How To Stop Worrying About What People Think | 5 Lessons To Learn

How To Stop Worrying About What People Think | 5 Lessons To Learn

It is time you stop worrying about what people think. Even your own worries could drain you, how much more damage could that of others not do?

Have you noticed how some people influence others with their diabolic thoughts and actions? I call this the ‘power of manipulation.’ If you allow anyone to control you with his thoughts of you, you would hardly be happy or successful in life. Here, I would like to share with you some helpful truths that would teach you how not to care about what people think. Stop worrying about what anyone thinks and move forward.

Even our friends, families, co-workers, etc, can push us to the wall to be people we are not. If you care so much about the many different voices you hear around you; you might lose your confidence in life. You may even lose faith in God. Because those negative voices would make you feel useless and hopeless.

The devil can use anyone to pass negative judgment in a sincere way that can demoralize you. I know several people who cared so much about what people thought about them and lost their lives or fell into various kinds of temptations. This shouldn’t be you. Dare not be a people pleaser! It’s enough! Stop mirroring the life of others and be real to yourself.

It’s quite hard to understand why so many people suffer from anxiety because of what people think of them. They care so much about what the outside world is saying. It’s one of the crafty devices of the devil. Today let me help you to break it and stick to the inspiring and positive thoughts that run through your brain.

Our society is redefining what “normal life” is and almost everyone wants to fit in. Fake life is very common… It has blinded many from facing reality because they fear, they would look obsolete and become public ridicule.

Low self-esteem caused by the flamboyant fake lifestyles of some people on screens —sends wrong thoughts or impressions into the heads of our youths today; Not just our youths but anyone who fails to acknowledge his potential or purpose in life.

Why People Care About What Others Think?

It Begins From Childhood

Just like how neurologist Bruce Lipton described a major problem that forms part of the subconscious mind of people at an early stage; When you were a child, you might have been taught by your parents, friends, teachers, etc, that you are meant for nothing good or have made you believe in the “impossible” conception.

That fears and negative thoughts get wired in your brain and form part of your daily life. You become like a programmed zombie robot; all that is hidden inside your mind are destructive thoughts. These are what negative people from your immediate environment have imparted to you.

In a situation like this, the person becomes vulnerable to bullies, liars, and fake people whose words and demeanor shatter the dreams of their victims. You might be a victim of bullies, naysayers, or narcissists from childhood. It is time to know how not to care what such people think.

Mind Control

This world is a nasty place. Honestly, justice and all the good virtues you can think of are all turned upside down. It is therefore necessary for everyone to be vigilant.

Not every word from people should be allowed to enter your ears. They will wreak havoc on you —so let those negative/deceptive words fly over your ears like water. It doesn’t matter if the feedback you receive is coming from your best friend. Does it have any value? Ask yourself.

If he says, you can’t do this or that based on his own thoughts or experience; weigh every word against your emotions, beliefs and thoughts and don’t just fall for it.

Don't care what people think quote

“I don’t care what people think or say about me, I know who I am.” —Jonathan Davis

Words are very powerful. They come out after being formulated as thoughts. If any thoughts come along your way and it’s discouraging, then you shouldn’t allow them into your life.

Don’t be controlled by people’s views about yourself. Know yourself very well so that you can stand against false impressions and suggestions.

How To Stop Worrying About What People Think

We are born as social beings, you definitely need the companionship of others. Starting with family, neighbors, friends, schools, etc, that introduce us to different classes of people who end up having a significant impact on us.

1. Avoid Accepting Negative Thoughts From People

The kind of friends you associate with would affect your daily thoughts, decision making and lifestyle in general. Just like how the saying goes “show me your friend, and I will show you your character.” If the thoughts of your friends, family, etc are negative or discouraging; you must avoid them.

You are a man on your own and God has given you the ability and the freedom to choose evil from good. Experts say your conscious mind protects you from false impressions or suggestions that come from others —including yourself.

