Staying Away From Bad Influences: What’s The Best Way To Achieve This?.Find Out Now.

Staying away from bad influences can help you a lot. It is mainly about peer pressure. Yes!, peer pressure has altered the lifestyle of many people. It is time to know the best way to stay away from bad influences.

staying away from bad influences
Staying away from bad influences can help you in many ways

Staying away from bad influences:

How does this even happen?. Peer pressure is prevalent in teenagers and youths. All the guys are doing that. You feel odd so you join. This is how it all begins.

In one of my older post, I talked about character formation. That is how we are characterized by different behaviours. We can never be on equal grounds in terms of abilities, choices and many more. Staying away from bad influences may become difficult if you are addicted to that situation or thing.

It is time to break free from bad influences. if you are the kind that staying away from bad influences has become a tug of war for you; Then stay close, I will suggest effective measures to help you break free from that cycle of mind control.

In one way or the other, we have all been tempted to adopt something we really don’t like. It is a great challenge to oppose something enticing but disastrous. Bad influences will always lead you to complicated problems.

What Are Some Of The Things People Influence Us To Do?

Generally, there are many ways that people can influence you to do. Friends, coworkers, employers, government officials, wealthy men etc. are some of the culprits who influence people badly.

Money and power are behind their drive of controlling people’s mind.

At the workplace, your Boss can influence you to do the wrong thing. He can intimate you to fluctuate expenditure or payment of the company. You will certainly find yourself in dilemma. Are you going to object and lose your job or agree to soak your hands with dirt(corruption)? Here you will realize, staying away from bad influences is not an easy thing.

Talking about bad influences from the workplace; Let’s not forget about how some unscrupulous managers use their positions to demand sex from women before employment. If you are a decent woman/married woman; You would understand how difficult it is.

Any stupid arrogant Boss can have his way out in certain ladies panties. Simply because he is the Boss.”Do it and get a job”,”do it and get your promotion”…

In addition, our friends also play a major role in our life choices. If you are having bad friends, it is likely you become one. No wonder, “birds of the same feathers flock together”.

Having a relationship with friends who are lawless, thieves, murderers will make you one. They will have all the good reasons to justify what is wrong. There you will find yourself in their grip. Here is the power of mind control and manipulation.

Steps In Staying Away From Bad Influences

1. Be Discreet in your choice: You are the ruler of your life choices. You have the “gift of free will” to make any choice you want. You have to grow deep roots in your stance. If people decide to influence you badly; Let your “No” be “No” and “Yes” be “Yes“.

Someone who is trying to persuade you to do something terrible wouldn’t tempt you once. This is why you have to reset your mind on positive thoughts.

2. Avoid Known Bad people who are manipulative: Tell them to stay away from you. For your own safety; Stay away from people who are full of evil thoughts. Staying away from bad influences in a way like this wouldn’t be difficult. Never mind if the person is your friend family member, coworker etc. Don’t stay too close to them, don’t share your ideas with them. They are already corrupted, and their minds are full of darkness.

3. Expose the Transgressor: If anyone tries to influence you to do evil, you can uncover him. Maybe doing that straight away will be a little difficult for you. If you make use of “step 2′ and the person is persistent; You have only one good choice. And that reports him to his superiors or the police.

Finally, if you know your human rights, you will never let anyone trample upon it. If you have a focused life with good dreams, staying away from bad influences wouldn’t be a worrisome problem for you.

The life you are living is yours. You choose who to stay and who to leave. Don’t play small for anyone to manipulate you. Being a victim to bad influential people can end you in jail. You might even lose your life as part of the consequences and repercussions.

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