The Face You Make When You Find Out That Gossip Is A Sin

The world has blindfolded many of us to know why gossip is a sin against God.In life,we view it as normal, but it is not so.

Gossip is a sin
Do not be decieved, gossip is a sin.Refrain from it.

Most of us never thought gossip would be classified as a sin in life.But here is it.I would like to see the shock on your face when you hear it for the first time that gossip is a sin.The bible says gossip is a sin and so be it.Before I begin to share with you how the bible explains gossip as a sin,let me ask;who hasn’t gossiped before?. We all have,but sometimes we may spread gossips in  a way we wouldn’t be aware that it is gossip that we are spreading. To live as a true Christian,you must avoid gossip and avoid listening to gossip as well.

In the first place, what is gossip?. Gossip is the idle talk about someone’s private life matter behind his back.We all fall short here because one way or the other you and I Have gossiped or enjoyed listening to gossip before.The twin sister of gossip is slander,which is the spoken false statement  that damages ones reputation.In our modern world,gossip has become fashionable and people pass it through many ways; the internet, social media,and whispering into people’s ears. We hear them and become interested. Gossip sound so sweet to our ears that we ask questions to know much about it.Gossip is one of  the devil’s devices to drive the Children of God away from the truth.

Gossip Is A Sin, How ?

Someone can overhear the secrets or the personal issues of a neighbour and talks about it with another person,the original words would be changed as the chain of gossip increases.The baddest part is when they alter the original statement. You can experiment with how truth turns into gossip by  gathering a number of people;let’s say 20 and whisper into to the ears of the first person,let him pass it on up to the 20th person and ask him what he heard.Let’s say you whispered “white cup” into the first person’s ears, you  may hear “wine-cup” from the 20th person. Now you see how dangerous spreading gossip could be?.

The bible has said:
“The one who conceals hatred utters lies, and the one who spreads slander is a fool”(Proverb 10:18).

The bible calls anyone who spreads slander as a fool.Omg!.I believe, I and my readers have been fools before for just spreading slander.

It sounds unbelievable, but that is factual. The bible is very plain in reprimanding us from our sins and other mistakes. It is instructing us to take caution and be on guard against all sins.Let us consider another verse from the Bible.

“The words of  a gossip are like choice morsels ;they go down into the person’s innermost  being”(Proverbs 18:8).

Gossip is like a choice of morsel, so you have the right to choose to enjoy it or reject it.Now  I want us to consider some of the effects of gossips.

Why Gossip Is A Sin And How It Affects Us?

1. Gossip is a sin against God:
Satan,the father of lies,want to pervert God’s children to sin against him,in view of that he uses crafty devices like gossip and other types of gossips such as rumours,slander, and backbiting.Lies come to us as sweet morsels, the moment you swallow you sin against God.It is something we see it simple but it can lead us into something destructive. God has said he will judge us and make us account for every word that comes out of our mouths. We must avoid gossip so that we don’t sin against God.

2.It brings rivalries/Separation:
Gossip  is poisonous, it can bring good friendship to an end.

“A perverse person spread dissention, and gossip separates the closest friend”(Proverbs 16:28).

If you hear anything about a friend and you go about spreading it like a wild-fire behind your friend’s back,it will be a betrayal on your friend. Do not think you will spread gossip about your friend without letting him find out.You lie bad,what goes around comes  around,wall have ears so the false statement you are spreading will come back to your friend. He or she will be highly disappointed in you.

If you think people are gossiping about you and you feel desperate to know exactly what they are talking about behind your back,don’t worry. The bible has some inspirational message for you.Let’s say you entered your class room,office or anyplace and all of a sudden the people there stop their active conversation and change the topic immediately, it is likely they are gossiping about you or someone else that they don’t want you to hear about.

“Do not be afraid of them, for  nothing is hidden that will not be revealed,and nothing is secret that will not be made known”(Matthew 10:26).

3. Hatred:
Gossip resulting in separation will develop into hatred. Your friend has become your enemy because of gossip. This might bring about constant fight in the form of all kinds of assaults.Fighting could lead to death  of any of the rivals. Today we know it as “beef”, and both parties exchange all kinds of insults, insinuations and contempt. This doesn’t help the children of God. It paves way for the devil to incite any of them to cause harm to his rival.

Gossip is sometimes served to you as a hot dish,it has a strong aroma,it tickles your ears and makes you curious to know  more so what can you do to avoid gossips?.The best way to a avoid gossip so that you don’t sin against God is to walk away from any gossip zone.

“Blessed is the one who does not stand in  counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers”(Psalms 1:1).

“But now,put off  all such things as  anger,rage,malice,slander,abusive language from your mouth”(Colossians 3:8).

Get rid of gossips. The person spreading gossip to you will surely gossip about you to others. Don’t give ears to any gossip that comes your way, for the sake of God just walk away or let the person know you are not interested,or change the topic to talk about something beneficial and inspiring to your soul.Guard your mouth always so that you don’t gossip about anyone. It is so hard to do though, but you can restrict yourself from it?.Read your bible,pray to God to set a guard on your mouth so that you don’t trespass by spreading gossip.Amen.

After knowing that gossip is a sin, let me know your thoughts in the comment box and don’t forget to share. Oh yes share,especially to those you know are very good at gossiping. Maybe after reading it,they will change for good.Let’s help ourselves by spreading the truth for everyone to get rid of unhealthy practices such us gossips so that we become free from God’s anger. He said he will destroy sinners, including slanders.

“Whoever ,secretly slanders his neighbour, him I will destroy;No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant will I endure”(Psalms 101:5).

If you hear anything about anybody and you suspects it as gossip.Don’t accept it.Find out from the person directly and know the truth. If you can’t find out directing from the person someone is gossiping about, then trash that gossip.Don’t listen to it,and don’t bother to know more.

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