Overcoming Discouragement In 4 Practical Ways That Will Make You Confident And Happy

Your life would never be free of hatred, jealousy, and disapproval from people. How can you even handle such a challenging situation?. You either succumb to their negative thoughts and comments or you rubbish that evil temptation. The choice is yours.

How to overcome Discouragement in your life
“The most essential factor is persistence – the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come.” —James Whitcomb Riley

Here is the most awkward situation(Discouragement)— finding yourself in the midst of a bunch of negaholics. And all they try to do is to make you feel worthless and visionless. Is that so?. Did you believe them?.

If you know you are facing discouragement in life— this post is purposed for you. You wouldn’t be bothered if you hear those negative and heartbreaking words from friends, colleagues, coworkers, family members, strangers, and even your conscience. I mean sometimes that little voice inside you can mess up with your confidence, dreams, and hopes.

It is up to you to shut it up. Negative emotions can cause you to lose self-respect, confidence and even make you to attempt suicide. Stop any negative emotions now before it kills you.

Before you finish reading this article— believe me, you would become an unbreakable person to all those who make you feel unwise, unprepared, useless, weak and unfit for greater achievements.

Why would you even give ears to negative people and their discouragements?. You made a mistake in the first place. Next time, rubbish any demeaning and negative words from people around you. It is your life and so you are in full control of your choices, decisions, and goals. They don’t know you.

“Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make. God would never discourage me. He would always point me to himself to trust him. Therefore, my discouragement is from Satan. As you go through the emotions that we have, hostility is not from God, bitterness, unforgiveness, all of these are attacks from Satan.”
—Charles Stanley

I see every single discouragement as a device from the Devil. Oh yes!. The Bible has said: Satan is the father of lies. And again he is crafty but not wise. Just be vigilant and see yourself through any obstruction that will come.

Discouragements In Scope

In dealing with discouragement, you must first acknowledge the fact that some people are agents of negativities. They don’t see anything good in others. Don’t fall victim. Deal with anyone or anything that tries to bury your hopes, strength, and visions in life.

It is such a common thing to face the discouraging words, actions, prophecies and other crafty devices of people who want you to give up to your lofty goals.

Nothing hurts more than seeing someone put fear into you—Nothing hurts than seeing Someone challenge your ability to make it big in life. Jealous people should be avoided by any means necessary. It is up to you to make a
strong decision to deal with anyone who is jealous of you(in a professional way). They will hate you for a reason or no reason.

Bear in mind that whether you like it or not, moments will come whereby somebody or something will make you lose hope in what you believe in.

You Against The World

Facing people who see failure, shame, insecurity, weakness, and incapabilities in you have their own problems. Their definitions about you are all incorrect — their perceptions about your whole life is invalid. Unless you believed what they said about you…. you are ugly, useless, visionless, weak, stupid etc.

Understanding The Nature Of Those Who Are Full Of Negatives

⇒ They are being used by the Devil to deliver sickening messages to you. Satan wants your brain to assimilates that negatives in a way that will kill your “can do Spirit.”

⇒ People who discourage are suffering from ‘diseases’ such as low self-esteem, fears, failure, negative judgment and so more.

⇒ A perfect tool for the Devil

Satan uses empty people as weapons of destructions. Satan whispers lie Into people’s ears. Unfortunately, all the messages are negative and not good for building a brighter future full of joy, success, and happiness. Anyone or anything that casts a shadow on your beautiful dreams, hopes, and all your endeavors is a tool of destruction being used by the Devil.

Dealing With Discouragement

The actual problem of dealing with discouragement takes place in your mind. Yes! you always have to battle that negative feeling someone or something has plunged you into. You can win this battle so simply.

1. You In Question

The whole issue here is about “self-identity.” Knowing yourself is the true key to liberating yourself from anything that kills your ‘can do spirit.’ Surely people will scold you when they see you on the right track to success. If they don’t believe in you it doesn’t matter. So far as you believe in yourself— every good dream you are pursuing is possible.

2. Believe In Your Self

I need to handle this point separately because it is the next important thing for identifying yourself. Apparently, you become what you believe in. In such a case— don’t believe anyone who belittles your ambitions. Keep on doing what you started. The business plan, college degree, marriage, job, workouts etc. And success will surely be yourself. I recommend reading my article that explains how to make your wishes come true. Yes! it is possible.

3. Rebuke And Reprimand
Sometimes in order to deal with discouragement effectively, you have to debunk all the negative sayings and things people gather up against you. Anyone who discourages you from pursuing your lofty goals needs to be scrutinized. Some are really good enemies in false pretense. Not everyone who smiles with you is your friend.

If they have nothing good to say about you or do for you: tell them to shut up and back off.

4. Chase After What Inspires You

As you go about your daily activities, you would find out that there are people, places and things that make you feel lively. It could be a particular book, movie, person or a place that gives you the inspiration to keep on moving forward. Stick to whatever makes you feel like you can make it and Discouragement will have no place in your life.

Someone like me will tell you to read encouraging words from the Bible and Stay close to anyone who believes in you. In dealing with discouragement you have to surround yourself with positive minded people.

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