Some Good Lessons For You To Know How To Be Grateful In Life

Nobody actually has a good reason not be grateful in life. Find out some  of the basic reasons why life has been so good to you but you fail to appreciate.

How to be grateful in life
Grateful in life

It’s a world of seven billion people who are all trying to make a living but nature has much influence on all of us. Whether you like it or not the air is always blowing supplying us with oxygen. Know why you must be grateful in life.

We all have 24 hours a day to spend and that is fair enough. But how each of us spends these hours raises the questions about how productive or happy you are in life.

We actually didn’t work for that. Someone(God) loving and caring made it for us free of charge. If scientists are to produce oxygen to supply the world; it would cost them billions of dollars which wouldn’t be even enough for us.

So, for anyone who doesn’t know how important it is to be grateful for a life journey, he or she must first consider the air we breathe.

It is amazing, and its presence around our entire body is good, when we feel hot and sweaty it is simply refreshing and awesome, especially when you find your self sitting under a shady tree or find your self at the beach, how does the breeze feel?. Perfect.

After considering the air we breathe let’s have a thought of how we wake up in the morning after we have slept like dead people in the night.

People sometimes find it difficult to be grateful for life when they wake up alive. Let me tell you the truth; World Birth & Death Rate estimates that 55.3 million people die each year, 151,000 people die each day and 6,316 people die each hour.

And all these people have once been loved by their families and friends but they never had the opportunity you have enjoyed today so when you wake up in the morning be grateful for life.

Understand that you do not worth than those who die each hour and there is nothing precious than being alive even if you have nothing to eat, be grateful for being called a “living being” with a breath.

Know How To Be Grateful In Life All The Time

As far as you are alive you must let that motivate you to move ahead in life. There is a saying that goes like “when you are alive you have everything”.

If you are a Christian, I recommend reading my article about Bible verses to be thankful to God. In fact, He has done so much for you that you have to acknowledge. Stop the complaints and be happy with what you have.

Today you would be talking to a friend, a family member, or anyone you know then a few minutes, hours, or days you will hear this person is dead. How on earth could death be wicked like this?. As you are still alive, please know how to be grateful in life, do not complain much.

Be grateful in life for getting something to eat

Do you eat and drink every day before sunset?. If your answer is “Yes”, then I will tell you, “you should be grateful for life” because it has been good to you.

We are all human beings with flesh and blood. Nobody chose a birthplace or where to be born. Some were born into a poor family, others too were born into a rich family or country. It is just a privilege for someone to come from a well to do family.

For you to learn how to be grateful in life consider this; in places where famine occurs, they become extremely poor to the extent that many of them die out of malnutrition.

It would, therefore, sadden you to see human beings sharing the same water bodies with animals and these water bodies are streams and rivers polluted with dirt and animal excrements.

Do you get me now?. If you live on earth and you get food to eat each day, drink each day, you are far better than millions of people in this world.

And if you have TV, fridge, microwave, and other home appliances then you are a super-rich man compared to millions who are dying of hunger. They need help to get rid of poverty, UNICEF is doing their best.

Together We Can Change Lives

Recently, Beyoncé teamed up with UNICEF to give clean water to children in Burundi – East Africa. Poverty is a striking part of Africa, Asia, Latin America, And Caribbean Oceana.

You must know how to be grateful in life because there are people who wish they were you. An example is people who were born blind, deaf, crippled, dumb, and with all other forms of disabilities.

A disabled person who is grateful

Some too weren’t born with disabilities but as life unfolds on their sides, they meet accidents and it results in their deformities.

Some of these people took pity and sometimes I could see a deformed person who walks with both hands and feet like an animal and my eyes would be filled with tears.

They are human beings with souls just like me and you so if today you have two legs, two hands with all parts of your body looking intact then you must know how to be grateful in life because somebody somewhere wishes to have your bad days.

Don’t complain you have few clothes, few slippers, footwear blah blah blah. If you appreciate the little you have then God also blesses you with more. It is advisable for everyone to never be envy or greedy, just the way you love yourself. Nick Vujicic an Australian evangelist and motivational speaker was born without arms and legs but he has acknowledged how important it is to know how to be grateful in life

He has the tenacity to inspire people and his disability hasn’t been his limitations. He could have a lot of fun playing soccer, swim, and involve himself in other healthy activities. He has a happy family too. With no legs, no arms, yet he is grateful for life why someone like you with full legs and hands is not happy.

As I am speaking now, there are people living in harsh conditions that make life unbearable for them but yet they appreciate how grateful it is to be alive. Sometimes I will sometimes watch documentaries about typical village-life in some parts of Africa and I will feel sorry for them.

These villages lack good water, proper housing, social amenities, and other utilities needed in the house. Children would have to travel in canoes, cross rivers before they can attend school in nearby towns.

Pregnant women die rampantly because of lack of health centers and before that very pregnant woman receives medical attention she has to sit in a canoe to be sent to nearby clinics and that isn’t a short journey evenly.

Somebody somewhere is sick-bed feeling very uncomfortable and finding it difficult to recover. This person could be in sick-bed for a very long time and probably die along.

At least we have all been sick before and so we know exactly how it feels. But lucky for us, we regained our health and moved ahead with our daily routines.

This alone is a good reason for us to learn how to be grateful in life. Sickness and diseases hurt our being and nobody would like to fall sick but for us, even when we become sick we fight back to life fully fit again.

Someone is still on the bed now wishing he could just wake up and take few steps to the balcony to view the sky and feel the air around but it has become a tug of war in his life.

I pray for people who are in sick-bed now for the Holy Spirit to touch them. May God give them instant healing in Jesus’s name. Amen.

And to all my fellow Christians, when you feel that life has been unfair to you, remember what the bible says in Matthew 6:27-28, “and which of you by worrying can add one hour to his life?.

How to be grateful— Philippians 4:6

Why do you worry about clothing?. Think about how the flower of the field grows; they do not work nor spin. Verse 34 says, so then, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.

In life, it would be good to learn and know about the lifestyles of other people and appreciate the little that you have. People are really suffering more than you. You have legs to take you to where ever you want, someone to has no legs but he isn’t crying instead, you having two legs is crying.

It is a shame unless you get to understand “life”.Bear in mind that we can never be equal in life just like how our fingers are not equal. So far as you get something to eat and a place to sleep every day, there is no need of complaining.

You have to know how to be grateful in life. Some people envy their friends because they feel so jealous that they don’t have or own what their friends are having at their disposal. Do you even have any idea what that person you envy did to reach that position?.

If you fail to acknowledge how necessary it is to be grateful in life, you would hardly see anything better in your life because you are not pleased with what you have and so nothing would be able to satisfy your greedy stomach. Life is too short for bad vibes Take care. Be grateful.

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