Getting Close To The Beautiful Things In Nature

Getting Close To The Beautiful Things In Nature

Have you considered some of the beautiful things in nature? God made them beautiful to help us enjoy the best in life, even if you have no money. Nature offers free sight-seeing for your pleasure.

Island is one of the beautiful things in nature

Many beautiful things in nature make us feel good. Simply looking at nature’s gift makes us feel happy. The maker (God) knew it would be good for us.

Sometimes we hardly understand how rocks, trees, the skies, etc form beautiful scenes without any external touch. Naturally, they give us the best of designs that have nothing to do with mankind’s influence. Sometimes, humans replicate with their own artistic designs.

God is so amazing to awe us with His wonderful creation. You would never feel bored or uninspired again if you derive inspiration from nature on every occasion.

What Is Nature?

Nature is the physical or material things we see around us. It is often generalized as a blend of geology and wildlife. Science asserts that plants on our planet have existed for about 400 million years.

How accurate could that be?. Anyway, God created plants and all other things before man.

Amazingly, certain plants have healing powers to keep us healthy and strong. For instance plants for feng shui have been known to possess healing powers on the human body.

If you ever ask a herbalist about the true nature of herbal medicine; he will tell you — no medicine heals better than natural plants. They are the true source of any medicine you could ever think of.

Our modern-day stem cell biologists rely on natural plants as the source of medicinal healing and restoration of health. This is breeding a new technological knowledge of approaching chronic diseases.

It’s God’s intention for us to benefit greatly from plants. Especially those that are efficacious for healing and curing of diseases and sicknesses. Besides that, some plants naturally look beautiful and adorable.

Today, let us consider some of the beautiful things in nature and how it affect us. The beautiful things in nature have been depicted in arts, photography, poetry, etc.

Beautiful things in nature

It has been known that landscape art began in China during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). In the Bible, the book of Psalms and Job highly talked about the beautiful things in nature.

Getting Enthused By Some Beautiful Things In Nature


Nature has many species of animals, some are not yet discovered. There are always new land formations coming up into the knowledge of mankind.

Wild animals look fascinating and awesome when we see them in the zoo. They give us a lot of pleasure in life. Not all of us can go into the wild to hunt or tame wild animals.

It is adorable to have a field trip once a while to see some of these wild animals in the zoo.

The benefit includes:

•  Reduction of stress
•  Fun & a Happy moment
•  Exploration of the beauty in the wild
•  Acquisition of knowledge on the nature and life of these amazing creatures of God.

Right after the wild, we have moved onto domestic animals(Pets) to keep us happy in life.

Pets are good companions for mankind. God in his knowledge gave us pets to stay in our homes. Pets can cheer us up when we feel down.

Pets are part of the beautiful things in nature

I recently saw a brilliant quote equating the compassion and friendliness of God to dogs. The message makes it clear by turning the spellings “D O G” to “G O D” because of the seeming likeness in nature; faithfulness, kindness, friendliness, and loving.

It’s a brilliant idea but I wasn’t much pleased with that. Because it’s ambiguous and sounds a little inappropriate.

Cats, for instance, are tender pets that make us appreciate the beautiful things in nature. They can perform awesome stunts for you to laugh and crack your ribs. However, experts say they spend 66% of their lives SLEEPING and I agree with that.

The Natural environment

Here are about the inanimate things we see around. Most of them are beautiful right?. Consider all the famous and beautiful landscapes you could ever think of.

beautiful things in nature

It offers the best of life activities and happiness. The rocks, oceans, streams, rivers, volcanoes, mountains, forest, etc. offers the best of sight-seeing which is full of pleasure.

Travel nerds and hikers often enjoy the beautiful things in nature by visiting some of these landscapes on earth.

Island in a form of fish

There is a great and awesome natural environment that authenticates the beauty in nature.

For instance, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is the world’s largest reef system attracts a lot of people worldwide. The Amazon forest (South America) can’t be left alone when talking about the beautiful things in life.

There are many more places that are used as a tourist attraction. The natural environment portrays the real beauty of nature.

Sunset depicting one of the beauties in the world

There are beautiful landscapes in Africa too. Not forgetting the Nile river, and the Sahara desert. Indeed there are beautiful things in our world that everyone must explore.

In Amazon, you would be awed by nature’s largest rainforest. You can find giant water lilies that grow over 6 feet in diameter. There are many species of trees as well.

Additionally, you can explore the beauty of nature right from your house. Nature compliments life and makes it beautiful.

Natural design of a star and a half moon

When you wake up in the morning, look at how the sun rises from the East. Take photographs of it. Is it not beautiful? Again, watch how the sunsets. Is it not beautiful?.

Nature has more beauty than any other thing. Keep on looking at the photos I have placed within this post. Are they not beautiful and amazing?

Natural environment design of a baby

Once a while you can visit the beach to enjoy the breeze, have fun, meditate, or think about yourself. The beach is a good place to enjoy the panorama of the sea, horizon, sand, and the beauty of the tides. Why not go to the beach now and explore its beauty?

Natural tree beautifully formed like human

Look around, there are many beautiful trees and flowers with sweet-scented smell. Ornamental plants are ideally beautiful clothes for our environment.

Tress amazingly take different shapes and sizes as if a man did it. But we must credit all to the creator of heaven and earth. Nature has the most beautiful things for your amusement. Keep on exploring it!

The Bottom-line

In summary, these beautiful things in nature came from a master planner (God). We should give Him thanks and praise. Nature offers more than it’s beautification.

We get herbal medicine and oxygen from plants. Our pets can even be our best friends. That is the beauty of nature.

Beautiful things in nature
This is commonly known as “Cat Face Island.” One of the works of Fabien Barrau, who is a digital artist from France. He has awed the world with his wonderful creations. It is believed to be an artistic work inspired by Pareidolia. Such beautiful photos with faces and designs are known not to occur naturally.

Why not take time off your busy schedule and explore some of the beautiful things nature offers us?

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