He Who Owns The Food Eats It;Not The One Who Is Hungry

Work and happiness is for those who sow good fruits in life.Life is always fair to those who are diligent.

Work And Happiness
Work And Happiness

Today’s lifestyle or life journey topic is about work and happiness. The above title “he who owns the food eats it,not the one who is hungry”, is a popular African proverb I really like.The connotation is self-explanatory. It also has many or alternative quotes like “a lazy man should not eat”,”you reap what you sow” and such likes.As you read  to find out about this catchy topic, I will share with you about how work and happiness is needed in all facets of our lives.

In the first place work is anything we do with energy to see result. Positive result is what I am emphasizing on here,not a cos 90 work.We all know work is needed in many aspects of our lives, the first man to live on earth (Adam), tamed the land before he ate.He sweat to enjoy the sweetness of his labour. This has perpetuated to our modern day.I will humbly ask you; “are you working?”.I know some will respond  “Yes” and others will respond “No”.The next question is “are you happy for not working?”.The answer will still toggle between “Yes” and “No”, because we have individual differences and  situational differences as well.What I mean by individual difference is that, some people are born on mountains so they grow fat and tall easily, they have huge money waiting for them in life,this person might be a royal member or just a kid of a rich man.By situational conditions, I imply those who are physically handicapped and so are not capable to work. Now the last question for you, “are you a lazy person?”.Here, the lazy one’s would find it difficult to admit that they are lazy.There are certain conditions attached to the real situation of someone not working.Some of the reasons are:

 1. Too lazy to work
 2. Not lazy but because of physical challenges
 3. Willing to work but no job available
4. Born with spoon in the mouth,so no need to work

The above reasons are some of the facts making people find themselves ideal in life. I do not judge any one for not working because I really don’t know your situation or the reason behind your inactivity.But if you are not working because you are lazy, then I will reprimand you.The bible says, a lazy man should not work.If the government is not giving you work,create job for your own self. Use the power of the brain to come out with something profitable in life.Take risk by venturing into little businesses. Work hard and be happy.

Sometimes, I ask myself how can those not working even find happiness if there is nothing there to generate income for them.Will you buy food?,clothes?, pay utility bills? and other bills?.In a situation like this there is no way the said person can find happiness.Reach out to find a job for your self, you can begin with petty trade and at the end of the day you will make profit. There is a saying that, ” the devil finds a job for the ideal hand/lazy man”.If the devil could find a job for someone then know that it will be a disastrous kind of job like burglary,armed robbery, fraud, prostitution, bribery and corruption, etc. All the jobs from the devil are socially unacceptable, they are known as crimes. If you are a Lazy man,the devil will likely use you to become a criminal.You will be doing illegal work that will pose treat to yourself and those around you.The devil has nothing good for us.

Now let us break down the topic “he who owns the food eats it,not the one who is hungry”.In life you do not expect someone to labour for you to enjoy the fruits. No!,it is not accepted.When you see your friend working hard building his house whiles you waste your time during nothing don’t expect him to give you shelter to find solace, if you find your friend busy cultivating his land, don’t expect him to come and feed you with his produce during harvest time. You lazy man, you will starve to death. Life is fair to the hard-working man but not the lazy man, simply because that lazy man hasn’t been fair to life,so that is reciprocal.

Some people are so lucky to inherit huge wealth from their parents. Here the rule guarding this very proverb I am talking about is almost broken because someone who succeeds his parent’s immense wealth will feel happy without working. But in a broader perspective the tendency of his happiness to fall out is very high if he sits down and allow laziness engulfs him.If he makes no attempt to replenish the available wealth it will reduce to nothing. His happiness for not working can come to an end.People like this defy the proverb because they are eating what their parents have worked for.

In life, some people too are eating what they haven’t worked for through greed and other illegal means,they seem to enjoy happiness but I tell you the truth; their happiness is only temporal and their punishment will be there waiting for them years to come or after their death. This world pays for the work of genuine workers not people who enjoy other’s labour through covetousness. If the food is not yours dare not eat it simply because you are hungry, you will vomit it and pay for the price as well.There is nothing hidden under the sun and we are responsible for all our actions.

What is sweeter than enjoying the fruits of your own labour?.When you work,the happiness it follows is incredible. You will feel relieved even if you have sorrows.You will also spend it wisely on the things you need with happiness because you worked for it,you earned it and so you deserve it.Your wages can increase if you increase the rate of your work activities. The more you work hard the more you earn to enjoy happiness.Your success will define you. There is no need for anyone to stay ideal and starve whiles he is capable of working.

I will summarize everything on the topic ” he who owns the food eats it,not the one who is hungry”,by saying; naturally we are to sweat unto the ground, for our sweat to yield profits for us to enjoy. Everyone must avoid being lazy or show lackadaisical attitude toward work.A good work done, deserves good payment.Look around the world, the richest men are always happy for their hard work.I mean those who worked genuinely for their wealths.Some worked with their physical bodies, some worked with their knowledge and others too worked with their talents. With this, they enjoy the fruits that comes out of their hard work. Do not envy them because they deserve to find happiness in the dedication they showed in their works. Learn from them,don’t put your hands in your lap and expect to enjoy happiness for no job done. No one is coming to save you from your miseries. Work and happiness should become your motto.

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