Here Is Why You Should Take One Step At A Time In Life

What does one step at a time means in life?. The execution of time and success affect you if you ignore or accept “patience”. This entirely depends on you. Find out how.

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Take one step at a time and surely you will reach your destination safely.No need to rush.

People who have the mindset of success always acknowledge the ‘power of concentration’.If you ask an optimist, “what does one step at a time mean in life?”; He will tell you to feed on the action word ‘FOCUS‘.

You are not in competition with anybody. Forget about your predecessors and your contemporaries. You only have to compete with yourself to become better than you used to be. You can further read my article entitled “You are in competition with yourself” to understand things better.

One step at a time is not about the mere song from Jordin Sparks, entitled “One step At A Time“. Here, African Paradise World will help you to understand thoroughly.

This quote ‘one step at a time’ is entirely talking about patience and it is not so different from the quote “little drops of water make a mighty ocean.”

What Does One Step At A Time Mean?/How Does It Relates To Life?

Every sane person wants to achieve something better in life and you are not an exception. Are you?. Not at all.

If that is the case, then you must bear in mind that you can’t eat with your two hands. No matter how deep hungry you are. Why?. Becuase:

♦. You make yourself look like an idiot
♦.  You become far from sane people
♦.  You are likely to get a choke
♦. Vomiting all the food will be your greatest reward for such a mischievous act.
It doesn’t sound good huh?.

It is good to dream big. But executing your dreams shouldn’t be in haste. There are things that economists call “needs” and “wants“.

‘Needs’ are the most important things you need in life. It starts with the basic needs which are food, clothing, and shelter.’Wants’ are considered as additives, compliments or luxuries.

Take one step at a time in everything you are doing. Figure out the most important things. Satisfy them before you carry out with your wants. It is all about assigning priorities to your life choices.

You can’t say you are going to marry whiles you are immature or haven’t found a job yet. What is the first step you should take?. Ask yourself.

If you see a butterfly, you will say it’s beautiful. Let me tell you the truth; The butterfly goes through a metamorphosis before it gains that beautiful colors to fly. It begins as a larva with no wings nor beautiful colors until it becomes fully grown through four different stages.

It doesn’t matter if you are having the most awesome goals in life. If you know nothing about patience, you will likely crush your dreams. Before you take the first step to success, learn about how to exercise patience to achieve success.

There is an African proverb I like so much. It says; “You can’t peep into a bottle with your two eyes“.That is literally true. If you use one eye, you will see everything clearer. Not possible with the two eyes evenly.

To summarise it all, the real meaning of “one step at a time” is centered on “PATIENCE“.Be resilient and proactive to success. But don’t break the simple rules of patience.


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