Your Dreams Will Come Through— Everything Is Possible If You Have God

Christians are challenged to stay strong even when there seems to be no hope. God is omnipotent and so with him, all things are possible. There is one thing you need to do to feel his miraculous presence in your life and that is by having an unwavering faith like a mustard seed.

Your faith as a Christian should make you believe that with God all things are possible
Living as a Christian doesn’t guarantee a ‘problem-free‘ life. The challenges will keep on coming. The storm will keep on blowing, enemies will fight against you from different directions. But you have a weapon that is greater and powerful to keep you safe. God will make you smile if you trust in him unconditionally.

One of the commonest quotes you could ever hear in the Christendom is “with God all things are possible.” Yes, of course, there is nothing greater that God can not do.

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27).

The problem is with our doubts and fears to profess into our lives. We often fail to command our pains, sorrows and all afflictions to move away from us. The Devil capitalizes on our weaknesses to strike us with more pains. Why? because our faith looks weak.

Without faith, it is impossible to be well pleasing to him, for he who comes to God must believe that he exists and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him” (Hebrews 11:6).

Having faith in God can move mountains. And as we believe God exist— we must also believe that with God in the vessel— there is nothing like fear.

What Caused Jesus To Say “With God All Things Are Possible?.”

According to the Bible, God does not judge blindly as humans do. He searches all heart and give everyone his due reward. Jesus made his disciples astonished by Saying it will be hard for the rich man to gain salvation.

The rich may enjoy a whole lot of privileges here on earth — but his wealth, fame and money is useless when it comes to salvation.

“Looking at them, Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Can God Really Do All Things?

Believe or not— with God all things are possible. He can do anything he wants, he can do anything you want ONLY IF it is according to his will. Don’t try to test the power of the LORD.

When you pray don’t ask for the wrong thing and expect the LORD to answer. No wonder many Christians are left confused because they don’t know why God hasn’t answered their prayers although they pray so hard. If indeed anything is possible with God why doesn’t he show his power?.

A Lesson From The Valley Of Dry Bones

It’s not a long time I published an article about the valley of dry bones. God demonstrated his power of Ezekiel through a vision. He represented Israel’s misery to dry bones. Saying he can revive them. They only have to have faith in him.

Despite that passage being a vision— God can indeed revive dry bones into life. Remember how Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the grave. His body was in the tomb for four solid days before Jesus brought him back to life. This and many other miracles from the Bible make us believe that “with God all things are possible.”

A Message Of Inspiration

If you are going through hard times as a Christian— I will inspire you to keep the faith burning. If you really want to see the power of God stay faithful to the creator of heaven and earth.

Be grateful for the little things he has done for you, glorify his name and believe that you are healed from all your afflictions.

Everything that makes you feel sad, worthless, hopeless and fearful will cease. It is temporal. Your situation is only temporal. Time changes, season changes. Your problems will surely change from bad to good. However, The creator of heaven and earth never changes and so all his promises to make you happy would be fulfilled if you believe.

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