Viewing Life Reality As A Friend Or A Foe – The Choice Is Yours

Facing life reality may be hard for you to embrace when it is unpleasant. But the truth can’t be changed for no good reason. It takes real people to live for their dreams, beliefs, hopes and any means that bring positive feelings.

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“Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.” —Rabindranath Tagore

By harnessing the power inside your conscious mind, you can always relate to the ironies, fantasies, mysteries, and complications in life. Before you face any life reality, you would need inspiration to understand the nature of the kind of world we are living in.

You have the power to create your reality but that isn’t going to be smooth as you expected.

Remember not everything you see with your naked eyes is even real. If you doubt me, ask “mirage.” That is why certain things we see, hear and think of has to be tested against all empirical evidence.

Seeing your reflection in the mirror doesn’t mean you have seen your clone. If care is not taken you would be swept away by illusions. Your life would be full of hallucinations. My friend, be real and face the realities in life.

Because there would also be obstructions and other challenges. By talking about life reality, we ought to face our fears and dynamically trod the path that leads to our lofty goals.

You might stand there in disgust wishing you can turn a painful experience into a wonderful moment. My friend, we are not living in a world of fantasies and those who are scared of realities are the ones who fail and suffer most.

Life itself is full of ironies. You either become active, inactive or proactive toward a particular objective.

I would like to share with you a couple of issues that affect you as a living soul. Life reality is something we must all face. First, know the difference between reality and fantasies.

The favor of success, happiness and blessings go to the one who is courageous enough to orchestrate his/her talent, wisdom, strength and energy to face the realities of life.

So the whole thing is centered around decision making or choices that come with consequences. It would either be favorable or unfavorable.

I’m actually saying this because not everyone you see out there has the gut to face the harsh truths in life. You can control a number of events or situations happening around you. In the same way, you can’t put certain realities under control.

All you can do is stand there and watch. When the wind is blowing, who can stop it??? Just stay strong, motivated and hopeful.

Natural laws, for instance, have their own consequences and repercussions when broken.

What Is Life Reality To You?

This is the thing that happens to you with undeniable proof. It will always have an impact on your life whether you face it or run away. This is because most of these realities come from nature.

When it is awkward you may decide not to believe but it doesn’t change the fact. And when it is pleasant someone might also choose to disagree which does not change the truth.

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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” —Walt Disney

How  Realities In Life Affect You – Examples

1. You Can’t Change The Past

Anytime the clock’s hand tickles, the events happening in your life cannot be undone. You know why? Because life is not a game console with “reverse” buttons, neither a” pause” button, “preview” button nor a “forward” button. You may retract a word you said by mistake but you can never erase it from memory.

This is the more reason why we must be very careful in every single thing we do or say today. There is no way anyone can manipulate time. It is always 24 hours for everyone.

What you can control is your own thoughts, decisions, and other activities within a certain time frame.

2. The Pain Of Truth

The truth is like a bitter pill but you must take it to feel healed of your pains. It is true, the truth hurts but the moment you accept it, you exhibit a sense of maturity. All other things being equal; Let’s say your football team loses a crucial match.

That is life reality, no matter how heartbroken you are it wouldn’t change the scoreline. Accept it and find a better way of dealing with your emotional pains;… problem solved!. Tomorrow is a different day, begin with a fresh mindset.

3. You Are Ignorant About Your Growth

This might raise a compelling argument but take time to read the point I’m emphasizing on. Once a friend of mine was telling me, he is not ready to produce children. A gentleman nearby overheard him and gave him a wonderful reply.

This gentleman told my friend: “you are so ignorant about your natural growth.”
He asks him: “do you recognize it when you are growing?“. My friend answered “No.” Right there the picture behind this man’s question was painted clear.

Now you see, since you were born, you haven’t been the same size, height, and age. Dynamically you grow in a way that someday soon you would be old, weak and begging death to lay its icy hand on you.

In a nutshell, the man was putting emphasis on the destructive nature of procrastination. So my dear, if there is something better you can do; do it now. “Time and tide wait for no man”.

4. You Are Already Hated

Whether you are a saint, evil or the goodie type people will hate you. In fact, some of them would even make you feel useless. But it all depends on you if you want to focus on your life or listen to the noise of their barking.

The life reality here is we all have enemies. Never think everyone smiles with you and exchange pleasantries with you always so no one hates you.

In order to stay on the safer side, learn not to trust anyone. Snakes in the grass are hard to detect so create a definite personal boundary and you would be able to repel them away.

5. Your Death Is Assured

It sounds very scary to hear about the undeniable fact that one day you will relinquish all your hard-earned wealth, monies, legacies etc., to someone who didn’t work for it. Even, you will leave your family and loved ones behind.

And the most heartbreaking truth is, you don’t know exactly how, where and when death will take you away with its forklift.

As for the “why?” We all know it. It is as simple as this: from dust you came from. In dust, you should return. That is the fate of every single living being.

“You will eat bread by the sweat of your face until you return to the ground, for you were taken out of it. For you are dust, and you shall return to dust” (Genesis 3:19).

Many can’t cope with these realities in their minds. But whether you like it or not…

That is your fate. You can’t cheat…. Get ready to face it. There is no need to run away from any reality of life.

6. Dreams and wishes

No matter how your pillow will give you the sweetest dream. That isn’t your reality. It is your intangible nature taking you through a different level of natural interaction.

That is why you can’t control how, when, and where those events, thoughts or actions in the dream should be happening.

However, people believe they can create their own realities through <”>lucid dreams. Whatever it is; a dream is a dream and it is intangible. It becomes real when it manifest in the flesh.

You may wish a particular dream you had last night should come true. Because it was very pleasant. Well, could that be true?. Take a minute to read my in-depth article that talks about “how to make your wishes come true“.

In Summation

Life is a beautiful thing. And as humans, we have innumerable flaws within ourselves. Our emotions are often troubled leaving us desperate, hopeless, fearful, etc. Other times we are filled with ecstasy.

Our interaction with nature is the actual thing that reveals to us what reality looks like. Our sensory organs help us a lot to detect and interact with nature and possibly differentiate it from fantasies.

Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones if you found this article about life reality helpful. Go out there and face your reality.

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