How The Bible Talks About The Uselessness Of Worrying About Anything

The Bible says don’t worry about anything you require to live a happy and healthy life. Worrying could put your life into a serious emotional and physical problems. Whereas Doctors want you to control your anxieties; so as the Bible.

The Bible says you should stop worrying

Do you want to Know what the Bible says about worrying about things happening in your life?. Your  problem is well covered. The word of God actually covers everything you need to live a purposeful life filled with happiness. But here is the case most of us can’t derive much inspiration from the Bible.

Let us then find out what the Bible says about worrying, its effects and how to overcome such kind of feeling.

God is much concerned about his Children’s happiness, health, and future. As you read along trying to understand what the Bible says about worrying; I will give out a number of verses that would inspire you to overcome anything dragging you through stress .

To worry is not a crime or a sin but when it is left uncontrolled; could be very detrimental.

Knowing What The Bible Says About Worrying.

You might be dealing with a number of challenges at this moment. You, therefore, become anxious but you can’t change things outright. I understand that feeling could make you fretful of the future. Hold your breath and entrust everything happening and yet to happen into God’s care.

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Isn’t there more to life than food and more to the body than clothing? ( Matthew 6:25).”

Before we find out what the Bible says about worrying; let’s grasp the actual meaning of it. Worrying is feeling uneasy or being overly concerned about a situation or problem.

With excessive worrying, your mind and body become overburden with unnecessary tasks. If you think your future is doomed because of some awful experience in your life; Then take a minute to read my article explaining how you can take charge of your destiny.

Your obsession to create an immediate change in your life wouldn’t work out if you forget to put God first. Here is a challenging question for you:

“And which of you by worrying can add even one hour to his life? ( Matthew 6:27).”

God Knows You Can’t Change Your Tomorrow With Your Own Power

No matter how impatience, you are for the future you can’t create an effective change without God. He knows difficult times will come to challenge your faith and readiness to welcome the manifestation of his amazing promises to make you successful.

Perhaps you may come into the realization that you have no power of tomorrow or what will exactly happen in the next few minutes.

Your worries need to be stopped now or be transformed into something Positive. In the process of finding a lasting solution to your worrisome problems; you must try to ;master self-control. Break down every negative emotional feeling.

“ Your power is not in yesterday or in tomorrow. It’s not over there somewhere waiting for you to reach it. It’s not hidden behind some goal or achievement. Your power is right here, right now. Your power is today. What will you do with today? — Emily Maroutian

By knowing what the Bible says about worrying, you ought to leave everything happening in your life today into the God of tomorrow and the future. He will wipe clean all your worries when you entrust in him.

How The Psalmist Sought Vindication From His Worries

Everyone has his/her own troubles. Worrying is part of our human nature. Since we were created to respond to situations voluntarily or involuntarily.

It takes much courage and faith to overcome worries especially when it escalates into depression. Listen to the words of David out of his worrisome situation:

“How long must I worry, and suffer in broad daylight? How long will my enemy gloat over me?

Look at me! Answer me, O LORD my God! Revive me, or else I will die!

Then my enemy will say, “I have defeated him!” Then my foes will rejoice because I am upended.

But I trust in your faithfulness. May I rejoice because of your deliverance!

I will sing praises to the LORD when he vindicates” ( Psalms 13:2-6).

This is an exemplary life of King David. He was a mere human just like us. He wasn’t exempted from facing challenges just because he believes in God.

It will come but you don’t have to be overly concerned about the results. When you employ the power of faith, God takes care of the rest. Several times the Bible says Don’t worry.

God expects you to stay positive and faithful when things start going in the wrong direction. That is far from your expectations but God has already gotten everything under control. No more worries if you believe God will do it. The best remedy comes from the Bible.

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