The Two Greatest Misconceptions About Life You Should Never Miss

The Two Greatest Misconceptions About Life You Should Never Miss

People’s thoughts are not seen to be the same. Perceptions sometimes shroud the truth we are seeking. There are too many misconceptions about life of which some are very crucial to your existence.

misconceptions about life
Do not let misconceptions about life lead you astray. Find the truth behind and share it with everyone. Remember, knowledge is power.

Hersey and many misconceptions about life spread faster than the truth. This is because people love lies more than truth. Lies tickle their ears and make them fall for it. Don’t be gullible like a kid.

Conspiracy theories, Scientists, and Philosophers have something to say about nature in general. They must be scrutinized before you pick them up. False theories have existed several years ago. It has cropped up into our modern generation and people still believe. We must face reality rather than fantasies, lies, and heresy.

Finding Some Crucial Misconceptions About Life

1. Money is everything:

Most often we hear people say “money is everything.” But is this really true?. Money is the driving force making people wander from places to places. It is the driving force making people work hard for it. Again, money is the thing making people lose their integrity. It has it’s own good side and bad side. In short, money has a very big force of influence. No wonder, money is said to answer all things

Everyone likes money for sure. We all like money, even the pastor does. We spend it on almost everything we need. That is factual. But to dissipate this very well; We will notice that money is not everything.

The misconceptions about life pertaining to money have made millions use every means necessary to acquire it. Hatred, corruption, lies, murder, etc. comes as a result of mankind’s insatiable taste for money and power.

Controversially, the wisest man ever to live on earth said money answers all things. He has got good reasons… But Money is not everything in the sense that, it can not buy:

– Wisdom
– Life
– Happiness
– Love
– Knowledge
– Integrity
– Salvation

There are other things money cannot afford to buy. The rich man can use his money to prolong his life. He would be able to buy all the expensive medications but his money cannot buy “Life.”

Should if life is for sale, millionaires, and billionaires will buy to enjoy immortality. But thank God he has made life free of charge and by his grace he sustains us.

Death is there for anyone. The rich can’t bribe death and stay alive forever. Albert Einstein once said:

“I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share. It is time to go. I will do it elegantly.”

He refused to go under surgery to prolong his life. This man was full of wisdom and the world will never forget his legacy.

Money has zero roles to play when talking about the breath of life. It is free of charge. The poor and the rich enjoy it both.

It is oxygen that we take in to survive and God has given it to us free of charge. We don’t pay a dime.

Besides, money is nowhere to be found when we are talking about wisdom, love, integrity, etc. “Money is everything” is one of the biggest misconceptions about life. However, we must remember to contextualize the intent behind the perceptions of money.

2. The Earth Is Flat:

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about life. The Bible said the earth hangs on nothing (Job 26:7). Many ancient cultures such as the Greeks believed in flat earth cosmography.

Today, the Flat Earth society is promoting this misconception. The society is based in England. They have a Facebook page of over 150k. The flat earth society emerged in the middle of the 20th century. And now in the 21st century, they still hold their beliefs.

They believe the Bible said, the earth is flat so it is. Is that really from the Bible?. I don’t think they have read the Bible well. Let’s read from Isaiah 40:22:

“It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.”

Most people who propagate “flat earth” agenda are free thinkers, brainwashed Christians, atheists, agnostics, creationists, etc. The thing is we all have freedom of association, speech, choice, etc. But the worst thing is they are brainwashing our future generation.

All photos from NASA or aerospace show a spherical earth. What other proofs do people need to believe in the truth?. But rather ranting around with their conspiracy theories. These misconceptions about life need not be fed with our future Children.

Pay Attention To This Common Sense

The planets we see in arrangement depict shapes that should be taken into account when talking about our earth. Earth is the third number of the 9 planets.

Take a look at the photograph below. Then there is no way we can say our earth is flat. What about the other planets?

The Solar System

Why don’t they also argue that Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc, are all flat?. At least we have seen the moon and the sun. And we know their shapes or appearances. In the same way, if we were to be on the sun or the moon, we would see our earth to be spherical.

Now the question is; why should our earth be said to be flat within the 9 planets(Solar system) that all appear spherical or round? And then again how would a flat heart cast a shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse? Who is telling lies?

This misconception about the life( concerning the flat earth belief) we are living must be disregarded.

The Bottom-line

Today, there are many other misconceptions about life. This article only covered two out of the numerous. I am hoping to continue in a different post.

There is no truth in the “Flat Earth” Agenda. If these people really claim their inspiration and facts come from the Bible; Then they must relook into the bible —come again with something substantial.

Did you find this article helpful?. If “Yes” then don’t forget to share with friends, families, and loved ones. Help spread the truth in love. Let people get rid of these misconceptions. I welcome your comments, contributions, and feedback as well.

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