7 Best Ways To Reach Your Full Potential Before It’s Too Late

7 Best Ways To Reach Your Full Potential Before It’s Too Late

In a hectic world like this, almost everything has become expensive and competitive. It takes courage, wisdom, determination, and a lot of disciplines to breakthrough. Knowing how to reach your full potential is the key to your success and happiness.

How to reach your full potential

As a multipurpose organism, you are endowed with all the arsenals needed to shoot for the stars. It begins by growing strong roots deep in the ground to withstand the challenges that come along with the desire to climb the ladder of success. Many have fallen and faded out like a puff of smoke —although they had beautiful dreams to accomplish. Thankfully, you are alive and active; meaning there is still hope for you to unleash the potential hidden inside you.

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What Is Potential?

Cambridge dictionary defines potential as someone’s or something’s ability to develop, achieve, or succeed.

So when we talk about potential, we highlight the possibilities of seeing development in your life that leads to success in the future. Then we strive hard to develop every piece into something bigger without wasting time, energy or money.

Humans have naturally been given gifts and talents for greater benefits. Unfortunately, some guys fail to make good use of their God-given talents. They fail to reach their full potential. If you feel like slacking in your pursuit of happiness, success, and freedom; keep your fingers crossed because, in this post, I will help you to stay inspired towards your goals.

Reaching your full potential is a working process. Forget it if you ever plan to cut corners. Be ready to face reality and unleash all the inner strength God has given you. There is something better inside you.

Understanding Why People Fail To Reach Their Full Potential

Why do people fail to reach their full potential? Fear and other negative emotions about oneself make people fail to reach their full potential. They often lack the motivation to stand firm and defend what is meant for them.

You may have set your future plans to make greater achievements. But life challenges toss you up like a boat on the strongest tidal waves with rainstorms. It feels threatening. It might force you to quit pursuing that beautiful dream. If no one inspires you —you may certainly throw in the towel. Don’t be a loser. Because losers don’t make it in life.

One common reason why people fail to reach their potential is that they are ignorant about their inner strength. They barely know their capabilities. Just like the deer, that can run past the tiger but often fall prey to it.

There is a popular notion that says, the deer has the ability to run 90 km/hr at top speed against the Tiger’s speed of 50 km/hr.

Despite this inner ability of the deer, it still becomes the victim of Tiger. The question is why?

It’s very simple. The deer looks down upon itself. It believes it is weaker than the tiger. Because of that —fear and panic makes it look back on several occasions when being chased by the tiger.

It underestimates its potential of running past the tiger and achieving freedom. This is how someone also fails to recognize his strength and use it for greater achievement.

Perhaps, they need someone to help them unearth their talents and other capabilities to be fully operational.

Ignorance is like a disease that needs to be cured ASAP. Do you even know the magnitude of your potential? Huh… Let me tell you today; you are unlimited! The sky is not the limit —as far as there are footprints on the moon. Dream big!

How do you see yourself? What do you tell yourself? It’s time to change your language and speak positivity into your life.

7 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential

Now, I believe you understand why some folks fail to make good use of their knowledge, strength, talents, gifts, etc, that form part of their inner abilities. If you agree to the fact that there is something better and bigger in you, you wouldn’t only dream big — but work tirelessly to bring them into reality.

Say no to ‘impossibilities‘ and embrace ‘possibilities.’ Below are some of the simple things that can help you reach your full potential in life.

1. Self Discovery

If you don’t know yourself very well, someone might lure you to believe in what he thinks you are. Don’t be gullible. Be ready to know your identity, your strength, weakness, likes, dislikes, etc,

Self-discovery helps reach your full potential

By discovering yourself, you end up arming yourself against negative people like the naysayers or the cynics.

Self-doubt should also be eliminated from your life if you want to reach your highest potential in life. Self-doubt and any kind of cognitive bias can stifle your progress and shatter your beautiful dreams on the way.

2. Believe In Your Dreams

To believe alone can make a whole lot of difference. Why would you set your lofty goals and not believe in them? If you have a startup or business project —believe that it will be successful.

By believing, you exercise your godly nature. It works by speaking positive words into your life, business, marriage, education, etc, Has no one told you, there is power in the tongue?

If you prophesy your doom, surely you would be doomed. If you call for success and happiness, surely, you will achieve them.

The Bible even instructed believers to speak good things into their lives, for there is death and life in the tongue. Speak what builds up a person, not what destroys.

3. Choose Relevant Role Models

It is very essential to let the success of others motivate you. Look out for those who have already achieved the things you haven’t achieved yet. You must learn from people who are in the same industry or service you are working on and replicate their strategies.

