Simplest Ways To Inspire Yourself During Hard Times

The most painful experience is to face life challenges that will put you down to your knees and make you feel worthless. The awful truth is; there is no single person who never faces life challenges. The most important thing is how to become a winner.

Time to inspire yourself for a successful life

Understanding The Nature Of Life Challenges

This post will help you adopt simple strategies to inspire yourself when bad situation arises.You simply need them to help you smile when things are not going as expected.You can control that.

There you are facing all kind of challenges ranging from unemployment, financial constraints, marital problems, family issues, etc. Sometimes you have to find the best ways to stay off the pains, tears, fears and all the drama in your life. You can hide them all in one simple big smile and keep moving forward.

Could you remember the most painful thing someone has ever said to you? or can you think of the most painful or embarrassing situation you have ever encountered?. To inspire yourself effectively in life, you would need both positive words and positive actions.

In a world of 7 billion people where life is extremely hard to fit into all the things happening around us; There are constant unintended competitions everywhere.

Nobody wants to be alone, nobody wants to lose and nobody wants to look inferior. This is what brings about unhealthy competitions in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Surely, there is someone out there who will surpass you in the most interesting thing you are fond of.

Best Ways To Inspire Yourself To Be Happy In Life

Bear in mind that, nobody knows you better than you know yourself just like how the saying goes ” he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches“. You might have a very bad day that would leave you restless with crazy nightmares. Now here are some of the things to do.

1.The Beauty Of Your Imperfection

Accept the fact that you are not perfect and so there is no need to cry over spilled milk when things go wrong or you mess up badly. When you make mistakes, let your courage appear and try again.

“Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you someone who has never achieved much.”

– Joan Collins

Perseverance leads to success. Every successful person has once or twice failed before. The secret is about never giving up.


Be a hard nut to crack. With this, people can’t steal your happiness with negative reactions such us dejection, use of derogatory words, denial etc.

Let your whole life become like a cork. No matter how they press you hard beneath the water you will rise and afloat beautifully on the surface. You can achieve that by turning on deaf ears to any form of drama. Let it flow over your ears like water, mind your own business and surely you will achieve your dreams.

Listen to this story: A frog decided to climb a tree but all his friends shouted: “it is not possible! it is not possible!…” Surprisingly, the frog was able to make it to the top. How?. He was DEAF. Looking at the gestures of his friends, he thought they were encouraging him to climb.

This story must inspire you to turn on deaf ears to all negative thoughts and negative people. Believe in yourself and you can make it. Remember, there is always “a first time.” If everyone has failed, it doesn’t mean you will also fail. You can break new grounds.

3.Reward Yourself

As you move about your daily routine you can set goals on every important duty or task you have to handle. It could be an event, a kind of work in the house, school, church, club etc. By reaching your goal you can buy yourself present. Let’s say you have a bunch of clothes to wash and iron. In order to overcome laziness and save time for other productive work, set a prize for yourself upon completion. Be honest and make it fun, if you don’t reach your goal, “NO REWARD FOR YOURSELF.” Be honest and inspire yourself in the most amusing way that will relief you from all pains.

It’s very simple and interesting, buy yourself something like pizza, burger… Yummy… Happy Burger. Reward yourself and keep on doing it. Life is beautiful.


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