Why You Should Never Lay Down Your Life And Future For Dream Killers

If you really want to achieve something better in life; then stay away from dream killers. Know how to stay focused on your beautiful future. Success and happiness would surely be your reward

Dream killers would hate your goals
“When you are pursuing your dreams, they will call you CRAZY because they are LAZY. They never know you are a HERO who just jumped away from step ZERO. Stay away from negative people; they will only pollute you.” —Israelmore Ayivor

It’s so difficult to understand why a fellow human would work so hard to bring you down for no good reason. The probability of bumping into dream killers is relatively high. Life itself is full of crazy people who are unpredictable, devilish but look innocent when they are around you. Listen to what they say…do they have any genuine intention to help you climb higher?.

Hey guys, I just saw a dream killer sharpening his knife to destroy people having the ambitious thought of moving beyond the sky. I realized that irritates him because he is suffering from pessimism and insecurity. I, therefore, write to warn you about this kind of personality… There he is…

Never make a mistake saying because of this guy’s advice, words, lies, mistakes, etc. “I couldn’t be successful in life.” Uh oh… did you lose focus on your goals?. It is time you define yourself and know what exactly you need in life. By following your heart wisely, you wouldn’t become prey for any dream killer — not even the Devil himself.

That is why I tell my readers not to trust anyone. If you think this is too hard to do — then wait till you get hit real hard on the head with disappointment, betrayal, rejection, broken heart, brokenness, failure, retrogression, poverty, debt, etc.

It will take years to clean up the mess. I never want you to fall prey to dream killers — that is why it has been one of my major concerns to caution you about the dangers these kinds of people pose to your dear life.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm, Let go of the friends who are no longer uplifting you. Spend time with people who inspire you to be better”
(Proverbs 13:20).

The intent of this post is to help you identify your enemies of progress and deal effectively with them by staying on the safest side. It’s better for no one to help you than a fake pretending to be your helper.

The one who envy your life, happiness, success isn’t miles away. He is not a stranger at all. That is why it is quite hard to fish out those traitors. I am talking about the one who would try to find any means necessary to blow out any positive move you make.

To begin an intensive audit of your life, start from those within your inner circle. That is the place you can find the fakes.

If you agree with me that dreams come true but yet you are bathing in a pool of doubts, fears, and mediocrity — then you have your self to blame first.

I believe you have a bunch of dreams that you would like to achieve. But, that vision wouldn’t come true so easily. Surely there would be a lot of challenges. And out of the lot —I would like to focus on the part pertaining to dream killers. They can’t see beyond their noses so they can’t motivate in any way to believe that you can make a difference. Never let them infest you with their mediocrity. Optimism is one of the keys to success and it doesn’t cost a dime to have it.

A few months ago I published a related article that addressed how to deal with such negaholics. These guys have hardened their hearts that they can not think far. The problem resides in their sub-conscious mind. Unless it is reprogrammed, they can never think positive. Now, the question is why dream killers would chase you with the speed of light to become the stumbling blocks right in front of your goals?.

Things To Do To Save Your Self

It is either you save yourself from the poisonous venom of dream killers or allow them to influence you to hit the rock and probably become useless.

On your road to success, you should know how to turn on deaf ears to pessimists. No one can save you better than yourself. Be like the duck. There would be nothing to worry about if your dream killer pours water on your back.

In order to stay safe, do these 3 things:

1. Believe In Yourself

The moment you start believing in your dreams — you automatically develop the courage and psychological urge to accomplish them. Tell everyone “I can do this.” And the mind will process it in a form of affirmation.

Focus on your dreams


2. Clarify Your Goals

If you really know what you want to do with your life or what you want yo achieve — then no dream killer would ever succeed to destroy your future plans. A focused mind cannot be interrupted. Set goals without letting anyone dictating the pace and the kind of approach to be implemented.

3. Hard Work

The lazy guy would always have excuses for not taking the necessary action towards his future. But anyone who is hardworking has the advantage over negative words that discourage the person in question. There is a saying that “action speaks louder than words.” Apparently, it is hard work that pays off; not words, theories, nor superstitious beliefs.

The Painful Truth About The Evil Deeds Of Dream Killers

Let’s consider this: You have been to school, acquired knowledge to become a professional doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer, etc. Now you aim to enjoy life with your families, friends, loved ones and the needy as part of your divine responsibility.

You feel really blessed and grateful. Although not everything seems perfect. You still have bigger plans to climb higher the ladder of success through hard work but realize there is someone is lurking in darkness to cause your downfall.

Whiles, you aspire to reach out to your goals — dream killers would try to find their way out through mind games, spiritual attacks, and many other deadly traps that would make you feel inferior and incapable of achieving anything better. Oh uh… They’ve brought the drama right to your doorstep.

You can’t tell me as for you — you don’t have enemies. Let me explain to you the beautiful smile of enemies and the poisonous venom hidden within their beautiful white teeth.

Your success is their failure so always they would wish you fail. They don’t care how much it will cost you or the level of emotional pains you have to deal with. They can sabotage your most brilliant idea to greatness without you realizing it. This is the power of dream killers. Their toxicity is not easily recognized. So act smart.

Remember, any dream killer is not serious about life. They are part of Satan’s innumerable weapons in the Christian fraternity. I mean they are a tool of destruction. If you fail to figure them out and weed them out of your life – them I’m sorry; you are doomed. Your future is in their hands because they control you like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse. That is a dream killer for you. It becomes complicated when things become intertwined with the spiritual realm

They Don’t Care About You

It is so sad to get to know that, dream killers are heartless and evil in nature. When you start hustling hard to make end meets, they are there to discourage you or stop you from moving any further.

Again when you make it big in life — they are there to drag you through the mud. The truth is; not everyone would celebrate with you when you become successful.

Snakes in the grass… Their hearts are corrupted with envy, jealousy, hatred, and anger. Why? Because they believe they deserve the glory, success, and breakthroughs you have been enjoying.

And as a matter of fact; they become heartless and envious. A dream killer wouldn’t mind going all the miles to destroy; even if you are the breadwinner of your family. They don’t care if millions of people depend on your jobs, businesses, projects, or help to survive.

If they fail to cut short your dreams; then they will attack your portfolios or any asset you have established. That is a big challenge. It shouldn’t be too late to figure them out. Because these kinds of parasites are worrisome.

Taking away the source of income of individuals seems to appease the Demons living inside them. I don’t think you would like dream killers to mess up with your goals, life and the pay off of your hard work. So it’s advisable to shut them down before they could wreak havoc your life. They are real and could be found everywhere. Just be vigilant.

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