Indeed, experience is the best teacher, so be ready always to learn from anyone who has experience in the field of your work.

Motivation from role models

If you take advice from people who have already gone through the pains, challenges, fears, etc, and succeeded; you increase in knowledge. Remember that knowledge is power!

Use that power to speed up your journey to the promised land. Choosing a role model will help boost your confidence. You can also reach the highest level and even surpass them in terms of achievements.

4. Avoid Negative People

There are countless dream killers over there. Be very careful if you are pursuing your goals. These negative dudes work like doom prophets. Even if you suggest the most brilliant plan to them —they will criticize it and discourage you.

I prefer calling them negaholics. If they can’t support, encourage or praise you for your effort, then be ready to stay away from them.

Stick to people who see the best in you and hit you with constructive criticism. The people you associate yourself with will surely have some influence on your life. Energy is very contagious. ‘Rotten’ people will infect you with their diabolic schemes.

Don’t mind even if your Dad, Mum, best friend, or anyone in your inner circle doesn’t show genuine concern for your endeavors or struggles to make it big in life. Steer clear and find yourself a safer place to hide and continue working on your dreams.

5. Never Give Up

Often you will hear the phrase “never give up.” Yes! That’s very true. But it works perfectly if you are on the right track. What do I mean by this? Giving up is never an option if you are on the right path with purpose.

Your purpose is to reach the winner’s circle like a formula 1 driver. Keep going and never look back in fear. Marshal enough courage to overcome any obstruction. Be ready to face and endure all the pains.

Convert your pains, fears, tears, etc, into positive energy. Just like how science says; energy is not destroyed but converted. So transform the negative emotions into something positive. Let that energize you to pursue your goals.

Eventually, you will reach your target and smile. There is light at the end of the tunnel, so keep moving. Make use of your full potential while you pledge yourself to achieve something better in life.

Giving up would be your greatest mistake. So say ‘No’ to failure or anything that intimidates your success and happiness.

Unleash the good things hidden inside you and endure all the pains. I can assure you that, in the long run, the payoff would be great!

6. Join Online Masterclass To Reach Your Potential

If you are reading this post from the USA or Canada or any part of the world you can try any of the two reputable online companies here that specialize in training people to wade of self-doubt and anything that kills people’s potential in life.

By taking yourself through professional classes, you end up feeling equipped and ready to turn your dreams into reality without any fear. Sometimes, you would need a professional therapist to psych you up to stay focused and motivated towards your future goals.

Marisa who is one of the best British therapists has a FREE online Masterclass made available for you. Within 45 minutes, Marisa will take you through the exact framework she has used to help her clients break through the wall of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-shame that they have struggled with for sometimes their entire lives.

You will also experience a powerful ‘I Am Enough‘ session designed to give the unshakeable confidence to live your best life.

There are other online programs that can help you reach your full potential. The second one is from ‘Daily Greatness.’

‘Dailygreatness’ offers a popular series of journals and planners in the area of wellness, body, mind, spirit and personal development. They are designed to satisfy anyone wishing to focus on holistic health and wellness, productivity, practicing mindfulness and achieving their goals.

These kind of classes can help you figure out your true talent. So that if you were born to be a professional footballer, you don’t end up in the banking sector, politics, etc, and fail woefully.

7. The God-factor

Your spirit needs to be enlightened by taking yourself through certain spiritual activities like prayers, fasting, meditation, etc.

As a Christian, I recommend reading the Bible on daily basis and meditate on it just like how God told Joshua to do to be successful.

“This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it: for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success.” (Joshua 1:8)

Being a spiritual person is a plus for you to unearth your full potential. Sometimes, you would need the Spirit of God to guide you or inspire you to accomplish your goals.

Anytime you feel weak, hopeless, fearful, or overwhelmed by a problem, God will help you overcome them if you pray earnestly for help.

Take a look into the world of sports and entertainment. There are several entrepreneurs, talented athletes, actors and artists, who credit part of their success to God. Eg. Chuck Norris, Steve Harvey, Denzel Washington, Ray Lewis NFL Pro Football Player, etc,

That’s encouraging enough for you to taste and see that indeed God is good.

Observe these 7 things that people are using to reach their full potential consistently and you would be amazed how things would work harmoniously in your favor to the end. Then come and thank me later.

Finally, it will take time, so exercise patience, and be consistent and hardworking. Self-discipline is also needed to reach your potential. It is possible if you develop a strong and positive mental strength.

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