Here Is How You Can Make Your Dreams Come True In Real Life – Part I

Life is full of challenges and so everyone must have dreams to unlock every door shut in his/her life. It all begins by knowing how to make your dreams come true.

How to make your dreams Come True In Life
Dream Big And Make Them Happen In Life

When we talk about dreams in life, it either refers to setting up lofty goals for a better future or the kind of dream which happens to be illusional scenes filled with thoughts, pictures, imaginations, etc, that come into our mind whiles asleep. Knowing how to make your dreams come true would make you happy, successful, and proficient in life.

They are sometimes so vivid that you might think it is real. It is only when you wake up that you will know it is unreal, but that very unreal dream could become real. It is often associated with the spiritual realm. It has meanings that affect our physical lives. Both of these dreams come true, depending on certain factors.

In this very post, I will talk about dreams as goals in life. From the context of this article, you would get to know how to make your dreams come true by making use of the right tools.

By definition, what is a dream? It is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.

Now, I believe you have something you are aspiring for. What is it? Today I want you to know that you can achieve all your ambitious dreams only if they are realistic.

Yes! we are living in a real-world and there is no room for fantasies if you really want to make a huge impact on life. By the way, here is what you should know about dreams pertaining to the spiritual realm.

Dreaming Is Part Of Your Human Abilities

You have that simple but power lever called ‘brain’ to help you:

1. Think
2. Plan
3. Execute your plans
4. Make decisions according to your own desire

All these things would give you the appropriate results depending on how you use your brainpower. While you search for how you can make your dreams come true, I recommend reading a related article about how you can make your wishes come true.

You Must Have Bigger Dreams

It is a plausible idea for everyone to have dreams and work toward it. When we talk about dreams we must remember the sayings of Martin Luther King Junior, he said “I have a dream.”

Yes, he was having a dream, a dream to liberate blacks from oppression and racial abuse. Your dream might be about getting a new job, building your own house/company, getting financial freedom, getting into shape, completing college with flying colors, etc.

Make dreams come true quote

You must chase them all day and night until you lay your hands on them.

“When the actions become frequent than the words, success becomes heavier than the dreams. Do more, say less”
—Israelmore Ayivor

Everyone has to dream for a better future, dream big as the ocean, and work tirelessly to achieve it. If your dreams are not scaring you enough, it means you are not dreaming big.

You can start with a simple positive thought about the future and grow it. Eventually, you will have a bigger ambition that you can’t wait to achieve. And remember that it takes drops of water to make a mighty ocean.

A life without dreams or vision is useless, but I believe everyone reading this post has dreams. And as you dream to achieve something, set the day, month, the year you want to achieve them before that thing materializes.

It might be your dream to marry next year, buy a car next year, get your master’s degree, and so on and so forth. If your dream fails as planned, never give up, keep on dreaming big and your perseverance will help you see your dreams come true. It is all about feeding on a dream that is realistic. You wouldn’t panic even if you encounter failure on the way.

How To Make Your Dreams Come True — Important Things You Need

It wouldn’t be on a silver platter for you to achieve your goals. You must be prepared to go all that mile to achieve whatever you dream about.

Now let me tell you about the most important things that will help you see your dreams happen right before your eyes.

1. Self Discipline:

Having your aspirations in your head is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to train your mind to focus on the exact thing you want to achieve before anything else. Stay hungry for your dreams more than anything else.

For example, if you are working on growing cash crops on your farm and you are supposed to take a break at 12:00; all of a sudden you start feeling hungry an hour to your break time. My friend, make sure you complete your assigned task before you take in your lunch. I want you to stay hungry for your dreams than the food you eat.

My brother, you are on a mission. So make it happen before you take another turn. That task forms part of your big dream. Stay disciplined and hungry for it. Make the accomplishments before you take another turn.

You see, some of us barely think of food when we are in a ‘flow state‘ working towards our dreams. Discipline yourself to get your attention to the exact thing you want to achieve.

2. Avoid Distractions:

On your journey to your dream-life, many challenges will come your way. You must try your best to delay any gratification of any kind. For example, Bill Gates dealt with distractions by avoiding TV and other entertainment for 4 good years. This helped him to make his dream come true by developing his Microsoft project.

3. Be Resilient To Failure:

Whether you like it or not, there are a lot of failures that will come on your way to success. View failure as a stepping stone to achieving any goal you set in life.

Resilience to failure would help you to see your dreams come true in your life. Keep moving forward even if you fail. There is always a way out to wherever you want to reach in life.

Don’t be like a dead fish that swims with the stream. Fight for your goals. Never be afraid or feel lazy while you have your ambitious thoughts in action. Interestingly, your failure will make you a better person in so many ways.

Simple Ways To Help You Know How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Now let me give you a list of how you can make your dreams come true in life.

1. Get yourself a journal and write down all your dreams.
2. Prioritize them.
3. Set the date you want to see those dreams come into effect.
4. Work hard towards whatever you want to achieve.
5. Maintain a positive attitude.
6. Avoid too many excuses.
7. Never procrastinate.
8. Don’t allow negative people into your life.
9. Believe in your self and know that you have the power to make things happen.
10. Learn from people(role models) who have achieved the same dream you are chasing.
11. Be dynamic in setting and chasing your dreams without losing your prime target. Because life itself is dynamic. For instance, consider how this coronavirus pandemic has affected both social and economic lives.

I believe this post has been helpful to you. Know you know how to make your dreams come true. Go out there and put everything into action. No matter how long it will take if you keep on pushing; you will reach the promised land.

There is nothing sweeter than dreaming big and seeing it come true right in front of your eyes. I know you have a dream just like what Martin Luther King said.

If you have future dreams and you become reluctant to work toward it, it will never materialize. In that case that wouldn’t be a dream but instead, a fantasy. Work hard and see your dreams come true.

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