Christian Marriage And Money Issues Today: The Journey So Far

People should understand that Christian marriage and money are two different things. Marriage comes from love and money is just a compliment. A genuine marriage wouldn’t stress over money. Find out how you can let love lead in Christian marriage.

Christian marriage and money
Christian marriage and money issues

Christian marriage and money issues are creating loop holes in true love. We must know the dangers of attaching money and marriage together.The bible said; “it will be difficult for a rich man to enter heaven. If your marriage comes from true love; You and your husband will live together for long.

Again, the Bible has said, ” the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). Christian marriage and money today are like inseparable twins. When you raise the topic of getting married, money is next. Money seems to control everything in the world.

Today, money and marriage go hand in hand. What are the positions of those who don’t have money?. How would marriage be to them?. Do not fret. Marriage is a special gift from God. If you believe in God then have faith that God will choose a marriage partner for you.

This post from “African Paradise World” will reveal some facts to you. Money and marriage go together always. This shouldn’t be the case. The rich have taken control over everything. The poor hardly get a better marriage. Love is all about money today. And it is absolutely wrong.

How many women today, will marry a poor man?.Very few. The rich can marry as many wives he wants. The poor might not get any woman to marry him. Marriage and money are now privileged above genuine marriage. What is genuine marriage?. It is when marriage comes out of true love. It is not because of money nor anything.

If you fall into money and marriage class; Be careful, because when your money gets finish, your marriage might break. This is true because you have built your marriage on the money. Christian marriage and money issues most at times speed up divorce. Money doesn’t sustain a marriage. It is true love that sustains a marriage.

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself.”Is marriage based on money?. Asses yourself and your marriage. Make things right. Don’t rely on money to sustain your marriage. Let true love do that.

Simple Ways To Deal With Christian Marriage And Money Problems.

For better results, attend marriage seminars. This will help you to understand things better. Christian marriage and money problems are not a good combination of genuine love. Although, there are exceptions but not the best for many. Because, in our societies today, those who have money are few. They can manipulate marriage in their favor.

If you are a youth. Before you get married, make sure it is because of true love. Put money aside and find the true colors of love. As you start dating, find out whether you are in a fake relationship or not. If the marriage is genuine, money will surely come.

Praying be always can help you have a successful marriage as a Christian. With God all things are possible. You only have to trust in him. Have faith.


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