Facts About The Life You Live Today And How It Affects You

When talking about facts about life it is not always about scientific discoveries. You are affected by so many life events and it’s meanings. It could be from cultural grounds, natural grounds, spiritual… etc. You must surely not be ignorant about the most basic facts that affect you in question.

Life facts are something everyone must know aboutIt’s amazing to realize that the moment you step on this planet you automatically acquire citizenship, religion, race… Sometimes you have to ask yourself about what is happening on the other side of the world. There are thousands to millions of life facts that affect each one of us. If that is the case then we need not be ignorant about some of the most important BASIC facts in our everyday life.

Life itself is complex, housing an about 7 billion multicellular organisms (humans). Together with animals, plants and every single thing in nature.

Today, I would like to make it known to you some essential life facts on our lovely planet. We don’t necessarily need a scientist or any kind of specialist to tell us about the most important life facts in our world. There is no need of searching through the “Guinness book of records.” It is all about how each one of us feels life, understand life in a way that correlates with nature and natural laws.

Just like talking about your experience in life since birth. Because life is something we can not fully understand. Today it will look ironic, tomorrow life will be simple, hard, meaningless, hilarious etc. Each descriptive tag has its own components which are factual. So my friend, the issues in life are broader than anything you could think of.

Facts still remain facts —irrespective of the number of people who disagree. Life facts could be scientific, spiritual, normal or natural. Here there is no room for presumptions and theories.

Curiosity For Knowledge

Let me remind you that knowledge is power and it is available to anyone who searches for it. Ignorance could cost you much more than you can pay for it.

Sometimes you would need the help of a specialist or a genius to reveal certain life facts for you. Thank God, in today’s generation everything we need to know about our existence and the interaction of other matter is available to us.

Some people have gifts of discernment. Someone like Albert Einstein can understand and evaluate complex situations. A study on his brain after his death revealed that he had 17% more neurons than the normal human. That means more synapses were fired into his brain— giving him more brain power.

A kind of this person can help extensively to reveal more complex life facts. However, anything from them to the public needs to be tested against all empirical evidence.

However, for the sake of this article, I will confine my self to some of the basic facts you and I need badly.

When facts are available—It’s on the web, in the news, forums, books etc. Some are wired, some are interesting and others are unbelievable. But if that is factual it still remains untouched.

Life Facts You Should Never Be Ignorant About

In African Paradise World, I have talked much about some of the pressing issues about the human existence. Such is the comprehensive post about some of the harsh truths in life. In fact, it is something that we cannot fully fathom. Let’s take a look at these…

1. Money Power

The most powerful material and driving force in our world today is money. It is classified as a legal tender which is used for buying goods and services.

There is none who can say he/she doesn’t need money nor can anyone say he/she wouldn’t use the money. We are not still in the stone age period where humans were doing hunting and gathering. They didn’t need any medium of exchange. Everything needed is available in nature. It was free of charge.

Without money, you can not do almost everything apart from breathing and using your naked body as it is in its natural state. Meaning no clothing, food, shelter, housing, etc.

No wonder millions of people die of poverty. The rich on the other hand can prolong his life span through quality food, water, lifestyle… and medical care.

People wake up from bed to work in the order to earn money. The undeniable facts here is: we all need money. But the love of money could be a weapon of destruction.

The Bible has then warned us that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

2. Time Factor

Whether you like or not time is determining your proficiency in life. You can never increase nor decrease the amount of time we have in a day (24 hours). This is the only thing common to the rich and the poor. And everyone in general. In talking about life facts that are very common but essential we can never ignore time.

There is a true saying that you can increase money but you cannot increase time. Those who really know the value of time are those who become happy and successful in life.

Most of us are paid per hour for the job we do. Interestingly this proves that time is money.

3. The Beauty Of Death

I initially told you that some of the basic but most important life facts sound very unpleasant. Yes!. The gravest of all is death. I prefer hurting people with the truth than entertaining them with sugarcoated words. One day you will die. Have you just smiled? It is something beautiful.

God has purposed us to leave this earth one after the other. And each day over 5000 People die. One day you will be one of them.

I presume you are asking if there is any beauty in death. Oh yes!. After spending years on earth— tasting the salt, sugar, bile and growing old and weak you must embrace death as a gift. Don’t get confused. I recommend reading my article about ” What does death teach us?.”

4. People Will Hate You

You don’t need scientific proof to know that people hate you. Haters hate for good reasons, bad reasons or no reason. Whatever you do or say would be judged by people around you.

The interesting fact is enemies who seek your downfall are the ones closest to you. They are the ones that smile most with you. Ironic right?. I assume you have read my controversial article explaining why you must not trust anyone. Even the sinless man ever to walk on the surface of this planet had haters. They are part of the journey.

Let all their conspiracies and insults fly over your ears like water. In dealing with life facts of this kind you must be emotionally and psychologically strong.

5. The Battle Of Two Forces

I think the yin and yang symbol gives a quick depiction of how good and bad forces are influencing our lives. Choose good over evil and your happiness and success would be more. Our physical appearance has influences from the Spiritual world. This is very simple and understandable. You are made up of flesh and Spirit. And the two greatest forces hovering around us are good and evil. Good from God and evil from the Devil.

If you ever find yourself in a situation that requires you to make a decision —you would hear two different voices. One is from God and the other is from Satan.

We know that voice as conscience. It is the conscious part of your brain at work. You are in full control of it. The choice is always yours.

I believe these selected life facts has taught you great lessons and reminded you to be vigilant and efficient in every good thing you are doing.

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