2. Don’t Allow People To Think For You

Even if you are the laziest man on earth, I don’t think you will allow anyone to think and make decisions for you. Eg. That guy will think and say “hey! eat this junk food for breakfast.” Oh no, it’s not acceptable because you are not a slave to anyone.

Your subconscious mind is amenable to suggestions, however, you need to filter that with your conscious mind which is the ‘gatekeeper’ of your subconscious mind. Never allow anyone to think for you.

What is your brain doing? Use that tool very wisely and surely, you would be fruitful or successful in your endeavors. Choose your own thoughts and make your own decisions because you have a brain.

People can make suggestions for you but they can’t think exclusively for you. The sick would never feel healthy if he says someone should medicate for him. That would be ridiculous. Nothing like this exists in life. If this is the case, then don’t care what people think. “He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.” Fix where you feel awkward. You know it better than anyone.

You have the final say about your own life —not your father, mother, spouse, Pastor, friends, Boss, etc, Only if you can incline yourself to what is worthy, positive, encouraging and pleasing to God, then you will end up with success and happiness.

Choose to be happy irrespective of your circumstances. The state of your mind can influence your emotions, and your emotions can have an impact on your decision making and the outcome. You can therefore become the best in anything you choose to work on.

William James the father of American Psychology and the leading thinker in the 19th century once said that the power to move the world resides in the subconscious mind. You, therefore, have all the arsenals needed to cause a dramatic change in your life.

Forget about what people will say, many who talk to you about your future don’t have a genuine love for you. Some might be jealous but cover that with a fake smile.

Your conscience has to play an important role in filtering toxic advice. It might surprise you to find out that nobody truly cares about you.

3. Focus On Your Goals

If you could set realistic goals for yourself and stay committed, nothing can derail you from the road to success. Surely, there would be obstructions of different magnitude but a focused mind can not be disturbed. Let every negativity flow over your ears like water.

Jump over hurdles such as fears, negative thoughts, negative people, low self-esteem, mediocrity, etc, Then embrace positivity and anything that inspires and motivates you to climb higher in life.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take —if you truly believe and never give up… You will surely reach the promised land; as it is said —life is not a destination but a journey.

4. Question Your Feelings

Do you align yourself with good thoughts, hope and positive emotions? In order to overcome the worries of how people think, you must be in full control of your emotions together with your thoughts. How you feel about yourself is exclusive from what others perceive about you.

There you are, being anxious about how to get a financial breakthrough, stable marriage, good health a beautiful future, etc, Learn how to control your emotions when working towards your dreams. Avoid, anger even when provoked. Failure to ensure self-control has caused several people to destroy their beautiful futures in a single snap.

The enemy can test your emotions in different ways. It is therefore important to ensure self-discipline which includes the avoidance of any form of negative emotion. Most successful people are well-disciplined —learn from them.

If you can’t control your emotions, you may be tempted to tear down what you have already built. Don’t worry about what others will think if you are dealing with the things that seem to ridicule your ambitious dreams. Be wise, and handle toxic people and their crafty devices with care.

There are naysayers and agents of the devil everywhere. They will surely play on your feelings but respond with a mature mind that is too busy to throw stones at every dog that barks at you on the way.

5. Embrace Your Freedom

Nature has bestowed on us the freedom to choose. In respect to living a life worthy of praise, you must choose good over evil. Why? Because such brings blessings from the Lord. Be ready to shut the door on anyone who tries to profile you for no good reason when you are out there. They behave like sniffer dogs, stay away from them.

It’s your life. If you put on your favorite clothes and worry about what people think, then you are the cause of your own problem. Just be confident in the simple things that make you unique, happy and genuine.

Freedom to stop what others think

You have the freedom to choose what to wear, eat, drink, sleep, set goals, etc, I’ve yet not heard if any laws are binding and forbid such freedom.

Don’t stress about it. There is none who can be you. Embrace that uniqueness and make it beautiful. Open your arms and enjoy the fresh air around you —no one has the right to stop you.

Let them say or think whatever —but never allow anything to bog you down. Be smart enough to accept constructive criticism. It will help you to grow bigger and stronger.

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