Knowing How To Be Productive In Life In 11 Simple Ways

Have you yet thought about how to be productive?. It is quite challenging to see yourself rise from a tough situation to a joyous moment that lasts for eternity. Whether you like it or not the clock’s hand is still tickling. How can you put your life into a positive progressive momentum and taste success at the end?.

Time is what should teach you how to be productive
The strategy that a firm or a company would use to operate at full capacity to maximize profit wouldn’t be so different from an individual yearning to be much resourceful. Before you think about knowing how to be productive; consider this scenario:

Has anyone given you the real punchlines about how to be productive in your endevours?. Find out what could work best for you in this article.

What answer would you give me in 10 years’ time?; If I asked you what you did with your life?. I hope you wouldn’t be like the guy who would surely say: “I listened to a lot of music, watched movies, attended a lot of parties, had great sex with different women, bought a lot of new clothes, etc”.

Done!. All those moments have passed and what was the benefit? You still remain the same with the same value or a constant retrogression.

I am hoping you wouldn’t be like that guy. This is why you must learn how to be productive even in the least moment you find yourself. If there is any secret to being productive then it is nothing else but time consciousness. Time is money and I know you can’t deny that.

Knowing how to be productive in life makes you a happy person. It might be surprising to some of you out there that, in order to achieve something greater in life; you must sacrifice something that has been part of you but not helpful.

Bear in mind not everything we do, think of or believe in add value to our lives.
When we really want to know how to maximize profit, happiness, and be content with what we have; then we have to place much value on time.

As human beings, we are affected by time and space. This forms part of the natural laws we know.

There is a native American proverb that says anytime the sun rises from the East and sets in the West it takes part of your life. This sends a serious message to your whole mind and body; raising your consciousness to a higher level. It simply reminds you to be productive.

The Truth About Productivity

It is a glorious idea for you to search for how to be productive. Here, the major tool you would need is your ‘brain.’ So the prerequisite strategy that will help you to b productive at whatever you want to achieve is to focus.

Experts say it will take you 15 consecutive minutes to fully engage yourself in a particular task which is called the “flow state” which happens to give you a euphoric state of productive.

Researchers have found that people who find themselves in “flow state” are 5× productive than others who don’t. So it’s very necessary to find yourself in a flow state toward a particular goal you want to achieve and I bet you you would boost your productivity.

Remember this; 24 hours have been assigned to everyone by nature. How you spend it would determine the amount of success you would enjoy.

Let me take a minute and remind you that time is more precious than money because when it is gone, you can’t get it back.

If today is 20th October 2019, the next 20th October would be 2020. Yes! the more you utilize your time, the more you maximize your profit, success, and happiness.

Simple Things To Help You

All the time, in order to understand how things really work out; we need to put some distinguished individuals in place. These are people we can learn a particular life subject from.
Do we begin by asking “how did they make it so big?”.

“Productivity – the amount of output delivered per hour of work in the economy – is often viewed as the engine of progress in modern capitalist economies. Output is everything. Time is money. The quest for increased productivity occupies reams of academic literature and haunts the waking hours of C.E.O.s and finance ministers.” -Tim Jackson

In the next paragraphs, I will collectively share with you some of the most important things you must inculcate to be a productive person.

Things To Help You Know To Be Productive

1. Mind Your Own Business

Try not to think about things that do not concern you or has anything valuable to do in your life. You can’t be inquiring about somebody’s private life and be successful. If your friends, co-workers, family members, etc. are busy living wild lives or doing things beyond your capabilities or understanding let them be.

It has nothing to do with you. Think about what you are doing with your life. That is where you can make a change or mold it to the shape that you want. After all, it is your all life.

2. Say No To Comparison

If you really want to know how to be productive; then never ever compare yourself with anyone. Learn how to be different from the crowd and be proud of who you are and what you do.

There is no one like you and there wouldn’t be anyone who looks exactly like you. Life is a journey but it is not a competition. If there is anyone to compare yourself with; then it is “yourself.”

Yes, you are in competition with yourself. Forget about your contemporaries and your predecessors. Work hard, break new grounds, and take your life to the next level. Eventually, you will be the best for yourself.

3. Avoid Too Many Excuses

Anyone who is focused on a particular goal overlooks what has already passed by (remember what I told you about “the flow state” in the early paragraphs).

If it did not happen the way you want; why should you spend too much time lamenting?. Stop unhealthy excuses and build on your goals. It steals your precious time and energy. Instead, convert that bad feeling of disappointment into something productive.

5.  Avoid Unnecessary Talks and Events

Spending too much time arguing about unimportant things, spending enough time engaging in non- productive conversation, celebration,s, and chit chat.

You must avoid all these if you have a particular goal at stake. Why don’t you invest that chit chat time into working on your goals?. You must learn how to cut down such talks and events.

6.  Learn From The Experienced – It Will Help You Know How To Be Productive In Life

Citing Bill Gates as an example. Gates invested a lot of time (5 years)into his Microsoft invention. He actually boycotted anything(music and movies) that destructs him from working on his goals in his 20’s This helped him to be such a successful man we know today. If you learn this rare gem of knowing how to be productive from Bill Gates – then you are already one step ahead of success.

7. Set Definitive Goals

Living without any goals makes you a cymbal brass. You only make noise. To be successful in your endeavors and without being a wastage – set goals. I prefer Long term goals. By having a well-defined plan of your future.

It would take hard work, perseverance with much passion. It would be possible to get exactly what you have targeted. Just make sure your dream is feasible. It doesn’t have to be robust. Be dynamic without losing focus on your goals.

Make use of self reflection for your personal development. It will help you assess your performance towards your goals.

8. Live A Cost-Effective Life

Extravagance destroys your full potential of gaining financial freedom. Being that type of guys who mobilize money and resources and trade wisely with it gain a lot of profits.

Someone like Chris Reining who retired in his 30 gives a powerful secret about gaining financial freedom. To make it concise;  he says stop saving money with the Bank for long; just use it to start a business and imagine the profit difference.

Do not spend too much money on shopping and be less productive
Avoid impulse buying and unnecessary shopping. Save money for the future. Spend money wisely and you could still be happy and productive.

9. Learn How To Give

The act of giving such as random kindness could help you in a way you might not believe. Just as what the Bible says; there are more blessings in giving than receiving. Don’t be surprised to know about the huge amount Bill Gates give out as charity. It returns blessings of more money, energy, and wisdom from God.

10. Let Go, Forget The Past And Release The Stress

Keeping your life free of stress helps to make good decisions that will propel you to success. When you maintain a clear conscience of yourself, it helps to fill your soul and mind with a positive reaction toward any situation.

Forget about whatever went wrong yesterday and renew your thoughts, plans, and take a different approach in pursuing your dreams. The past has nothing better to add to your life. Although it teaches you lessons not to fall into old pits you already know. No need to cry over spilt milk.

11. Fear God

The last thing but the most important of all is to fear God and obey his commandments. As we think about enjoying life to the fullest; it wouldn’t be profitable without God. By putting God first in everything you do; He protects you with his mighty hands. Just tell him exactly what your future plans are; back it with unwavering faith and you would see the result at his rightful time.

By implementing these 11 strategies about how to be productive about things you want to achieve; you would see a tremendous change in every aspect of your life.

It works by starting to work on your mindset and taking the right actions. No one would live life for you. So be very much concerned about how you spend your time, money, energy and other resources.

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