Advice:How Your Friend’s Character Defines You

Do you know that your friend’s character could be used to judge you?.This is because they
share same bond of behavioral patterns with you which is undeniable.

how your friends character defines you
How your friends character defines you is simply amazing

Friends are people who form part of our inner circle right from infancy.At least we all have friends,we learn a lot from them and share a lot with them as well.

Understanding Your Friends

This article will address the particular reasons why we are sometimes defined by the kind of friends we associate ourselves with,hence the saying;”show me your friend and I will show you your character“.The kind of friendship this kind of saying could be seen operating fully is “intimate friends”.Before you read any further,understand that we are characterized by different behaviors and there are reasons for that.

When you associate yourself with ruffian friends, automatically you are classified as ruffian, even if you are not.How sad this sounds.When your friends are sober or Godly, you are also considered as a cool person.

Today, life in friendship has changed drastically since human behavior or character is unpredictable.Those who look like saints are more treacherous than the stubborn looking friends.Our friends have a lot of influences on us.When you introduce your friend or friends to your parent or any class of people,quickly the judgment that would be howled on you will be based on your friends character, just like the saying,“birds of the same feathers flock ether“.

The Trend, How Your Friends Character Defines You

You can never be innocent when your class of friends causes chaos or creates any kind of troubles like vandalizing,stealing,killing, or show form of lawlessness.You will have yourself wanted even if you are not part of that particular incidence.I mean you can’t be innocent.I believe you will agree with me that situations like this has made a lot of people find themselves behind bars.

All because of associating themselves with bad friends.If you know you have friends who are stubborn or show antagonistic behaviors in life,then you must be on guard because one day,they might cause you a lot of pains.What hurts more than being accountable for someone’s mistakes or negligence.

Our communities study our characters with eagle eyes so whatever you do they know it,they will surely know your lifestyle and the kind of friends you associate yourself with.Their testimony about you will be accepted by everyone so should if the police decide to make enquiries about your life for a supposed crime committed by your friends.

When people in your community testifies that you are disrespectful,or stubborn then automatically it coincide with that of your friends who would be breaking the laws always.People will always judge you by the character of the kind of friends you move with.

In view of this,it is advisable to stay in touch with good friends who will give you good reputation.This kind of good reputation I am talking about could open great opportunities like jobs,promotions and first choice in any kind of competition you find yourself within.

“Show me your friend and I will show you your character
” has a very good message for us all.Well,because of that must we be selective in the kind of friends we associate with?.Yes off course,only if you want to have a good reputation in your community,school,work place,church and every where you find yourself.

Being Wise For The Right Choice

I don’t necessarily need to be told that you are a ruffian, when I see you always moving with outcast.If your friends are prostitutes  and you always move with them, what doesn’t make you a prostitute as well?.Remember the saying “birds of the same feathers flock together” and don’t misinterpret it.

To stay away from troubles avoid troublesome friends,sometimes it could happen that you have a friend that you really like but he is very notorious,you can’t unfriend him simply because he stays with you in the same community or you go to school together or work at the same place.

It is indeed a very hard situation but for your own safety, advice him to refrain from his bad character if nothing changes then don’t get too attached to him.Let him know that he doesn’t fall into the class of your friendship.Stay safe always.


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