It’s OK, Forgive Your Self And Begin A New Life

Have you ever regretted doing anything in the past?. Situations may compel you to compromise your values, dignity, power etc. for a short-term relief. In the end, you have to fight the sense of guilt. You need self-forgiveness ASAP.

Learn how to forgive your self in these 3 simple ways and your life won't be the same.
“Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them.” -Bruce Lee

Once in a while, you will mess up deliberately or unintentionally. The negative emotions could haunt you down for long if you don’t know how to forgive your self.

No one is perfect, and as such, we are susceptible to mistakes, failure, and awful decisions. The pains may be severe that if not dealt with immediately you will break into pieces.

As the Bible says, without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sin. So as you have to renew your mind and attitude. Today, I would like to share with you some of the easiest ways to help you know how to forgive yourself when you do something wrong. In this post, you will know what makes people need self-forgiveness and how to make it possible.

Remember these words:

“To err is a man, to forgive is divine.

As fallible beings we don’t always create problems for people, we don’t always trespass our fellow friends. We may at times hurt our own feelings through unreasonable decisions, wrong choices, etc.

Facing The Situational Challenge

There are a couple situations that persist to haunt you because it is too complicated to break. Consider the following:

♦ Marrying a nagging wife

♦ Drink & Drink resulting in an accident

♦ Anger resulting in various degrees of damages

♦ Stupid mistakes

Looking at the scenario, you are the causal agent and so the consequences will be a load on your head.

It is after realizing your shortfalls and stupidity that you start blaming and hurting yourself with insults. Hey, I know some guys even get drunk, try to commit suicide because they have no idea how to forgive themselves.

Facts To Know Before You Learn How To Forgive Your Self

Everything that has happened to you belongs to the past. It is good to regret your past mistakes but you also need to forget about them. Life has no “Undo” buttons so letting go is the only option before anything else.

Scientists have discovered that the brain shows bias tendencies. It will easily remind you of unpleasant situations than lovely situations in your past. Don’t let this bog you down because you can put that under control. Never let your mind control you, control your mind by using positive mindset strategies.

How To Forgive Your Self

You did something wrong or silly to your self or someone and now here you are, facing the consequences and intense emotional pains.

“Embrace YOU…Believe in yourself, in this very moment…forgive yourself for all mistakes and ‘bad’ decisions you may have made in the past. Do not allow others opinions or judgments of who you were yesterday or decades ago define who you are today. Each and every day opens new doors for miracles of healing to occur in our lives. Embrace these miracles, big or small, even those you may presently be unaware of. Live in this moment, for this is all we have. Give thanks to your Higher Power for all that you are, for the very breath that allows life, love, and abundance to flow to you and through you forever more. Live in the Light of All That IS.”
-Angie karan

Below are some practical lessons to help you know how to forgive your self. Irrespective of the level of the effect tearing you apart.

1. Acceptance
Religiously, that is on the side of Christians, you must admit your sins, confess and forgiveness would be yours.

Do be a notorious gentleman. Accept whatever you did wrong, or said that has caused you great pain, loss of hope and self-esteem. The moment you accept that a great sense of relief will fill your heart. It sends positive energy into your bloodstreams. You will release ‘happy hormones‘ to stay motivated, relieved and happy.

Let me give you a perfect scenario. Learning how to forgive your self by accepting your faults is similar to someone who stands in the law court pleading guilty for the accusations. The judge may have sympathy to reduce the penalty of his punishment or let him go.

2. Make Peace With Your Past
The past is unchangeable, but you can nullify all the negative feelings it sends into your memory. It is not about being fretful. It is dead and gone and so never allow it to steal your happiness

3. Wear A New Cloth
What do I mean by “wear a new cloth” as part of learning how to forgive your self?. You have dirtied your cloth which defines you as a dirty person. Change that cloth by turning on a new leaf.

That chapter of your life which made you hate your self and lose interest in almost everything is over. Flip to the next page and begin to write a new story of your life.

Surely all the events, decisions and mistakes that caused you to be so hard on yourself will teach you valuable life lessons. Use those lessons so that you don’t repeat your mistakes.


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