What Motivates You In Life?

The biggest question of the day is; “what motivates you in life.” There is nothing like “challenge-free” life. Difficult situations will arise. You cannot hide from.

what motivates you in life
Time to share with the world what motivates you in life.

Hello out there, can you tell the world what motivates you in life? Life is full of challenges. No one, I mean no single person on earth has no challenges. In this case, there is no need to complain too much. There are many things that can inspire you to be proficient in everything you do, especially in your job.

In view of that, there should be something specific that keeps us going in times of need. While there are different types of motivation(intrinsic and extrinsic) you would need them occasionally to accomplish your goals.

We need it within ourselves at the workplace, school, home, etc. It is your own decision to look out for the type of motivation that meets your needs.

Surely, everyone might have a way of motivating himself/herself when things become hard. You in person, what motivates you in life? If you have nothing to motivate you, then it is time to find one.

Today, I will share with you some of the things that motivate me and many people. Yes!, some share the same motivational stuff with me. Motivation or inspiration feeds the “can-do spirits” in us. It revitalizes our energies to take positive actions that bring great results.

Things that can motivate you in life lies within you…Living without inspiration makes you fragile. Your challenges or enemies can break you easily.

You need to find something within you or within someone/something to inspire you to achieve your goals. Do you know that food alone can motivate people?. Oh Yes!. Kids for instance could be motivated by food and candies.

This is the kind of trick most parents use to encourage their children to do what they ought to do. But here is the case… You are no more a kid. You don’t need food as motivation but something bigger.

The Motivation Issue About A Job Interview

Often, when we apply for jobs we are asked about the kind of energy that drives us to work more. Oh yes! your interviewer will ask: “what motivates you in life?.”

Well, this is an important question that needs to be tackled cautiously. You are required to talk briefly about the things that make you want to work more and meet your daily targets.

Cite examples of the things that motivated you to work assiduously at your former workplace. Or when you were doing your attachment, national service, or part-time job (experience is the best teacher).

Surely, you will find something within yourself that gives you the passion and the energy to work. Believe in yourself and alone your confidence be felt by anyone who gets closer to you.

Having a look at your working environment alone can motivate you. It will tell your conscious mind that you are in the right place so do your best. The cooperation of people in the workplace and the nature of the job can also motivate you.

To convince your interviewer that you have what inspires you to get on the job even when under pressure —Talk about your:

♦. Passion for that particular job
♦. Ability to withstand pressure
♦. The mindset of reaching your daily targets

What Motivate You And Most People In Life Including?

1. God

First and foremost, we cannot live without the help of God. This is for anyone who believes in the Bible. Nothing inspires than the bible. If you read the bible, you will find true wisdom and an unending inspiration.

“If I take the wings of the dawn, and settle in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there your hand will lead me, and your right hand will hold me”(Psalms 139:9-10).

The wisest man ever to live on earth( King Solomon) wrote books that are full of wisdom and inspiration. Likewise his father, David.

God himself has declared his love for us, call on him in times of trouble and he will listen. He will become your refuge. Those you believe in God get protection and motivation from the Holy Spirit. Indeed, we do not fight against flesh and blood but spiritual powers, rulers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12).

The Holy Spirit strengthens us in our weaknesses. Some of the challenges we face are spiritual. To be a conqueror, you must rely on God’s word. All spiritual, physical challenges, and conspiracies against you will be broken. What motivates you in life?. God’s word?.If “Yes”, then you are one step ahead of your breakthrough.

2. Breath of life

Secondly, what motivates someone like me in life is the “breath of life.” Being alive is one of the greatest things on earth. About five hundred thousand people die each day. So why not be grateful if you wake up each morning?. Why not feel motivated if the morning sun smiles at you always?. “Life” is expensive than gold and jewelry. Learn how to value it.

If you have a life, everything is possible. You can become who you want to be. You can work hard toward your dreams and see it come true. A surprise help or success can come your way.

What motivates you in life?. If you haven’t got one, what do you think about waking up this morning while others couldn’t?. Let this alone motivate you to step forward. Life is beautiful.

3. Role Model

Another thing that motivates Some of us lies in certain people. Yes, the life of certain people can motivate us. We normally call these people “role models“. There are others who are inspirational people. Having a role model will always motivate you to move forward in life. Role models are already at the top. So you can learn their ways to be like them.

Some successful and happy people you see today had a poor beginning. Their zero to success stories should motivate you.

Just like the amazing ways of an inspirational person. This person can put you on your feet when life challenges cripple you. Even if the whole world turns on you, an inspirational person can light up the beauty in you. Inspirational words alone can have a lot of positive impact on anyone who feels down.

The Bottom-line

What motivates you in life?. Have you thought of finding any inspirational person?. If you can’t motivate yourself in life, an inspirational person can help you. Because some of us suffer from motivation in the brain which needs special attention such as meditation, exercise, etc.

There are many ways people use to motivate themselves. The main thing is about having a positive mindset. Tell yourself: “YES I CAN“. If you don’t know how to say encouraging words to yourself daily, learn it!

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