Why Do People Curse Through The Names OF Gods Or Evil Forces?

Life has so many mind-blowing occurrences that becomes hard to fathom with our finite minds. A curse is as real as supernatural powers are real.Why do people curse?.Let’s find out now.

why do people curse

Life is full of mysteries.Why do people curse?.Today, African Paradise World will share with you one mystery about “why people curse”.We normal hear people,curse. Does it work?,How do they curse?.Why do people curse?.

In the first place, let us define “curse“.It is “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.”

From the above definition, we can understand that, it involves supernatural powers.Mankind has many ways of making use of supernatural powers.These powers emanate from somewhere.Curses are fulfilled in mysterious ways. It is something we should not take lightly.

In bible times, curses worked miraculously by putting people into destructions.

In our days too,curses work miraculously. A curse from a god is more powerful than a curse from an ordinary man.In Africa for instance,traditionalists believe the gods can curse an entire community if they do abominable things against them.

It is the same goods people evoke to render curses on people. Now,the biggest question is why do people curse.

Uncovering The Fact Behind Why People Curse.

There is a saying that “everything happens for a reason’. There are many forces surrounding us.We can’t see them with our naked eyes.Most of these forces delight in having relationships with mankind.

They are very fierce. Whether you believe in these gods or not; The fact is, they exist.They are real and can give instant justice in favour of the righteous contender.

Below are some reasons answering the question “Why do people curse?”.

Anger can do a lot of harm to the person in question and other people.Just like what scientists have said;An angry man is like a mad man.When anger sets in,the person might curse the one or people who made him angry.

Let’s,go a little further to dissipate this. Anger doesn’t come for no reason.Even “Hulk” gets angry for reasons.

1. Stealing
2. False witness
3. Provocations for whatever reason
4. Betrayal
5. Injustice

There are many other reasons why people get angry and curse. But this post will only cover the above lists.You will realize that,the above lists are all negative things or feelings.It brings bitterness into the person who curses.Let’s talk about it in a quick way.

Stealing:Covetousness may bring about curses. Nobody will Ever feel happy if his/her property is stolen from him/her.Imagine someone who has worked hard to establish a store or supermarket.And one day some one breaks in to steal as many as he can.How would the person feel?.Angry!.Which might follow with curses.

In the same way,someone can break into your house, steal your money or kill a resident. How would you feel?.Sad and angry which might follow with curses.

Giving false witness against someone is something very painful and heartbreaking. “You did nothing wrong”, but someone has testified that you are guilty.Your innocence might not set you free. You could end up in prison for an offense you have not committed.

Moreover,provocations can make someone barrage curses on the provoker.”I don’t like harassments”,”I hate being disgraced with my weakness,infirmity etc”.You say all these but someone or people will test your patience. If you are quick-tempered,you might curse.

As millions of people are searching for “why do people curse?”;They forget about why they disappoint, betray people and above all break their hearts.

Someone promised to marry you, but turned you down for no reason to marry someone else.Many people wouldn’t let the trespasser go free.

Lack of fairness might make people resent with curses.If someone feels like he has been treated unfairly, he might evoke the gods to demand justice.

How To Stop Cursing

A curse is usually taken up by supernatural forces. They constantly interact with human beings.For someone to curse with a mere mouth is not so serious than someone evoking the name of a god and cursing through that.

To the best of my knowledge, curses are reversible. It is all about appeasing the god holding that curse.Most of my points here are from African perspective veiew, remember that.

People should be enlightened on the dangers of cursing.They must learn how to stop cursing.Our future generation shouldn’t be exposed to know how to curse. Parents, teachers and the society have this responsibility.

A god holding a curse might demand for certain items(goats, fowl, schnapps,) before he stops himself from executing that curse.The animal is then slaughtered to appease him.There is life in the blood so they are interested in the spillage of blood.

And those of you who curse with your mere lips must watch out. There is power in the tongue. When we are finding out about possible answers to the question , ” why do people curse?“, there is nothing to joke about.

A curse might not manifest earlier but someday in the future. You cannot easily run away from a curse. Lest you learn how to stop it.You have to let the person who did the cursing reverse it.

Important Things To Notice As We Are Answering The Question, “Why Do People Curse”

I have known how Africans evoke gods and curse potential offenders. There are curses with mere lips and curses that goes with rituals. Ritualistic curses are very fierce.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t understand it.I mean you can think about it the whole day but would never understand why people can’t let go.Why people could be heartless to curse with lightning and thunderstorm.

Should if anyone curses you to the god’s for something you are innocent about;That curse will not materialize. The god’s also believe in justice. But some are notorious to the extend that;Whether you are guilty or not, they will execute the curse.

If you have the Spirit of God in you;Any unreasonable curse on you will never materialise.The reason I used the word, ” unreasonable” is because; If you leave life any how by sining against God,you open portals for any curses on you to happen.Let’s say you covet someone’s wife….if the person curses, you will likely face the consequences.

The angry man/woman doesn’t mind cursing a fellow to die.As I write this post.I hate curses.I also hate swearing. In this case I don’t encourage anyone to ever do that.

God said, vengeance belongs to him. He can deal appropriately with those who conspire against you.Learn how to control your temper. Pray and ask God to give you patience.

The Bottom line of why people curse

I have seen people die out of curses. I have seen and known people go mad out of curses. It is not a joke.Let’s stop the habit of cursing and leave our grievances to the righteous judge(God).Don’t fight back,let’s God do it.

A curse without a cause will not come true.Keep your hands clean from sin and the Spirit of God will always stay with you.He will bless you and make you prosperous.

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