Why Thanking God In Every Situation Brings About Divine Blessings

Have you found the reasons why you must keep on thanking God?. Even if you fail in life — never forget to bless his Holy name. It is just the beginning of your success and happiness. It is a divine responsibility for my fellow Christians to be grateful to the Lord irrespective of the circumstance.

Thanking God should be part of our Christian lives. Be grateful for the little you have. God is about to reward you.

Thanking God every single day has a lot of positive impact in the lives of Christians. Never fail to thank God for everything he has done for you. Don’t be so dumb saying you don’t see what God has done for you. Such kind of ungratefulness is the road to self-destruction.

Well, I will remind you of some of the most important things God has done for you. And before you finish reading this article; you will have to uncover thousands of reasons to thank God. Yes! thanking God is our duty, it is something God expects us to do.

Who Brought You Up?

A random question to anyone: “who brought you up?.” Obviously, you will respond “my parent.” Oh yes! Your parent… Mr. and Mrs… In such a scenario you will thank your parents for bringing you up. Not forgetting the so-called “mother’s day” and “father’s day” celebrations. You guys really make your parents special.

I don’t write to denounce that special treatment for parents. Indeed they deserve the hype. Why?:

1. They never aborted you whiles you were a fetus.
2. They taught you how to talk, walk, dress…
3. Your parents took you to school – paid your fees…
4. They provided you with shelter, food, clothing, etc.
5. They even protected you.

These are some of the so many things you will find reasonable enough to thank your Mum and Dad. For the sake of this article let’s put the irresponsible parents aside.

Now let’s barge into the second answer to the question: “who brought you up?.”

If you can find so many reasons to thank your mother or father for bringing you up and taking good care of you; how much more than God?. I’m talking about the one who weaved you in your mother’s womb. The Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Thanking God is a must for all Christian believers. He has done innumerable things for you. Perhaps you haven’t realized it. If that is the case…

Thank God Bible verse

Kindly allow me space to introduce to you some of the amazing things God has done for you. I do recommend reading my other article that talks about thanksgiving Bible verses to show appreciation to God.

A Blessing To Live

Waking up each morning is a blessing. Statistically, 151,600 people die each day. You are not special from any of them. It is by God’s Grace that you are alive today. So thanking God should be a daily routine. For a very good insight in death rate visit “ecology.”

Even the birds in the sky find the beginning of each day as a blessing. What is Beautiful than hearing the chirping of birds in the morning whiles they fly from one tree to other. Birds even teach us lessons in life.

Don’t you realize these birds are thanking God with their beautiful songs?. My friend; to wake up alive each morning is one of the greatest blessings any human can enjoy. You know why?. Because where there is life there is HOPE.

“May I hear about your loyal love in the morning, for I trust in you. Show me the way I should go, because I long for you (Psalms 143:8).”

“Yes, in the sanctuary I have seen you and witnessed your power and splendor. Because experiencing your loyal love is better than life itself, my lips will praise you. For this reason, I will praise you while I live; in your name, I will lift up my hands (Psalms 63:2-4).”

Mankind’s Challenging Situation Of Thanking God

There is no definite condition instituted for Christians to be the basis of thanking God. I mean there is no condition attached to that.

In view of this, we ought to appreciate the little things God has done for us. Through our gratefulness and contentment, God will double our blessings. He will show you great things you never expected.

I know being a Christian is not easy. It takes much more than human intelligence and strength. If you fail to rely on God in all your endeavors — you will backslide. Retrogression will lead you to extreme poverty, sadness, and a lot of pains.

If you don’t see any reason to thank God then you have been ungrateful for long. Oxygen is sold in the hospital. It is free of charge and available in our environment. Can anyone pay for the amount of oxygen used in a single day? Week? Months? Years?.

The Disparity Between The Rich And The Poor

People often assume it is the rich or the wealthy class that should thank God. Because they have money, wealth, fame, and almost everything. They give such kind of frivolous excuses for their ingratitude.

Now see, people want to be rich before they begin thanking God. They have therefore attached conditional trust to their belief in God.

Even if God hasn’t answered your prayers; you have to thank him. There might be a lot of reasons God hasn’t answered your prayers. Don’t wait to see the sunlight before you thank your maker.

Even in a rainstorm, you have to thank him. All those unpleasant situations will end. It is only temporal. Your gratefulness will yield greater blessings. Success, happiness, and healings will overflow.

May Be You Are Being Tested – Keep On Thanking God

The Devil has permission to test your loyalty to God. Even Jesus Christ himself was tested by Satan a couple of times(Luke chapter 4).

If you carefully read the Bible, you will find out that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes a situation will test your faith in God, it may test your strength, patience, and readiness to step forward in life through Christ Jesus.

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17).

Job was filthy rich but he never failed to thank God; even when the Devil brought him to shame. After losing everything, he did not forsake God. Meaning Job wasn’t thanking God because of his wealth. Instead, he found it as worthy and a responsibility.

King Solomon did not denounce the worthiness of giving thanks to God. Although his disobedience made him backslide.

Thanking God for everything

The poor must be grateful and hopeful for a brighter future. It is the will of God to put smiles on the faces of those who love him.

He has already planned to make you successful. Don’t let that temporal suffering drive you away from the reward prepared for you.

The Invisible Protection And Blessings

You may not have the spiritual eyes to see the countless protection God is giving you through his angels. These guardian angels are real.
Remember that there is spiritual warfare going on in our lives. The Devil and his angels want you to fail in life. They want you to fall short of the Lord’s salvation. Make sure you take part in fighting the good fight. You are born to win.

Every moment; Thank God for whatever he has done for you: Both the visible and the invisible. Even the little food you have access to… Thank Him!.

You don’t need to see material wealth or blessings before you start thanking God. Be grateful for being alive. Cling to God all the time and he will uplift you with his strong right hand.

He is always watching you if you appreciate all that he has done for you… Get ready for divine restoration and progression in all aspects of your life. Your faith can fetch you anything you need according to the will of God.

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