The Inspiration To Teach Yourself How To Work For Money

By nature, you have to sweat before you can make a living. The initial ideas about how to work for money have to be feasible enough to see you through. By setting your realistic goals and being ready to sacrifice something — you can live a life full of happiness.

Fishermen working hard for money at the shore

There is no way anyone can earn money without working for it. I’m yet to hear about it if there is anything like that. The truth is; God cursed mankind way back in the garden of Eden to till the land before he eats. Have you thought of how to work for money using your wisdom and energy?.

You obviously have all the requisites that will help you know how to make money. Just like we know it requires to dig deep into the ground to mine precious metals.

God has also given us the intelligence to know how to work for money in many other ways. Forget about being cunning like the Devil to accrue money and wealth for yourself. There is no honor in that. Most of us still find it difficult to understand why King Solomon said money answers all things.

Apparently, we all need money to make a living. And for the purpose of this content; I would like to present to you the truth behind why you must work hard – and the inspiration behind the actual driving force responsible for making people successful through intellectual effort.

This world is not a good place for the lazy and the weak. It takes serious people who are ready to produce good fruits in all facets of life.

So I’ve already told you, today I want to bring it into your mind why you can’t sit down, put your hands in your lap and be making money. At least, you have to sacrifice something. It could be your time, money, energy or other resources. These are some of the things you must be willing to invest in yourself and your lofty goals.

If you are unwilling, then go home and sleep, be a fool and starve to death. The Bible has said sluggard, go to the ants and learn her ways. This is to the lazy guys out there who want to earn a decent amount of money and live better lives without any stress. There is a big shame on any money/wealth earned illegitimately.

The Enmity Of Unemployment

Unemployment is a global issue that constantly challenges a country’s economic growth. However, it has been known that many people are willing to work for money but can’t find it or are not legible. I know some guys are homeless, yet they hustle hard to get their daily bread.

Listen, unemployment is found in every part of this world. But those living in developing countries have to suffer a higher rate of constant joblessness. If one fails to be innovative and strategize himself/herself to make a living, then the cycle of poverty would continue.

We don’t want this challenge to steal the joy of people. Stay close whiles I’m about to unveil to you some interesting ways to help you know how to work for money.

Before that let’s take a look at a number of records concerning the rate of joblessness happening around this world. This data was accumulated in 2019, it is very current for reference:

The world’s highest unemployment rates exist in Sub-Saharan Africa. And notably a warzone like Palestine.

⇒. Lesotho: 27.25%
⇒. Palestinian Territories: 31%
⇒. Swaziland: 22.48%
⇒. Mozambique: 25.04%

As for the largest economies in the world, the unemployment rate is very low. You can get complete statistics by visiting “Investopedia.”

The Glorious Idea To Benefit From Your Work

The whole idea of knowing how to work for money is helping someone find solutions to his/her problems.

Yes, problems or tasks are what drives us into the environment of work. Look around you, there are a lot of tasks that need to be handled with returns or payoffs.

It goes like,…  by having the insight to figure out people’s problems and solving it amicably would earn you some decent amount of money.

When your television set, mobile phone, etc. gets faulty, you would surely need someone to fix it for you. Your very problem needs a solution. And the appropriate repairer has the solution.

So it is all about being a problem solver that will help you make some money. Everyone who is earning money today is being paid because he/she is solving a problem.

Let’s take a few examples to make it clearer. A food vendor at the road site is solving people’s problems being “hunger”. Even a teacher has to teach and impart knowledge to his students at a cost. Just like the doctor who has to find solutions to a patient’s sickness or disease.

Now the question is: What problem can you solve? Since you are looking for strategies about how to work for money.

It is true there are inadequate jobs in a lot of countries but that shouldn’t stop you from making a living. Think deep about how you can solve problems and I bet you; people would be willing to pay you any amount of money you demand for your service or product if it is of high quality.

And if you are already working by solving people’s problems, make sure you give out the best in you. That is what will determine the value of your offer.

The Relationship Between Time And Work

We all know most people are paid on hourly bases. Yes, this reminds us that time is money. And ironically you have to spend money (time) to make money.

Before you become a problem solver, understand that our educational systems would require you to obtain knowledge about a particular field of work. And sometimes that could be frustrating.

Look, the secret behind the educational system is to help you become knowledgeable enough in a way that would help you earn money and make a good living through a special profession.

However, it is rather unfortunate that our generation has overrated higher education. How would the uneducated know how to make money if education is the only way to living a successful life?.

Perhaps it would interest you to read my article about the correlation between education and success.

With or without education, anyone can make a better living by earning an unlimited amount of money. The fact that we are different from each other calls for self-discovery.

The moment you are able to unearth your talent and potentials — that is where your journey to a successful life begins. Find out how to develop your talent and make a living out of it.

Forget about the other guy whose target is to be a medical doctor through a “marathon of education.” The ultimate idea is to earn a handsome amount of money. And I bet you someone can earn 2×, 10× or more than that within a few months or years of showcasing his/her innovative skills/talent.

I would like to go a little further at this point. But before let’s consider this:

For someone who aspires to be a medical doctor in the States has to spend an average of 14 years training for the job. Let’s break it down:

♦. 4 years of college
♦. 4 years of medical school
♦. residencies and fellowships that last between 3 and 8 years

That guy has to spend all these years before he can actually start earning money by solving people’s problems as a professional doctor.

Now most of us want to know how to work for money but not to spend such a number of years….. Oh uh, it is time-consuming and expensive. When the passion is not there for this kind of thing; there must be a cost-effective way.

Luckily enough, there are many short courses about different jobs available. You can opt-in in any field of your choice. Use the knowledge acquired wisely and make a living out of it.

The Best Way To Know How To Work For Money

Assuming you have been able to figure out the kind of problems you can solve. Hey wait and let me chip in this; John Rockefeller once said if you really want to be successful don’t work for someone for too long… Run your own business or career.

Chris Reining who retired in his 30’s as a billionaire has also provided us with some of the useful gems of obtaining financial freedom.

Back to the point; there are a few important things you should do to earn a living. Start it slowing and soon you would be making it big.

1. Put your passion or talent into action. It doesn’t matter if your passion is in retailing, farming, digital marketing, sports, teaching, coaching, singing, etc. Just make sure you give out your best.

2. Win the heart of your customers or audience. By providing genuine and quality services or products to your buyers, you automatically increase your chances of maximizing profit. They will chase you for more of your offers when they find it helpful.

Even if you increase the price of your offers – they will still pay you because you solve their problems with a satisfactory result.

3. Expansion and diversification are very important. The more your customers grow, the more your earnings also grow. Now, the next thing is to invest in other profitable ventures. Don’t ever make a mistake by putting all your golden eggs in one basket.

These 3 major strategies can help you make it big out there. Use your brain wisely by helping people who need help from something you can provide.

Start slowly and eventually you would be owning your own business. You may also increase your production on a large scale.

In a nutshell, implementing these gems about how to make money wouldn’t be so easy. It takes will power, perseverance, and a lot more. It is possible to be successful in your endeavors if you don’t give up.

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