Never Miss This Inspirational Story About The ‘Ugliest Woman In The World’

Whenever you feed yourself with an inspirational story, all your frivolous excuses to stay away from getting something done become useless. Your success, happiness, and entire life depend on your mindset together with your actions

An inspirational story about Elizabeth Velásquez

Have you ever felt hopeless in life just because people are telling you that you are ugly, useless, a failure? etc. Well, personally I hate to see someone looks into a friend’s eye and calls him “ugly” or make him feel worthless in any way. Such words destroy life internally. It kills the beautiful soul living inside that person. So bump into one powerful inspirational story you could ever find.

Today, I feel compelled to share something motivational and heart-touching with people like you. Because without motivation most of us will fail to meet our full potentials in life. An inspirational story can psych you up for the journey ahead of you in life.

In view of that, I want to share something inspiring about the so-called ugliest woman in the world. Her name is Elizabeth Anne Velásquez from the United States. She may look very old in her photos but Elizabeth was born in the year 1989.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you are called the ugliest person in a school you attend. And let us compare with the degree of damage it would cause if you are termed the ‘ugliest person in the world’….uh oh that would be unimaginable!. But Lizzie Velásquez was able to transform all the negative energies into something positive.

She was termed the ugliest woman in the world in the year 2006; by calculation, she was just 16 years old. But that demeaning term never bogged her down. Instead, she felt the need to inspire people to believe in themselves and work hard towards their lofty goals.

We’ve All Got Stories To Tell

Your life today could also be an inspirational story for someone. It all depends on how you face your daily challenges and succeed with a positive mentality.

The story of someone can inspire you

People who have become successful in life easily become role models for millions around the world. Why? Because they have achieved something bigger.

But wait until they tell you their awful stories. Don’t be a fool to envy them our be persuaded by the myth that they inherited a great fortune.

Well, I believe you would be interested to read about the inspirational stories of these 3 people who succeeded from zero.

Back to my inspirational story using the ‘ugliest woman in the world’ as the central point. Someone might ask. Why is she looking ugly?.

Well, that wasn’t by her choice? Life is sometimes hard to understand. Not all the “whys” would have a meaningful answer so we only have to overlook and try to live the normal life that pleases the maker of heaven and earth.

For Elizabeth Anne Velásquez, she suffers from a rare kind of disease called Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome. This prevents her from gaining weight. She lacks body fats and weighs less than 30Kgs.

The Inspirational Story Of This Woman And How She Found Her Courage

Most at times when life situations become hard for us – we slack behind and allow everything to worsen. Meanwhile, there are positive sides to every problem that surfaces in our lives.

This is something I want to place much emphasis on while I am sharing with you this inspirational story about the life of Lizzie V. and how you can learn to believe in yourself.

She did not run away from her true self, but rather embraced it and made a bold decision to be a motivational speaker, an activist, and an author.

I, therefore, challenge you today that you have zero reasons to defend your failure or unsuccessful life. Choose to fight real hard for what is best for you.

Renew your mindset to write your own inspirational story

Don’t underestimate yourself nor allow people to make you feel ugly, useless, unintelligent, failure, etc.

Her Achievement In Life

Most of you out there wouldn’t be able to relate to a painful situation like that of Elizabeth Velásquez. But she defied all the negative words and things that tried to shroud her future.

Don’t ever tell yourself that ‘I am ugly‘ so I can’t go out there and be a shining star. This is the exact opposite thing Elizabeth Velásquez did.

Other people such as Nick Vujicic, Helen Keller, etc, also have real powerful inspirational stories to tell you. Take a quick look at their stories here.

Now. Below are some of the things she has accomplished in life:

1. She has completed learning communication studies at Texas State University.

2. She has written motivational books such as;
Be Beautiful, Be You” and “Choosing Happiness.” Yes! Of course, happiness is a choice – its a state of mind.

3. Lizzy has also been a successful anti-bullying activist. She confidently appears in public to inspire people.

Do you think you have any valid reason for not being proud of who you are? See, true beauty is within us. It takes people with “a Goldsmith’s eye” to see that beautiful and precious treasure.

To finalize everything about the inspirational story for today; I want to bring into your mind one thing that makes me proud of the said personality of this content… She believes in God!.

And I am very sure God will use her to change the lives of people in so many ways. So far as you have the most precious gift called “breath of life” and a functioning brain, you can achieve whatever you set your mind on.

It would also take hard work, perseverance, patience… to see your life change for the best. So go out there and make the ending of your life story beautiful and inspiring.

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