How Come Bad People Even Enjoy Success And Happiness?

You have seen it all, the world is unfair to genuine and hard working people but that doesn’t mean they should give up in life. When bad people enjoy the labor of their fellow, they will surely pay for it

Bad people are very dangerous, greedy, liars etc. and don't care about others

Why The Bad Guys In The Lead?

Why always the bad people in our societies enjoy a rich kind of life?. What on earth should wicked and ungrateful people feel happy at the expense of good/genuine people? The world has been unfair to many of us. Virtues such as honesty, kindness, trustworthiness, nobility, honor, compassion etc. have become “foreign languages” in our societies. Only the wicked understand.

Bad people understand this foreign language so they move about pursuing their evil deeds: greediness, suppression, lies, corruption, killing, extortion etc. These are the things that bring happiness to them. Yes!, you will see them looking happy, but my question is; are they really happy?.

Do Not Fret Because Of These Bad People

Bear in mind that behind their wealth, status and happiness there is something stinky. These secrets are what I would like to share with you today. Should you even get worried seeing evil people happy?. Hell no!. Dare not compromise your values for anything evil. I hope I haven’t asked too much from you. Keep the good works up…honesty, hard-work, justice etc.

In one of my recent post, I talked about ‘where true happiness comes from‘ and as a matter of fact, ‘happiness is a choice‘ irrespective of your circumstance.

Look, let me tell you one interesting truth. The happiness of bad people is not ‘Happiness‘ so never wish to be any of them. For them looking happy to the eye doesn’t mean they are happy. Wait till they tell you their stinky stories. Hmm… skeleton in the cupboard.

Evil People Are Like Madmen

Their lifestyles and the happiness they show is just a camouflage. I often compare bad people who are rich to madmen. Do you know why?. Because the madman on the street looks very happy. He vitality moves about and smiles like he is the happiest person in the world.

He is mad in the head but looks very happy outside. That wicked rich man is just like that. Just like the saying, ‘not all that glitters is gold.’

The only visible difference between a madman and bad people is:

♦. A madman looks dirty outside
♦. A wicked rich man looks beautiful outside

Facts You Must Know About The Happiness And Success Of Bad People

1. Temporal Happiness:
Since they used evil means to acquire wealth, position and money, their assets and happiness wouldn’t last long. They made used of shortcuts to reach heaven and in the same way, their wealth vanishes in the short-run.

“Do not be envious of evil men; neither desire to be with them.” (Proverbs 24:1)

2. Laziness:
With their high ranking positions, these bad people never want to shed a sweat on work. They fail to toil for their wealth, yet they feel proud to live opulent lives. They show off for everyone to see their cars, mansions, clothes, jewelry and have even idolized their monies. Not by surprise, the Bible has said, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

3. Jealousy:
Despite all their wealth and monies, they envy the little progress you make in life. Why?. It is something they couldn’t do. They knew you are doing it right so anytime they set their eyes on you, their conscience judges them rightly. They fear you will be successful through your hard work, honesty, self-discipline and certainly outrank them. These evil men may conspire against you.

Some Secrets Behind Their Success

Look around you and think about all the privileged and the wealthy men in your community, workplace, church etc. Not all of them attained that status through hard work. So there are a bunch of secrets. Their happiness is just a camouflage.

The Boss/ manager is so arrogant and disrespects his parents, employees, and everyone in his inner circle.

Consider a man whose laziness has compelled him to go in for ritual money. Yes, he has the money, wealth, concubines, cars, mansions etc. Yet he cannot sleep at night, yet he can not spend more than a certain amount of money a day(There is a quota for the amount he spends within a day).

“All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.” – Scott Alexander

There are painful conditions attached to their happiness. They bought that happiness through evil means and they must surely pay for it. Happiness is free of charge. God doesn’t gift people and asks for anything in return but the Devil does.

If the wicked man’s happiness is not directly from the devil, then it is from unethical practices together with bribery and corruption. This is where our world is heading to. Destruction. Money and silver don’t satisfy the thirst of bad people in our world.

Money and wealth aren’t the sources of happiness, and so anyone whose happiness comes from money and evil practices isn’t really happy. He is sick like the madman on the street.

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