Never Think You Are Too Late To Make A Difference

It is time you have a second thought if you feel like it is too late to accomplish what you have planned for. I challenge you… you may not have a valid reason. Reorganize yourself and finish what you started. Tell yourself it is never too late.

If you still have breath in you it means your dreams are not too late. Know how to maneuver to the top

Hey there, it is not too late to achieve your goals. It feels like I’m about to talk to a habitual latecomer in school or at work. Oh no, that goes beyond that. I’m here to open up the truth about real life issues.

Sometimes life becomes like a time bomb with seconds left to explode. Your mind will start racing — whether you should keep on chasing your goals or say goodbye.

That time bomb hasn’t exploded yet. This means it is not too late. Even if it has… You can still find something better to accomplish. When your life breaks apart — assemble the pieces and keep moving.

There you are, contemplating the possibilities of your plans. You surely have something up in your mind. I understand that feeling of anxiousness when things get twisted. We do plan a lot but we barely achieve them at a go.

Let’s say you made a decision to get your first degree this year, marry, build a house, travel abroad, get a job, build your own business, reconcile with someone, etc. But you haven’t yet gotten the most appropriate moment to get things done.

As you find yourself reading this post you will end up believing the simple fact that: whatever good you have planned to achieve is never too late. I would like to pinpoint to you that you have a problem telling yourself that “it’s too late.” Oh really?.

What Do People Say About Matters Concerning You?

Society has its own definitions of where life begins and where life ends. They have virtually determined what makes a happy life, success, failure, and so on.

Most of these definitions have nothing to do with natural laws. This means we are not bound to what people perceive. Forget about those theories… We need to face reality.

It is not uncommon to hear people say life begins at 30; others say life begins at 40. So the one who is beyond these approximate ages begins to feel nervous when he hasn’t achieved his dreams.

The questions begin to flow in.

1. Are you married?

2. How many kids?

3. You’ve got a job? car? degree? etc.

My friend wherever you find yourself in this life journey I want you to Know that it is not too late. The exception is about natural laws. Don’t also forget that miracles do happen. There is nothing beyond God.

Someone could get his/her first degree at the age of 60. We can never be the same so don’t mirror the lives of others. Learn how to be different from the crowd. Know what is best for you and don’t listen to what people say; they don’t know about you.

Figuring Out Your Problems

Any problem that arises in your life has a solution. This is why I am here to help you find the best antidote to your disbelief and misconceptions. It all has to do with your mindset.

Your mind is a powerful tool that initiates your actions. If you fail in your exams, business, marriage, etc. it doesn’t mean all is over. I explained how to overcome this simple challenge in my article “Why you should never give up.”

This time around it is about why it is not too late to accomplish what you intend to do. Don’t stop —know why you started.

“You can’t win in life if you are losing in your mind. Change your thoughts and it will change your life.” — Tony Gaskins

Back on point to the “mindset battle.” Positive minded people are the real winners. Ask yourself:

1.”Am I a positive-minded person?”

2. “Am I a negative-minded person?”

If you answer “Yes” to the second question, it means you have already lost whatever you aspire to have in your life. If you allow your mind to say not, not, not” or “nono-noo.” Then you have failed already.

You are suffering from
cognitive biases. Use your conscious mind to control that little voice whispering into your ears that it is too late. What?. Look at that situation from a broader perspective and finalize your decision. How?. Keep reading…

It Is Not Too Late — The Challenge

Assuming you woke up late in the morning. You are supposed to be at work. Looking stranded and hasty you forgot your most important files. Oh, you just remembered that after a few minutes walk away from home.

Making a decision is crucial. Tell yourself “it is not too late.” Go back and grab what you left behind.

I guess you understand this simple scenario.

I am pretty sure someone will argue that sometimes priorities and time factors could render events, situations,s or decisions useless.

Of course, certain extreme situations could render your plans useless. I will talk about what I believe should be the only excuse to make you tell yourself it is too late.

Opportunities Making You Believe It Is Not Too Late

How does it feel to lose an opportunity that could change your whole life?. Missing a job opportunity, business opportunity, etc. could be heartbreaking. It may give you the  sleepless night for years or probably nightmares.

What about the guy who missed the chance to talk to his crush… It is said, “opportunity comes only once.” Well said, but I don’t believe in this. Let me remind you that everything happens for a reason.

Today is not your day. Tomorrow will be your day. You still have to believe that it is not too late. When the sun sets for the day, don’t miss it again the next morning.

It is not a crime to go back and reclaim what you left behind. However, I don’t want my friends and my lovely readers to procrastinate. Oh yeah, procrastination is a deadly mistake.

When Is “Too Late, Late?.”

It’s not a contradiction to cite possible reasons that could make certain things too late. We are mere humans with numerous weaknesses.

Time shows that it is not too late

I once published an article that explained: “why it is good to give up.”
Realistically, we can not put every single challenge into absolute control.

Just like I initially stated: “the exception of natural laws.” Even with this, some succeed in defying it. Some may or may not provoke God. Take a minute and read this: “why you can’t cheat nature.”

Now let me tell you what unarguably forces mankind to finally believe it is too late.

1. Death

When death lays its icy hand on you-you cease to exist. In other words, the major reason that should cause you to admit that it is too late is; when there is the situation of “non-existence.”

Where there is life there is hope. Reconsider your decision if it is worth to say goodbye to something you care passionately about. Is it too late?. Let your conscience be at work.

2. Inappropriate/Irrelevant Goals

If you set unrealistic goals you will surely blame yourself for what needs your zero attention. For instance, settings a trap on the ground to catch a bird that never steps on the ground.

You will always see this bird hovering around your trap… It will always be late for you. I will be a big liar if I convince you that it is not too late.

3. When It Is Toxic And Deadly

Anyone or anything that has the potential of destroying your life from the face of this earth— doesn’t need your attention.

If you surely know your dear life is in danger… My friend, don’t get closer… Letting go of things that pulls you down is a real sign of wisdom and maturity.

The fourth is about natural laws in which death is a factor. I haven’t yet noticed any pressing issues that will make someone think it’s too late to achieve a goal or make something happen.

I want you to be resilient to failure. Be strong enough and never allow negativities and impossibilities overshadow you. It is not too late.

Take a good look at your situation. So you really believe there is nothing you can do about it?. You can share your thoughts with me in the comment box. Stay motivates always. There are greater things in you, unleash them.

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