Where Does True Happiness Come From?.Find It Now!

You can find true happiness without any stress. If there is anything like the greatest secret to happiness, it would be “fear the Lord and worship him in truth. There are others though

Know that true happiness in life comes from the Lord
Happiness is free of charge. Thanks to the God of heaven and earth. Find everlasting happiness in him now.

It’s not by surprise that billions of people living in this world are looking for true happiness in life. In this post, I would like you to know that being a happy person does not cost anything.

The cost of happiness is something everyone can afford. This is because you need no one to make you smile before you feel happy. Anything that would bring happiness into your life is just a compliment. It all begins with you.

When your heart, mind, and soul are at peace, you would always feel happy, content, and hopeful about the future.

So search through these natures of your self and know if you are really at peace with yourself.

True happiness quote from the bible:

“A joyful heart makes the face cheerful, but by a painful heart the spirit is broken.”(Psalms 15:13).

God can give you true happiness if you get closer to him.

Where Does Your Happiness Come From?

Where does “true happiness” in life comes from?. It is not from money nor riches, it is not from anything nor any man but from God. Yes!, true happiness comes from the Lord.

There are many things to gain happiness. You may get happiness from your relationships, jobs, friends, money and wealth, etc. All these sources of happiness wouldn’t be available for everyone. But God’s gift of happiness is available and free of charge all the time.

In a world of 7 billion people, many have pierced themselves with grief trying to find true happiness. Money and wealth don’t satisfy the soul.

Finding True Happiness In Life

To find true happiness in life, confide in God and he will always make you happy. Even if you are the poorest man on earth, you will still feel happy.

Throughout the whole week, you must make up your mind to stay happy and positive. It is a choice and a state of mind. Anyone can have it.

If you feel stressed up by your work, relationship, goals, etc, then learn to start the week with Monday happiness strategy. This will help you feel good throughout the whole week.

True happiness in God doesn’t cost a dime. Look around, many have amassed wealth for themselves but they have nothing like happiness. Why?. Because they have ignored the creator of heaven and earth, they rather believe in their wealth which doesn’t give true happiness.

“Many say, “Who can show us anything good?” Smile upon us, LORD!. You make me happier than those who have abundant grain and wine.”(Psalms 4:6-7).

Wealth without God is useless, just how useless it is to live without God. If you want true happiness:

♦. First acknowledge that God is the giver of life, as well as everything good for mankind.
” Taste and see that the LORD is good! How blessed is the one who takes shelter in him!.”(Psalms 34:8).

♦. Seek for God, and he will bless you with genuine happiness. He wouldn’t hold back richness from you when you deserve it according to his will. Remember what he said: “The Gold and Silver Are Mine“.
“Those who look to him for help are happy; their faces are not ashamed.”(Psalms 34:5).

How Does God Give True Happiness To His Children

The wisest man ever to live received blessings of wealth and happiness from the Lord. After assessing all his wealth and riches, he realized true happiness doesn’t come from material wealth but to fear the Lord and worship him in truth.

Wealth is just a complement to happiness. That is why the poor also feels happy although he has no money.

God gives the free gift of life, air, sunlight, etc. to make you happy by enjoying the best of nature. (Psalms 92:4) So you must live and declare his love and greatness.

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