8 Strong Reasons To Help You Know You Are In A Fake Relationship

In our world today, many of us fall into fake relationships without knowing until it sets our lives apart.

Fake relationship
The fake relationship is dangerous

The journey of life has it that a guy and a girl should develop a love for each other naturally which then ends in marriage. We are all concerned about this because nobody really likes loneliness. But to fall into a fake relationship is as dangerous as putting your head under a chopping machine….. Before you realize, your head would be nowhere to found.

We all fall in love, but does it do us any good?. In the first place, ask yourself: “Is falling in love normal?”.”Why should I bother knowing if I am with a fake lover?”.

In this article, I will share with you some of the key reasons to show that you are in a fake relationship. Being in a relationship is part of human nature and so it forms part of the life journey we are all taking. You can’t take it out.

Things That Prove That You Are In A Fake Relationship

1. Less concern for your well-being:
If you are dating and you find out that your lover is not showing much care for your happiness, you should watch out. You are the center of the relationship and so both of you must show concern for each other.

If your partner doesn’t bother about your grooming which includes your total appearance, your health, the kind of food you eat, the kind of cosmetics you use, your clothes etc. I mean he or she should bother about your whole body and appearance.

Just to know if you are using something that is harmful and can damage your outlook. If you eat too much junk food and so you are putting on excessive weight but he or she is not concerned about, then it is a clear sign that you are in a fake relationship.

2. Less concern For further plans:
When you are in a relationship and for a couple of months or years, your lover doesn’t show any future plans for your relationship, then you should warn yourself in the first place that you are in a fake relationship. You need no one like me to tell you before you take action. Every relationship without future goals is useless.

A one-night stand life is even better than that. If you point out future plans and your supposed lover doesn’t take it seriously, doesn’t speak his or her mind on any future plans for your relationship, then start questioning yourself. He or she can drop you at any point because you don’t have a future together. In life, the future holds the fruits of our labor and time investment so if there is nothing like future goals then I will boldly tell you that you are in a fake relationship. Get out before it becomes too late.

3. Money and materialistic mentality:
If you fall in love because of money or wealth then the love is not genuine. Find out if your lover is money conscious or materialistic.

Many people believe that girls love money, so if you are a guy with a lot of money and can show off your house, cars, and other properties,  girls showing interest in you is high and most of them would be coming because of your wealth. No matter how many times she says she loves you in a day. It is therefore up to you to figure out if she is into your money or into your heart.

Honestly, some of the men to fall in love with women if that every woman has a lot of money. Now you see, money can actually draw both sexes into a fake relationship. When the money gets to finish, the relationship also collapses because it is the money that has fueled the relationship but not the heart. Reject anyone who is a materialistic lover and saves your heart from being broken. If you have a lot of money, you can test your lover by pretending as a poor man for some months to study your lover’s reaction. Is she or he ready to stay with you even if you have no money?.

4. Sexual gratification:
In our days, sex has become a unique way of proving love to a partner but this shouldn’t happen. If you are in a relationship and you find out that your supposed lover is much interested in sex than having a life with you, then you have to back off from him or her.

If you are a girl and your guy is always demanding for sex without even finding out about your well-being or happiness by even asking you, “hello dear how are you?”,”how was your day?”,”have eaten?”.”what do you need?”, etc then know that he is just using you as a sex toy. The same thing applies to some of the guys, so find out if your woman is only concerned about getting her libido satisfied.

That love has no genuine basis, so leave. Love is not all about sex, so you can’t prove a fake love with sex. It is the prostitutes who rank sex above love and all other factors needed to keep a relationship going. Because it is the sex that earns them money.

5. Inadequate time/Isolation:
Spending time together often in a relationship is the best remedy for killing doubt and any form of suspicion of cheating. When you get to know that your love hardly spends time with you, then you have to start asking your self-questions. If he or she disassociate himself or herself from you when walking with you in public, it means he or she is not proud of you. It is one clear sign of being in a fake relationship.

6. Anger/Intolerance:
Anyone who finds out that his or her lover quickly shuts him or her down on the slightest mistake must know that there is something wrong. The secret behind anyone who gets angry easily or yells at his or her partner is a sign of dislike. Then the person wants to drive you away.

If you experience anything like that for long then it means you are in a fake relationship. You forgot to pick your makeup set from the table and he yells at you, you forgot to text him or reply his messages and he becomes furious or you do nothing wrong but your lover wouldn’t smile to you.

If this kind of things keep on happening, be smart enough to know that he or she doesn’t like you. Don’t stay there wasting your precious time.

7. Lack of communication:
Here, I will start by saying “if” you are in a serious relationship and the communication between you and your lover is poor, then it is likely there is something wrong. It is either your lover is trying to break up with you or doesn’t like an intimate relationship again.

If the relationship is not a serious one then lack of frequent communication shouldn’t worry you till the relationship becomes a serious one. If both of you really love each other, time will bring you together to enjoy that kind of serious date, only if the passion to stay together is there.

8. Lack of affection:
When a relationship lacks mutual attraction for each other, then it’s likely the relationship is fake. To fall in love you have to make sure you have a passion to stay with each other. The body language can tell it all, the communication skills, feelings, the personal presence has it all in higher dosage, that is; mentally, physically and spiritually.

A day shouldn’t pass by that you don’t miss the person. If there is nothing like this for you then you are in a fake relationship. If your partner is always feigning love then be very careful he or she wouldn’t take you to the promised land.

Did you enjoy reading this article?. Let me know from you in the comment box. And don’t forget to share to help a friend get rid of a fake relationship. If a fake relationship has led to a broken heart then read my article about how to deal with the broken heart and you will feel healed instantly.

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