Do You Know How To Learn From Your Failures? Check Out These Lessons

Do You Know How To Learn From Your Failures? Check Out These Lessons

No one beckons failure when pursuing success. But if it happens, it leaves behind valuable lessons. Pay attention to them. Learning from failure helps to reconstruct yourself for greater things.

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People do fail in their marriages, businesses, education, relationships, etc. No matter how bad that might feel, there are good sides to it. Don’t be like a dummy robot, use your brain and start learning from your failures. Again, it is time you educate yourself now with some inspiring failure quotes.

Understand the fact that the best ways to live a productive life wouldn’t always be “sweet-sweet” for you. Instead, it will be “bitter-sweat.”

The bitter part is inseparable until you taste it. If you dare try to avoid the challenges in life —you wouldn’t reach your goals.

Yes! Get out of your comfort zone and break into new levels of success. Learning from failure with all the pains and sufferings is what makes people great and successful.

I have already written a couple of articles about the importance of failure and why it is necessary to have a taste of it.

Today, I would share with you why learning from failures helps build up a strong mindset for success. We have heard a lot of stories of successful people who failed woefully in life but made it big in the long run.

The names shouldn’t always be Thomas Edison, Jack Ma, Oprah Winfrey, Fred Lam, etc, but you. Yes! you can also be the reason why someone smiles and believes in his dreams.

What Ways Can You Learn From Failure?

There are two ways or strategies you can learn from failures.

Firstly, find people who failed in life at a point in time but made it big in the end. Read about how they overcame the challenge and replicate what really syncs with your life.

Let me take a minute and introduce you to Mark Wahlberg. This guy scripted a faith-based movie called ‘Father Stu.’ With high hopes that Hollywood would help him in the production —he was turned down.

Wahlberg spent 6 years trying to get his movie on the screens with a lot of setbacks even from his church leaders. He partially funded the movie and got it on the screen. The film was about a boxer who turned into a priest. People who watched it responded with good reactions.

Secondly, take a look at your situation. A failed business or a messy life or whatever and start reconstructing yourself. Giving up to failure would be your greatest mistake. So never give up, learn from the mistakes and take the necessary action.

I often say anyone afraid of failure must be ashamed of himself. If you set your goals in life and you dare try to avoid discomfort — you would never reach the top of the ladder of success. This world isn’t a good place for lazybones. You ought to start learning from failure to revive what went wrong.

To see a progressive change in your effort, you may have to use journals to keep records of the important steps you are taking towards your self-development or business.

In the future, you would need it for self-reflection. Take a look and be proud of where you have reached.

Being Afraid Of Failure Drives Success Away

Having an experience of failure teaches a lot of valuable lessons. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to the lessons becomes a loser. We learn from failures to strategize our plans. Because it helps us to know what did not work out and what will probably work out.

Opera Winfrey had her share of failure before achieving her goals. She once got demoted in her primetime role before building up her own talk show which helped her achieve international success.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”
—Oprah Winfrey

What Can You Learn From Failure?

Surely, there are many things you can learn from failure. You would then end up being wiser with a lot of experience in handling similar situations afterward.

Like I said earlier, every kind of failure leaves behind valuable lessons. If you pay attention; you will find that gem and use it as a stepping stone to the top.

Surely, there must be some reasons why you failed in whatever venture you tried to establish. It might be your marriage, job, startup, education, relationship, etc,

One major question that can unveil the hidden secret to your failure comes from the “Whys?” Figure it out and apply the necessary solution.

You can learn many things from failure. Take a look at some of the lessons below:

1. Not everything will work out:

After experiencing failure, you will understand that not everything you feed into your brain, job, marriage, a business… will work out. “Garbage in garbage out.” So stop feeding on anything toxic like bad habits and unwise decisions.

Thomas Edison is said to have tried inventing the light bulb by failing 10,000 times. In his defense, he said he did not fail but found out several ways that did not work out.

In 1921 he spoke to an interviewer for American Magazine by saying:

“Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results! I know several thousand things that won’t work.”

2. Redirection To The Right Path

Unfortunately, people make too many wrong choices. Like marrying your first wife, divorcing her, the 2nd wife, divorced, the 3rd wife… Well, if you believe you are not the problem then keep searching for the right woman.

If you find yourself as the problem, you must fix yourself before you can be on the right track. On the other hand, it works the same for women.

There is an African proverb that says Anyone who fears divorce never gets a good marriage.

In fact, some wrong choices lead to early death, so we ought to be very cautious when making critical decisions about our future.

This marital example above also applies to other choices we make in our lives, jobs, business, careers, etc. Many have failed in these areas of life. But it is not too late —only if you are ready to learn from your shortfalls.

Anyone who goes through failure has to realize this kind of blessing (redirection). It feels like the angel of God is telling you “hey buddy this is not the right way.”

So where is the right path to your future? Find it from the map of your failure. Sit down and examine yourself. Did you choose the wrong path that leads to failure?

Let me enlighten you a little on this. You see, there are many guys out there who work extremely hard towards their future. But they fail. Hard work alone doesn’t bring success. Why? Because they lack what we call “purpose.”

You would have to make sure you are on the right track. I mean be in the tunnel that leads to the treasure you are seeking. Yeah, I know it’s dark in there but keep on going. The light is at the end of the tunnel.

You can do this by setting realistic goals and working tirelessly towards them. Be a man of vision. If you know you are on the right path, then never give up, no matter how many times you fail — Learn about the failure and keep digging… You are on purpose and on the right track…

3. Experience Is The Best Teacher

You gain a lot of experience by going through failure. This is another blessing failure shower on us. I don’t think you would like to avoid it.

A woman with a message about failure

Like the old saying “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Dexterity comes from having gone through a lot of challenges and still survived.

4. Realization Of Danger

Another important thing you can learn from failure is how you are reminded of an impending event. It did not work out for you in the initial stage because you can’t reach your target in the long run. Haven’t you realized that yet?

Like driving to an emergency meeting and having a flat tire on the way. You failed to go along with a spare tire.

You then end up looking stupid in the middle of that lonely road. Hmm… I believe you have learned your lesson already. Next time you will have your way out because that failure taught you something. I’m not the guy to remind you.

The good side to that failure is; maybe if you did not experience it — you would face the greatest humiliation of your life.

In simple words, there was something wrong that is why you couldn’t hit your target; that is why your business is taking a downward slope and blah blah blah.

5. Don’t Be A Fool

Foolish people don’t learn anything from life. Dynamism plays a very important role in the journey of success. Yes! be dynamic without changing your target.

A fool is the one who uses the same approach to solve an old problem that had never worked out. Don’t stick to one dimension.

There is a proverb that says “there are many ways to kill a cat.” So if plan “A” did not work, learn why it didn’t then try plan “B.”

Simple Quotes To Help You Learn From Failure

In certain circumstances, you may need to seek motivation to overcome the fear of failure or anything that demoralizes you.

At this point, I have listed some quotes about learning to inspire and motivate you to handle any failure in your life with a positive mindset.

I believe these quotes will help boost the brain’s reward system — hence ensuring more flow of dopamine.

“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

“You’ll never succeed if you have no will to encounter failures along the road to succession.” —Unkown

“It’s best to have failure happen early in life. It wakes up the Phoenix bird in you so you rise from the ashes.”
— Anne Baxter

“Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
— Henry Ford

Quote about learning from failure

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

“Failure is not defeat, until you stop trying.”—Unknown

“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.” —Unknown

I believe you have benefited a lot from this message about learning from failure. It is time you learn from all your failures and use them as stepping stones to the top. Many have done it, you too can make it. Yes, you can!

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