Art Of Inspiration: The Story Of Autistic Stephen Wiltshire

Here I present to you a quick story of autistic Stephen Wiltshire. He is one of the people who define the word “inspiration” and enshrines the greatness of God in their lives. Stephen has an amazing gift from God which has made him gain international recognition today.

The story of Stephen Wiltshire

There are still a number of normal people who do super-normal things. Autistic Stephen Wiltshire is one of them. People who possess supernatural talents offer something incredible to nature and today’s civilization.

If you may ask yourself why certain people like Stephen Wiltshire do the unimaginable, you will surely end up by saying “God is wonderful“.He has gifted Stephen the supernatural talent to sketch large cities, landscapes etc. out of memories from just one glance.

Who Is Stephen Wiltshire?

Stephen Wiltshire draws cityscape out of memory

Who is this guy anyways?. Wiltshire was born in London in 1974. He was mute at a younger age and when he was 3 years he was diagnosed with autism. Sadly, he lost his father that same year.

He started schooling at Queensmill School in London where he discovered his talent, natured it and became who he is today. At age 7 he began to create detailed architectural drawings of imaginary cityscapes.

His school instructors dealt with his inability to communicate in a reasonable way by temporally taking away his art supplies. This forced him to ask for them by uttering his first-word “paper“. At age 9, Stephen Wiltshire was able to speak fully.

What Autistic Stephen Wiltshire Could Do?

He has the ability to draw out of memories after visualizing it once. For example, Wiltshire produced a full detailed drawing of four square miles of London after taking a single helicopter ride above that city. Other cities include Venice, Mexico City, Tokyo, Singapore etc. He is so fast to the extent that he once used two minutes to sketch the statue of liberty.

In 2010 he raised fund out of his career(Sydney Panorama) for the awareness of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

Autistic Stephen Wiltshire drawing skyline of Singapore
Stephen Wiltshire drawing the skyline of Singapore out of memory live in front of an audience

Today, he has gained international recognition from TV documentaries to honorary awards from Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and other government officials.

He knew how to make good use of his talent; if you get positive inspiration from loved ones you always thirst for great things. He understands the power of inspiration and so his favorite motivational quote is; “Do the best you can and never stop“.

Stephen is absolutely right, each one of us ha something better inside us. Find your talent, passion and develop it to be the best of yourself. You too can make a difference on this planet.

He has published a couple of books about his passion for art. Wiltshire now has his own permanent art gallery in London’s Royal Opera Arcade, London’s oldest shopping arcade.

Any Lesson?

Yes, of course, there are good lessons to learn from the story of the life of Autistic Joseph Wiltshire.

♦.God in his own knowledge has given every individual talent. It is up to you to discover your talent, harness it and become the best version of yourself. I know most of you out there will say Stephen Wiltshire is a genius. Yes of course, but bear in mind that you are also a genius in your own way. What can you do?. Do it best and you will be proud of your hard work.

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” – Albert Einstein

♦.Your beginning would likely be tough but that is just the beginning of the story. Find inspiration in people like Wiltshire and other.

You can taste success in the long run. Never give up. Don’t forget to share to inspire someone today.


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