Family gathering normally happens once in a blue moon. It is a good platform to help the children, grandparents, siblings and all members of the bloodline to reunite the family. Never miss out any of the advantages of a unified family.

Family gathering
Family gathering helps to unite families

A family is a basic environment that people begin to learn about life. They start by learning how to talk, walk, interact with people in their various societies. A family gathering is very important for every family.

There are many benefits to doing that. This post will highlight and explain some of the benefits of family gathering. Before that, we all know a family consist of a father, mother, and children. They actually make the nuclear family. It is called an extended family when grandparents, aunties and other bloodlines get involved.

There is a saying that “BLOOD” is thicker than water and this is very true. How do you even understand this statement?. It simply means there are many things like the characteristics of a person, DNA patterns, bodily features etc. that is very common in a particular family.

In view of that, no matter the distance between members of the same family, there is something special that makes them identifiable. It is in the bloodstream. The bloodline of every family must be strengthened and protected though family gathering.

Some Benefits Of Family Gathering

When a family finds conducive moment to come together, many positive things or changes happen. The gathering time might be a special occasion like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other traditional or religious occasion.

1. Unification
Family gathering helps to reunite broken relationships between family members. Maybe, there is nothing like peace, love, understanding, and sense of belongingness in the family. The best moment to solve all grievances is when the family comes together. It helps to settle down any dispute among family members.

2. Opportunity to know family members
Children get the opportunity to know members of their extended family who have stayed outside the family for long. Grandparents, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces and all members of the family get to know themselves well. Sometimes it happens that for many years, some family members haven’t shown up. So when there is a family gathering, it creates an avenue for them to come home, see their family and celebrate together.

3. A sense of protection:
Moreover, such gathering gives some sense of protection to members of the family. It gives enough confidence to everyone in the family, e.i. when they see their swollen number which includes grandparents, uncles, and nieces. As for the nuclear family, the sense of belongingness and security is very little.

But they normally look happy even without family gathering. When we are to consider the benefit of family gathering separately from the extended and the nuclear family, we will find out that they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we are to focus on the advantages.


To climax the gathering, the family can throw a party to entertain and refresh themselves. Family gathering normally happens once a while, so that moment becomes a special occasion for everyone to feel happy.

There is another thing that pushes the family to come together. This thing I’m talking about is “ death“.When this happens, the family has to console each other and plan for the funeral. Along with the funeral, the family ties become strong and promising. Not that alone, marriage ceremony, naming ceremony, festivals, etc. could also bring about the family gathering.

NB: The international day of families occurs in every 14th May. This celebration started in the year 1994 as the International Year of Families by the United Nations. You can make it an opportunity to celebrate with your lovely family, at least once a year if not in a blue moon.

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