Finding Happiness In Darkest Times Of Life

Finding Happiness In Darkest Times Of Life

Happiness still remains a state of the mind. It is your choice to use it as a tool for your life journey. Happiness is found even in darkest times so never give up during difficult moments, and success would be yours.

Happiness in darkest of times

I believe many of us have come across this very quote “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times…” The movie nerds know where it came from. This is an inspiring quote from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The purpose of this content is not about discussing what transpired in the Harry Potter movie, but to relate that very powerful quote to the life we are living today.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”
— J. K. Rowling

It says if you only remember to turn on the light. The light is already available. Find it!.
Look around you, there are challenging moments cropping up every now and then. Most of us are living in constant darkness. And because of that, we can’t see the light; we easily give up.

Would you believe if I tell you tough times strengthens you to unleash your natural abilities to endure pain and overcome your challenges?.

In the darkness, you can still find happiness. It is all about training up your mind to stay positive. It is all about harnessing the physical and spiritual power within you to conquer your challenges.

This post would inspire you to learn how to smile and stay hopeful in situations that seem like you have lost everything. Isn’t it normal to go through darker times in life?. Give no room to frivolous excuses. You can make it through!.

You Need Darkness To Bright More

Without darkness, how can we see the beauty of light? You must be the light that never turns dim. I recently talked about being the light of the world to light up the paths of others as well.

Your darkness might be about financial constraints, marital problems, diseases and sickness, failure, fear, etc. All these come into your life to test your:

1. Strength for enduring pains
2. Preparedness for a brighter future
3. Worth of existence

Look up into the sky at night. It is dark already… the stars shine forth. You are a star and so find your happiness in the darkest time by intensifying your brightness. Your Source of light is inexcusable. So glow without being afraid of getting lost.

Happiness found in darkest of times quote

More darkness in your life means you need to give out more light to overcome it. Light is far stronger than darkness. Like I said; you are the light of the world and no evil, pains, or sorrows can overcome you. Unless you fail to turn on the light. Unless you decide to give up!. There is no single problem without a solution. Believe that!.

When the problem intensifies you must also increase strength, ambition, and faith/hope to put an end to the dark moments in your life.

Just like we all know that nothing is permanent; so as we must develop a positive attitude during trial moments. A little rain and a little sunshine make life beautiful.

It can’t rain for eternity and it wouldn’t be sunny for eternity. But how you conduct yourself through those moments will determine the outcome.

How Happiness Can Be Found In Darkest Times

Now the most relevant question here is how can you find happiness in the darkest of times?.

The moment life gives you lemons; you are not expected to suck it and move around with a disgusted face. Make lemonade out of it.

When troubles come; believe in your heart that there is a solution and you will surely find it. There is a switch somewhere. Find it and turn on the light. Don’t be moved by how long it will take, don’t be impulsive to make wrong choices.

Because every single wrong decision you make will aggravate your condition. Bear in mind that ‘happiness itself is a state of mind.’ Push yourself into that state when surrounded by darkness.

Release those happy hormones and let them drive you through the darkest tunnel until you see the light.

Smile and believe in the possibilities and your mindset will put you in a good tune to drive away any darkness shrouding your success and happiness.

Remember Who You Are

Your Physiological Power

You are a human being, a multicellular organism with a functioning brain. Problems arise to push you to the wall so that you can make good use of your brain to find the perfect solution.

Think, plan, and take the appropriate action against the darkest times that steals away your happiness. You already have all the tools to fight against all odds.

Your Spiritual Power

Yes, you are a spirit-filled being. You are capable of taking yourself through the spiritual healing process to overcome any challenge that is rooted in the spiritual world.

I am a proud Christian and so I recommend invoking the Spirit of God to light up your way when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I’m not advising my readers to consult spirit mediums for charms or magical powers.

Talk to God through prayers, tell Him exactly what you want Him to do for you, and believe. Miracles do happen every day but with God, you will witness mind-blowing miracles.

We can have contact with the supernatural to break down evil forces that fight against our success and happiness. It is very true that happiness can be found in the darkest of times.

We can together allow this quote from the Harry Potter movie to inspire us to handle difficult situations with hope. And surely we can overcome any pain, sorrow, or evil that blocks our path to success.

Find your happiness even if you are going through your darkest moment. Remember what I told you; you are a star and so never fail to shine!.

You are meant to survive through difficult moments. So Go out there and make it happen without any doubt.

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