Knowing How And When To Speak Your Mind Can Trigger Your Happy Hormones

Knowing How And When To Speak Your Mind Can Trigger Your Happy Hormones

You may be in trouble for expressing your speaking your mind about crucial things in life. There are rules and regulations governing us so learn how to speak your mind without getting into  trouble

Learning about how to speak your mind

The world needs everyone’s reasoning power to make it a better place. It’s your right to share your thoughts without feeling shy or intimidated. Your mental health grows whenever you reason up to find solutions to problems arising around you. Knowing how to speak your mind will help you over anxieties and other negative emotions.

The mind is a powerful tool that could be used to create a great change in life. Let me steal a few minutes of your time and tell you about how to speak your mind.

Experts say the mind can process 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts every single day. If that is the case, then when you feel like sharing your thoughts, it must be positive and helpful. Feeding on positive thoughts for each day will make you happy.

On the other hand, releasing all the negative thoughts can also make you happy. Your conscious mind can handle 3 to 4 thoughts at a time. So think and think again before you speak!.

Being impulsive about a situation might not be a good moment to share any irritating feeling. Just learn about when to shut up your mouth and when to unzip it. After being decisive, be confident enough to speak out. Procrastination is bad for your life. So go ahead…

Sometimes speaking your mind by being honest will fetch you a lot of haters. We live in a world that people don’t like the truth. Forget about whether people will agree with you or not. We can’t all have the same beliefs, ideologies, goals, thoughts, etc.

It is very necessary to utter out exactly how you feel about something or somebody. You may end up being depressed if you fail to speak out. Nobody is putting you in chains to prevent you from expressing your innermost feelings – provided it doesn’t break the rules.

Your mind is full of thought that need to be shared
Your conscious mind can handle 3 to 4 thoughts at a time

It’s simply beautiful if you tell people about how you feel about them; it’s a beautiful thing to say whatever is going on in your mind – provided it will break no rules or give you problems. This means you must be careful about what you say.

Speaking Your Mind In Your Relationship

It’s a dangerous thing to harbor all the awkward feelings you have about your relationship with you. Choosing to remain silent about things that hurt your feelings can cause depression which may shorten your lifespan.

It’s very common to be provoked about certain things that crop up in relationships. And the best way to solve it, is to let your partner know how disgusted you feel.

By letting this out, that problem would be brought to the limelight. Now you have spoken your mind and that stress has been released. Enjoy that relief while both of you find an amicable solution to it.

By letting your partner know your likes and dislikes, he/she would know how not to give you that headache again. And it only works by knowing how to speak your mind without being rude or disrespectful.

Speaking Your Mind At The Work Place

There are rules and regulations in almost every workplace. Some might be very annoying. You may not be allowed to speak your mind about how you feel. Just like how a friend told me; “if you don’t want to be controlled, then don’t work under anyone.”


Speak your mind at the workplace
Your voice also counts in the workplace.

Yes! If you hate all those restrictions or uncomfortable conditions at your workplace – then try to be your own boss. This will give you unlimited power to speak your mind about anything. Even to the extent of assaulting your employees verbally.

But, unfortunately most of us haven’t gotten our own jobs so speaking your mind to your Boss or contemporaries, must be highly professional.

You can’t change the rules. But you can speak your mind about how bad you feel about something. If it falls on deaf ears and you can’t cope any longer – the only option is to quit and hear your Boss say good luck on your future endeavours.

Knowing How To Speak Your Mind

You must take a lot of caution when something exasperates you and you want to lament. Make sure you learn how to tame your tongue, else you would be charged with slander right after speaking your mind.

So if you are really in a bad mood, it’s better not to vent your discomfort. Because, science says and angry man is just like a mad man. When your madness goes, then you are free to speak your mind without breaking any rules.

Think deep about what you want to say before you speak. Get to know if you are going to:

1. Criticize
2. Insult
3. Express displeasure
4. Create a physical assault
5. Vandalize

If you believe speaking your mind wouldn’t get you into serious trouble then there is no need to fret. Sometimes you could be oppressed to exercise your freedom of speech.

Don’t be afraid. That is why there are laws to protect that right. You would sense a wind of freedom anything you express your displeasure about something. It helps you to release all the negative energies around you.

One thought on “Knowing How And When To Speak Your Mind Can Trigger Your Happy Hormones

  2. My favorite part was “So if you are really in a bad mood, it’s better not to vent your discomfort. Because, science says and angry man is just like a mad man.”

    I already try to save conversation for when I’ve calmed down, but I’ll remember the saying “an angry man is like a madman”!


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