How  Much Does Happiness Cost $$$????

If happiness should cost some amount of money, many of us wouldn’t taste it for long, but thank God, there are many ways the poor can also find true happiness in life.

Finding the cost of happiness in life
Happiness In Life Cost Nothing.Life Is Simple And Beautiful Without Stress

Have you ever thought of knowing the cost of happiness?. It is something everyone wants in his or her life. Don’t you want to be happy?. Yes, you want, but it is not everyone who gets happiness.

When difficult situations arise in our lives we hardly feel happy because something is wrong somewhere. But is it possible for anyone to be happy when all hope is gone?.

Well, I see it that, there is the possibility of finding happiness in life no matter how hard life knocks you down. Happiness doesn’t cost a dime.

If no one is making you happy, you can make yourself happy, but before that, there are basic things you have to do or consider.

How To Make Yourself Happy

Before you start your day you have to acknowledge how blessed you are. Let that motivate you to put yourself in a good mood all the time.

Before you set off to work, school, or anywhere, let the beginning of the week be full of positive energy. Your Monday happiness would have you to end the week with a positive mindset that will make you be productive.

1. Don’t expect too much from people:

Expectations hurt if it doesn’t meet its purpose; because when you do not get what you have expected you will feel extremely disappointed and all your happiness will run away from you like your shadow leaves you.

It would be very hard to get yourself together and enjoy a happy life which costs nothing.

2. Never fail to appreciate the little things you have:

Whatever you have should be enough for you. I mean be grateful before you think of wanting more or reaching beyond the sky. Someone lacks money, clothes, and looks like a homeless person who is trying hard to survive. People who are content with their lives receive more blessings from the Lord.

3. Never fail to be grateful to God :

Thank God for making you alive up to date. Someone is in sick-bed dying, someone too never met today. So know that today is a special gift to you.

The beautiful skies, fresh air you breathe and the sense of being alive should be enough for you to find happiness in life.

Nobody will come and make you happy if you don’t make yourself happy. Do you have any hobbies you really like?. It’s a boring day so go get your favorite hobby and enjoy some happy moments.

If happiness is sold at the market place; then many people wouldn’t be happy. And if it takes wealth to become happy in life then millions of people will never be happy in life for the rest of their natural lives.

Should happiness cost just a dollar a day, millions of people wouldn’t be able to buy it.

If it is your mansions, cars, money and other properties that make you happy, the poorest man on earth could also be happy by smiling to the morning sun and feeling grateful for being alive. Life is simple and beautiful, don’t complicate it and find yourself in trouble.

The Bottom-line Of The Cost Of Happiness In Life

Life is a journey, the day your life will end is unknown to everyone so live it without being a slave to sadness and all forms of emotional pains.

Smile always for smiles and happiness costs nothing but it makes your soul feel satisfied for the little things you get in life. You are not the worst person in the world so get over any anxiety that is stealing your happiness.

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