Exploring The Truths About Lies Can Help You Become Vigilant In Life

Have you ever thought of knowing the truths about lies?. It takes seconds to lie but its result is destructive in the long run. Our friends do, the politicians and almost everyone.

 Lies Everywhere Today

The truths about lies affects everyone living today.
Exploring the truths about lies can help you become vigilant in life

Perhaps nobody has informed you about the truths about lies. It is one of the commonest sins the human population commits. Some may not see it as a sin no matter the circumstances. Not forgetting about the so-called white lies.

In a near attempt, I explained why it is not good to tell lies and I justified white lies for only one good reason. In all, lies is not a good thing.

Today, I would like us to learn something interesting; “The Truth about lies.”. Lies And Truths can never befriend. They all move in different dimensions and they all have consequences after choosing one.

A World Of Sweet Lies

I don’t expect anyone to tell me, he or she has never told lies before. No, not at all. But there are gurus in lying. They are the real “LIARS”. It pulsates in their bloodstream. Such people are often greedy, wicked, selfish, evil and dangerous at all standards.

We all do lie. Whether it’s big or small, its a lie. However, there are various reasons why anyone would employ lies to cover up something or let something happen in his favor.

Look around you, the world is full of untrustworthy people. How would you even know the closest person to you has been lying to you about something you really need to have full knowledge about?. It could be monetary issues, friendship, businesses, marriage etc.

In a simple advise, I keep on telling my readers not to trust anyone. Yes!, don’t trust anyone. Even, if you think someone deserves a fraction of your trust; make it hard for anyone to earn it.

Understanding The Truths About Lies

Where did lies come from?. Who is the first person to tell lies on earth?. It all points to the adversary, SATAN, also known as LUCIFER. The Bible describes him as the father of lies (John 8:44). In view of that anyone who is a liar belongs to the devil. They have a great interest in lies.

1. The first lies Ever Known

He(Satan) lied to the first man(Adam) and woman(Eve) and made them sin against God. Satan is full of darkness and so he uses crafty means to entrap the innocent, even today.

This is one major truth about lies. He is the source of all the lies we see today. Almost everyone is fond of lies. Why?. to intensify their impunities, make money through dishonest means, cover up their evil doings etc.

2. Lies Are Sweet
Yes!, this sounds funny but it’s also an important factor concerning the truth about lies. Telling lies will take you off the hook, it will make you take a deep breath of relief. That is the sweetest part. You lied to prevent punishment for your evil act. Surely, you will smile, and probably throw a party for your “narrow escape.”

But another sad truth is; one day the ‘TRUTH’ will come out. The celebration of your lies is only temporal. Whatever is hidden in darkness will one day come under the limelight.

Lies gives immediate relief but a lie is still a lie, it’s against social norms, rules, and regulations, religious principles etc. The next result of operating through lies is a disgrace.

3. Everyone Has Lied Before
Here is a survey; “the one who hasn’t lied before should raise the hand.” Do you think you will get a single person living today to genuinely say he has not lied before? That is impossible and I wouldn’t believe that, irrespective of the caliber of that person. We have been telling lies since we were kids, especially after a mischievous behavior.

However, a true repentant Christian is supposed to stay away from lies. In such case, I may believe there are certain people who have stopped lying entirely. It takes the help of the Holy Spirit to resist every temptation of lies.

The truths about lies might be numerous but here are a few I want each and everyone to take note of. Lies are not a good thing, it is one of the crafty devices of Satan. You might think your lies has set you free but it is just for a period of time. The truth is the only thing that can set you free from now and forevermore.

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