself to make yourself and others comfortable aftermath.

Regret in life may not always solve the problem at hand
Saying sorry may heal your victim’s pain or not. The difference lies between the level of damage caused. Was it through words or action?.

Did you regret doing anything today, yesterday… It is quite amazing how we forget to say certain things or take certain actions in life. We, therefore, retrospect to complete whatever agenda in mind.

Consider today’s date in question 10th September 2018. When it passes it will never come back. The next September you will see is 2019. So whatever you do today make sure you will not regret someday.

The past is gone and as a matter of fact, we may have a ‘bit’ of success in restructuring what we left behind. On The other hand, we would have ‘NO’ success in visiting the past. Why do I say this?. I know this is a controversial issue so I prefer to handle it contextually.

Your Regret In Life In Question

Before I begin it all, I want to remind you that you are not a time traveler and so cannot go back to the past and make changes. However, that thing is a myth and so, in reality, there is nothing like that. I don’t believe in such fiction. Let’s face reality with real issues
There are two things I would like you to know in this very article.

1. Failure To Take Action In The Past
2. Failure To Say Something In The Past

So in your attempt of going back to the past to make corrections, it wouldn’t be possible if it was an action you failed to take. But if it was mere words you ‘maybe’ able to rectify things. Which is even a slim chance for you?. You will certainly sit down contemplating and wishing you did not do that or say that.  Regret in life may be very heart-breaking.

Now, there is a saying that opportunity comes once. But this is not always applicable in life. Sometimes there is a second chance to correct your mistakes.

Why Do You Want To Wipe Away Your Regret In The Past?

Sometimes we all procrastinate because we thought it isn’t the right time but before we realize, it had been too late. We may also procrastinate because of fear or shyness.

“Had I known Is Always At Last.”

I believe nobody will oppose your decision of going back to the past to make things right believing it will make you comfortable in your current situation. But ask yourself ‘does it worth it?’ ‘is it possible?.’

Every failure you have experienced belong to the past. We all have done things we shouldn’t have done, every one of us has said things he/she shouldn’t have. It has past. What can you do again?. Let’s figure out.

Finding An Amicable Solution

We can’t control the past but we can make a lot of changes today and tomorrow to come. There are things which are irreversible and other things being reversible. How?.

If you are lucky to find yourself in a situation that you can make amends to bridge the gap then thank God. You can’t alter exactly what you said to someone years ago, but you can be remorseful today to settle down with the person or people in question.

Confess, apologize by words of mouth or letter. Even if it’s slander or libel you can rectify it through the right channel and I believe you would be forgiven.

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Looking at this scenario, you will realize that if the past does not involve physical action, you can amend your mistakes without much stress.

The second phase deals with action. I mean action that causes trauma and leaves irreparable damages to people and things. It is too late then… This kind of regret in life may last throughout the rest of your natural life.

As human beings, we must be careful in how we handle situations. If you are the kind who has problems with anger issues then one day you will make a grave mistake. “You can’t eat your cake and have it.”

Any physical harm you caused in the past is Irreversible. The feeling of guilt may haunt you forever. In serious scenarios like murder, injuries and destruction of properties are irreversible. Even if you try… it will never be the same.

Things that are precious like the diamond is hard to find if you lose them. Your endeavors or circumstances may have positive or negative effects aftermath.

Yes!, be careful how you live life today so that you don’t regret it in your tomorrow. Time is irreversible.

♦. If you drop an egg on the floor, it will crack. There is no way you can fix it.

♦. If you drop a piece of sugar in the water you cannot pick it back.

Think twice before you say anything or take any action.

You may grief over your mistakes but cannot undo them. Even offering compensation in the form of money, solace wouldn’t blow the mess away. You would wish and say to your self. “I wish I never did that.”

Things You Need Not To Regret

Regretting is not necessary if you surely know you did your best to achieve something worthy but failed.

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”
-George Halas

Perhaps you gave someone a helping hand in the form of money, protection, love etc. and got your payment in denial, ungratefulness, blackmailing etc. Do not regret because your reward will come from the Lord.


Think twice before you make any step today. And don’t be like the guy who had a permanent tattoo of his girlfriend on his body and regretted after a painful breakup. This kind of regret in life lives indelible mark on your heart plus your body. Oh WAIT!, did I tell you the reasons why you should not trust anybody?. YES, I did. A word to a wise is enough.

You were born with the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong. Don’t blame the Devil after doing something silly. “Time and tide wait for no man” so you wouldn’t have an opportunity to reinvent that very incidence. It is past and gone.

Everything we say, every action we take today will pass away but would be remembered in the future. You hold accountable for your words and action. The bible has also made it clear that “you reap what you sow.”

Why not sow the good seed today and be proud to talk about what you did in the past?.


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