Back Online: Getting Hacked Is Not Joke

A blogger or an internet user hardly becomes safe from these notorious hackers. They never want to leave us alone.But there is no need of giving up because of them.They are sicknesses and diseases, they need cure.

Hacked website


Hello World, warmest greetings from African Paradise to you all. Last 3 days was a bad day for this blog.

In the first place,let me apologise to all my readers. It was very unfortunate that this blog got hacked. But thank God we are back online and everything is fine.I pray it doesn’t happen again.Anyone whose blog has been hacked before know exactly what I’m talking about.

Blogging is a beautiful thing, but to fall in the hands of these hackers is a tragedy. It will surprise you to know that; Each day 30,000 websites get hacked. Meaning, almost every website is at risk. Hackers don’t mind if it’s  http or https website.They look too sophisticated to break it.

As I lament about my bitter experience;Just last Tuesday, the twitter accounts of two former Fox News Hosts(Eric Bolling & Greta Van Susteren) got hacked. They then used  their accounts for something silly.They succeeded in using the accounts of Susteren to send a propaganda message to Donald Trump/(According to Yahoo news).

So they never want to make blogging a safe place.Nobody want to see his online account hacked.What can we do then?.There are many security measures we can take to stay safe from these sons of bitches.

Getting hacked is not a joked. Hates to see them hovering around like Hawks. The truth is;If you take down African Paradise World 10 times, we will bounce back 11 times.

What inspire them to work so hard to bring down websites through hacking?. They are agents of Satan,they lie,steal and destroy. Evil has filled their hearts.They never give up,we will also never give up.But a wicked man will never escape the consequences and repercussions of his evil deeds.

They excel  themselves in cyber crime, steal from innocent people’s accounts, banks,institutions etc.Some just do it for fun,some want to steal money and others too have different agendas.

The world is  ruining faster and hackers are the number culprits.It is like building a whole house or city and someone evil comes in to bring it down.You would never understand why mankind could be so wicked in causing harm to other people and their properties,lest you find out Satan’s enmity against goodness or righteousness.They are agents of Satan.

Leave us alone Mr. Hacker.

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