Correlation Between Education And Success:How Does It Affects You?

The correlation between education and success has a lot of impacts on people’s lives. Education and success go hand in hand. It is so hard to separate them. When you get an education, you acquire knowledge to live a professional life. That is why they say “education is the key to success”.

Understanding the correlation between education and success
Education is the key to success, agreed.

The correlation between education and success is noticeable. I mean education and success go hand in hand. It is good to acquire an education in life. Education helps people to become successful(not guaranteed). That is why people say, “education is the key to success. However, the correlation between education and success is always visible.

Here, “African Paradise World” will share some interesting facts about today’s education and how it relates to success. Stay close whiles I share some pressing issues about education with you.

Firstly, education is in two forms. That is “formal” and “informal“..Formal education deals with a modern type of education.

Classrooms or lecture halls are the places people go to learn. The whole education follows a particular curriculum. This educational curriculum starts from the nursery and ends in the university/college.

People who go through formal education become literates. They can read and write. They can occupy higher positions in government and higher institutions. Education and success in life are all about acquiring knowledge.

knowledge from formal education normally deals with solving problems in the environment. Educated men provide services for people by using the knowledge acquired in school.

Someone might school to become a doctor. This person will use his knowledge to heal the sick. Examples of people who acquire formal education include; Teachers, Lawyers, Ministers, and a lot more.

Now, I want you to know that education and success in life (7 steps to success) go hand in hand indeed. Informal education gives people knowledge in a particular field of work. It doesn’t need classrooms or lecture halls. For example, you can learn carpentry from a friend. Not just carpentry, but other Jobs.

Unfortunately, some students lack the motivation to continue their courses. Inspirational quotes for students alone can psych them up to keep on chasing their dreams. The educational system sometimes feels boring.

Considering informal education, your family or friends can teach you how to do certain jobs. People learn a trade from others to become successful. A friend can teach me how to do plumbing… That is informal education. It can help you taste success.

The Hard Truth About The Correlation Between Education And Success

With or without education, one can achieve success. Success can be achieved in many ways. Should if you drop out of school, remember that that is not the end. You can benefit from informal education like trading, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, painting, vulcanizing. Without education, you can do all these kinds of jobs to enjoy a successful living.

The most interesting part is that; Some people are born with their future jobs. People as such don’t necessarily need education. What do I mean by that?. God gave talents to people to use for their own success. Just look around, there are a lot of people talented in music, acting, sports, etc. with or without education but earning millions of dollars.

If you have any talent, don’t let it be a waste. You can read my article on “The beauty of talent development” to harness your talent and benefit from it.

Notable Men Who Achieved Success Despite Their Poor Educational Background

Here, I have chosen to talk about some famous people who give us a good example of the correlation between education and success. Some of them include:

♦. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was born into aristocracy. He led the United Kingdom to achieve victory during the II World war. He did that with limited education. Although his family gave him the best education platform he found education difficult. He performed poorly in school.

His military service was also hindered by his poor performance. He applied. He had to apply three times to the Royal Military College and was only accepted after applying for the cavalry rather than infantry because the grade requirements were lower and it didn’t involve math. Apparently, he was weak at math and that didn’t stop him from achieving success.

♦. John D. Rockefeller

He is one of America’s all-time wealthiest men (Net worth: $340 billion). although he didn’t attain any higher education. He only got a High School education and some bookings studies.

Today anyone can run short courses online and get the appropriate certificate to run a business. You may also be interested in making use of software for building your own online School to help expand the literacy rate of your city or country. Education is a powerful key that brings success and so our modern society needs it.

However, it is unfortunate that we have overrated higher education. Life in classrooms or lecture halls is different from real life in the outside world.

Rockefeller achieved success by establishing the “Standard Oil Company” through the little knowledge he acquired in 1863. It is one of the biggest oil companies in the world.

Considering The Two Sides Of The Coin. How It Relates To Success And Failure.

Education and success in life go hand in hand. Any of these types of education helps. Your degree can get you a job. Learning a trade will get you a future job too.

Now, the correlation between education and success depends on certain factors. These factors make one successful or not. Without education, you can become successful. With education, you can also become successful.

However, the negative side applies to an educated person and illiterate as well. They may both fail to succeed. Education doesn’t guarantee success, and that is factual.

Your life choices, dedication, perseverance, and sometimes luck can help you succeed. If you are a positive minded person, you can conquer. You can become who you want to be. The mind is the limit, so think positive always.

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